Current Affairs Test Preparation 201 to 300

test preparation current affairs
current affairs test preparation
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Here is your test preparation for current affairs. Many departments have announced the jobs of different posts related to current affairs. I found that people are taking interest in all my posts. This gave me the strength to gather data on current affairs test preparation. So, I took my time and arranged the data on current affairs because it has the demand now a day.

Current Affairs Test Preparation

You can prepare here with our computer knowledge Test Preparation for. Let us start Current Affairs Test Preparation;

  1. According to Transparency International, Pakistan ranks ____ on global corruption index. 116 (ex president Gambia)
  2. United Nations votes on ending _____ settlements: Israeli
  3. ____ leaves the Gambia after 22 years of rule: Yahya Jammeh (ex president Gambia)
  4. New US president Donald Trump took the oath of office as: 45th president of US
  5. Who is secretary general of United Nations? Antonio Gueterres
  6. Antonio Gueterres is a Portuguese diplomat and he is serving as ____ secretary general of United Nations. 9th
  7. Pakistan will host ____ summit in March 2017? Economic Cooperation Organization
  8. Where the recent Heart of Asia Conference held? India
  9. The current US President belongs to which party? Republican
  10. Donald Trump is the native of the state of? New York City
  11. Where the last BRICS summit held? India
  12. Who is Egyptian president at present? Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
  13. Last Organisation of Islamic Cooperation held in Turkey.
  14. Which leader of Tamil Naidu died in 2016? Jayalailitha
  15. India recently joined which 38 member club? Missile Technology Control Regime
  16. 18th SAARC conference was scheduled to be held in Pakistan.
  17. Baan ki Moon belongs to which counry South Korea.
  18. Next t20 worldcup will held in? Australia or South Africa
  19. Which country will host next Olympics Japan.
  20. Which Former Sindh Education Minister _____ died in February? Dr. Hamida Khuhro
  21. First Pakistani women to take 100 wickets in One day Cricket? Sana Mir
  22. Who is currently appointed as adviser to the prime minister on aviation PIA? Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan
  23. ____ is appointed as new Foreign Secretary of Pakistan? Tehmina Janjua
  24. India beat Pakistan and wins? T20 Blind Worldcup
  25. Pakistan conducted Naval Exercise ____ with 37 countries. Aman 17
  26. ____ is elected as new president of Haiti? Jovenel Moise
  27. Which country temporarily bans 7 Muslim countries citizens from entering? United States
  28. Current United States Vice President is Mike Pence.
  29. ____ is going to host 13th Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Summit in March 2017. Pakistan
  30. PML-N ____ is appointed as new governor of Sindh. Muhammad Zubair
  31. Security Conference-2017 held in? Munich, Germany
  32. Who is current and first female secretary to foreign affairs of Pakistan appointed in February-2017? Tehmina Janjua
  33. Pakistan army launches operation ____ across the country against terrorists? Raad ul Fasaad
  34. Pakistan Super League 2017 final to be held in? Lahore
  35. The 6th International Conference in support of “Palestinian Intifada”, in March 2017 will be hosted by? Iran
  36. New appointed national security adviser of USA by Donald Trump in Feb-2017? HR McMaster
  37. South Asian Speakers’ Summit-2017 held in? Indore, India
  38. New President of Germany? Frank Walter
  39. Pakistan Stock exchange PSX KSE-100 closed above the historic point’s level. 50,000
  40. The 6th International Conference in support of “Palestinian Intifada”, in March 2017 will be hosted by? Iran
  41. New appointed national security adviser of USA by Donald Trump in Feb-2017? HR McMaster
  42. South Asian Speakers’ Summit-2017 held in? Indore, India
  43. Frank Walter is elected as new President of Germany.
  44. Due to which militant group, Iran threatened Pakistan that they would hit bases of Militants inside Pakistan? Jaish-al-Adl
  45. How many members joint investigation team (JIT) formed by Sup­reme Court? 6 members (JIT) team
  46. Name the Head of Joint investigation team (JIT) to probe Panama case? Wajid Zia (FIA)
  47. Who is the current IG of Islamabad Police? Muhammad Khalid Khattak
  48. Who is the current IG of Balochistan Police? Mr. Ahsan Mehboob
  49. Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Special Forces during raid in Abbottabad on____________? 2nd May 2011
  50. Name the Pakistani Cricket player who announced his retirement from Test cricket in April-2017? Misbah Ul Haq
  51. Name the Imam-i-Kaaba who was invited by Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (JUI-F) for Centenary celebrations on 6th April 2017? Sheikh Saleh bin Muhammad Bin Talib
  52. State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) will issue a Coin in Recognition of Edhi’s services on March 31 2017, will worth Rs___________? RS 50
  53. Name the First Woman Chief Executive Officer and President of of a Major Pakistani Bank? SIMA KAMIL
  54. Who is the current Chief Justice of Sindh High Court? Justice Ahmed Ali M. Sheikh
  55. Sixth population census Started on 15th March 2017, which is being carried out after _____ years? 19 Years
  56. Who won Pakistan Super League 2017? Peshawar Zalmi
  57. Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad means ______________? Elimination of discord
  58. Pakistan Army on launched ‘Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad’ across the country on ______________? 22nd Feb 2017
  59. Which country boycotts South Asian Speakers’ summit-2017? Pakistan
  60. South Asian Speakers’ Summit-2017 19-20 Feb 2017 will be held in___________? Indore, India
  61. The 13th Meeting of the ECO Heads of State/Government on 1st March 2017 will be hosted by__________? Pakistan
  62. Which team has won blind cricket T-20 world cup-on 12 february 2017 in India? India
  63. How many countries had participated in conducting international naval exercise ‘Aman-17’ in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Karachi on 10-14 February-2017? 38
  64. Bhikki Power Plant, district Sheikhupura has installed capacity of__________? 1180 MW
  65. Which Renowned Pakistani novelist passes away on 4th February -2017 at the age of 88 years? Bano Qudsia
  66. PM Nawaz Shairf has inaugurated 75-km long section of Karachi-Hyderabad motorway (total length would be 136 KM) on 3rd February-2017 it is? M9 Motorway
  67. Current Deputy Chairman Senate is____________? Moulana Abdul Gafoor Haidri
  68. Current Chairman Senate is___________? Raza Rabbani
  69. Who became the first Pakistani Women bowler from the country in Women ODIs to take 100 wickets in One-day International? Sana Mir
  70. Current Governor Sindh is _______________? D. Muhammad Zubair
  71. Name the Pakistan’s surface-to-surface ballistic missile, which is capable of delivering multiple warheads using Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology? Ababeel
  72. Multan Metro Bus Project Inaugurated by PM Nawaz Sharif on 24th January-2017 completed with cost of 28.88 Billions Rs. its route length is? 18.5 KM
  73. Pakistan conducted a successful test of the “Ababeel” surface-to-surface ballistic missile on 24 January 2017, its range is___________? 2200 KM
  74. After how many Years Pakistan’s win first ODI on Australian soil in jan 2017? 12 Years
  75. The late Justice(R) Saeed U zaman Saddiqi Governor Sindh had served as the _________Chief Justice of Pakistan? 15th Chief Justice of Pakistan
  76. The Shortest-Serving Governor in Sindh’s History is? Justice (R) Saeed U zaman Saddiqi
  77. Pakistan test fired its first submarine launched cruise missile Babur-III on 9 January 2017, has the range of___________ kilometres? 450 kilometers
  78. Islamic military coalition formed to combat terrorism is the alliance of ___________ Nations? 39 Nations
  79. Joint operations center to coordinate and support military operations of Saudi-led Islamic military alliance of 39 Nations against terrorism is located in? Riyadh
  80. Who has been appointed as a Chief of Saudi-led Islamic anti-terror alliance of 39 Nations in January 2017? General (retd) Raheel Sharif
  81. Who becomes most experienced international umpire in cricket history in January 2017? Aleem Dar
  82. Justice Mian Saqib Nisar took oath as Chief justice of Pakistan on __________? 31 December 2016
  83. Who is Current Chief justice of Pakistan? Justice Mian Saqib Nisar
  84. The current Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court is? Justice Yahya Afridi
  85. Recently inaugurated Chashma- III nuclear power plant can generate___________ megawatts of electricity? 340 megawatts
  86. Pak-Jordan joint military exercise held in December-2016 near Attock, called? Fajr-ul-Sharq 1
  87. PM Nawaz has inaugurated 340 MW Chashma Nuclear Project-III in Mianwali on 28 December-2016 with the help of? China
  88. What is the Name of the gate which is recently inaugurated in December 2016 at Pak Iran border in Taftan? Pakistan Gate
  89. How many regulatory bodies placed under the administrative control of the respective ministries concerned in December 2016? 5
  90. Who becomes first Pakistani to win ICC Spirit of Cricket Award in December 2016? Misbah-ul-Haq
  91. China Pakistan Economics Corridor (CPEC) total length? 2442 KM
  92. Who is Current DG Rangers Sindh? Gen Muhammad Saeed
  93. The 10-rupee coin, recently issued by SBP, contains the picture of _____________? Faisal Mosque
  94. What is the name of the “chaiwala” Who got famous from social media in 2016? Arshad Khan
  95. Pakistan will conduct its ____________ Population census in 2017? 6th population census
  96. Pakistan’s sixth population census will be carried out in _____________? March 2017
  97. Who is newly Appointed DG ISPR of Pakistan Army? Major General Asif Ghafoor
  98. USA has signed an agreement to provide Rs 8.5 billion to the WAPDA for the construction of? Kurram Tangi Dam Project
  99. Pm Nawaz Sharief has inaugurated N-85 Surab-Hoshab road 448 KM long on 14th December-2016 in? Turbat
  100. Name the special task force, which is established in December 2016 by Pakistan Navy to safeguard and protect the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as well as Gwadar port? Task Force 88

Disclaimer: All the data for test preparation current affairs have been compiled very carefully. Still, there remain chances of correction. Therefore, your comments on the given information for correction are welcome.

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