General Knowledge Question with Answers

general knowledge questions with answers
general knowledge questions with answers

General Knowledge Question with Answers are here. All the General Knowledge Question with Answers have been taken from the past papers which are the most repeated and the most important General Knowledge Question with Answers. Let us prepare General Knowledge Question with Answers or click here for more.

General Knowledge Question with Answers

  1. UN has 6 principle organ
  2. Security Council has 5 permanent members.
  3. The Economic and Social Council acts as coordinating body for the numerous specialized agencies created by the UN.
  4. The international court of justice comprises 15 judges.
  5. The IBRD was established in 27th Dec 1945.
  6. Steel Pact was signed between Italy and Germany on 22nd May 1939 at Berlin.
  7. Camp David Accord made between Egypt and Israel on 17 Sep 1978.
  8. Locarno pact signed on 16th October, 1925, signed at Locarno.
  9. Four Power Pact was signed on 16th July, 1933 at Paris.
  10. CENTO was signed on 24th Feb, 1955 in Baghdad.
  11. Balkan Pact was signed on 9th Feb, 1934.
  12. Eisenhower Doctrine was announced in 1957.
  13. Entente Cordiale was formed in April 1904, the agreement was signed between England and France.
  14. Dawes Plan was introduced in 1924.
  15. CTBT opened for signature from Sep 24, 1996.
  16. KELLOGG-Briand pact was signed by 15 states on 27th August, 1928, it was signed in Paris.
  17. Rio Summit was held in Rio-de-Janero on 14th 1992.
  18. Amnesty International is an international organization which works for the release of the political prisoners. It was established by peter Bomenson in the year
  19. In 1941 the Atlantic Charter was signed by Churchill and Roosevelt.
  20. Truman Doctrineannounced on 12 March 1947 about the security of Greece and Turkey.
  21. USSR and its allies signed Warsaw pact in the year 1955.
  22. The famous Dumbarton Oaks conference, which formulated proposals about UN charter, was held in Dec 1944.
  23. On 14th August 1941, US president F.D Roosevelt and British Premier W. Churchill signed the Atlantic Charter on a battle ship.
  24. Veraillies Treaty was signed in 1919.
  25. Bostan Tea party tool place in 1773.
  26. The civil right act which was passed in USA in 1964 was the result of the March of 250000 people organized by Martin Luther king in 1963.
  27. The famous XYZ affair tool place when an American delegation visited England.
  28. Potsdam conference was held in 1945.
  29. Mamoon Abdul Gavvum (PM of Maldives) said SAARC is a brain child.
  30. Napolean I, first person to call English a nation of shopkeepers.
  31. Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration; these words are said by Thomas A. Edison.
  32. Hippocrates said that extreme remedies are most appropriate for extreme disease.
  33. Archimedes said that give me but one firm spot on which to stand, and I will move the earth.
  34. The Asian development bank established in 1966 with headquarter located at MANILA (philipines).
  35. Eqypt , Iraq , jorden , Lebanon , Saudi Arab , Syria and Yemen are the founder nations of the arab league.
  36. Asian development bank was established in 1966 with headquarter located at manila(philipine)
  37. The International court of Justice is located in Hague,Holland
  38. WHO is not the principal organ of the United Nations.
  39. Declaration of Human Rights was adopted on Dec. 10, 1948.
  40. Green Peace has no formal structure and Secretariat.
  41. Who were the three statesmen who formulated Non-Aligned Movement (NAM): Nehru, Nasser, Tito
  42. International headquarter of Transparency International (TI} is located in Berlin, Germany. The founder of the organisation is Peter Eigen
  43. The permanent Secretariat of SAARC is established at Khatmandu
  44. How many official working languages are recognized by UNO? 6
  45. Who was the first Asian Secretary General of the United Nations? U. Thant
  46. Baden Powel was the founder of Boy Scout and Civil Guides Movement.
  47. CIS are 11 independent states of the former Soviet Union known as Commonwealth of Independent States
  48. Head quarters of WWF are in Vienna, Austria.
  49. SAARC was formed in December, 1985.
  50. SAARC Human Resource Development Centre is located at Islamabad.
  51. HQ of Universal Postal Union is in Berne.
  52. New Zealand’s Don McKinnon is the first secretary general of commonwealth.
  53. First Islamic Summit was held at Rabat in 1969.
  54. Second Islamic Summit was held at Lahore in 1974.
  55. 1n 1948 the UN drawn up a charter of civil and political rights.
  56. First Secretary General of UN was Tregav Lee of Norway.
  57. Kofi Anan got noble peace price in 2001.
  58. UNO world was coined by F.D Roosevelt.
  59. Kofi Anan is the 7th Secretary General of UNO.
  60. What was the first country to leave the United Nations-Indonesia
  61. The term of the judges of the international court of justice is 9 years.
  62. ILO is not an organ of the UN.
  63. First city to be placed under UN was Sarajevo.
  64. The UN observed 1998 as the human rights year with the theme “All Human Rights for All”.
  65. ICJ has 15 judges, any two of whom cannot be of the same nationality.
  66. UN Charter was signed on June 26, 1945 and came into force on October 24, 1945.
  67. Olive Branch is the emblem of the U.N.
  68. Five permanent members of U.N Security Council are China, France, Russia, UK and US.
  69. UN Security Council has five permanent and 10 non-permanent members.
  70. Bangladesh is not a member of ASEAN.
  71. As per SAFTA agreement, India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka have to decrease their custom duties to 0-5% by 2013.
  72. Estonia is not a member of CIS.
  73. Portuguese is not an official language of UN.
  74. ICJ has issued the arrest warrant of Omar al Basher of Sudan
  75. The United States of America has used its veto power more than any other permanent member
  76. G-7 is the group of seven rich industrial nations- Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the US.
  77. The UNO originated during the Second World War.Its charter was drawn up from 25th April to 26th June, 1945 at San Francisco which was signed by 51 countries.
  78. In 1971 the people republic of china was given membership of UNO by expelling Taiwan.
  79. The UN Industrial Development Organization has its headquarters at Vienna.
  80. Initially, Arab league has seven countries.
  81. Headquarter of Arab League is located in Cairo. Arab League was established on 22nd March 1945.
  82. Amnesty International was established in London by the British Lawyer, Peter Berenson in 1961
  83. The International court of justice was constituted on 26th June 1945
  84. The Charter of United Nations consists of 111 articles.
  85. The Common Wealth of Australia came into existence in 1901.
  86. Article 55 of the UN Charter promotes international Human Rights.
  87. Territorial waters traditionally are recognized to extend how far from a state’s coastline? 12 miles.
  88. A state’s executive economic zone (EEZ) is recognized to extend how far from the coastline? 12 miles
  89. ECOSOC has been established under chapter 10 of the UN charter
  90. United Arab Emirates is a federation of 7 Emirates.
  91. Switzerland joined the UN during 2002.
  92. African Development Bank was established in 1964.
  93. The principal organs of United Nations are Six.
  94. United Nations spends a lion’s share of its budget on Refugees rehabilitations
  95. The UNO originated during the Second World War. Its charter was drawn up from 25th April to 26th June, 1945 at San Francisco which was signed by 51 countries
  96. Transparency International is based in Berlin.
  97. Where is the Headquarter of the Amnesty International located: London
  98. Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948.
  99. Human Right Watch dog headquarter is in New York
  100. In which city World Economic forum usually holds its meetings? The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a Geneva-based non-profit foundation best known for its Switzerland
  101. Astronomers cannot be nominated for noble prize
  102. Marie curie twice won Noble Prize.
  103. First Nobel Prizes were awarded on 10 Dec 1901.
  104. What country awards the Nobel peace prize- Norway
  105. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1972? Nobody
  106. Who was the first American to receive the Nobel Literature prize? Sinclair Lewis
  107. Which Nobel Prize is not awarded annually in Stockholm? Peace
  108. Mother Teresa was awarded Nobel Prize in the field of peace.
  109. The New York Times received five Pulitzer prizes of 2009 for investigative, breaking news and international reporting, feature photography and criticism.
  110. Four persons have been awarded Nobel Prize twice.
  111. Van’t Hoff was the first Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.
  112. Wole Soyinka is a Nobel Prize winner for literature. He is from Nigeria.
  113. Which field was not included by Alfred Nobel originally? Economics
  114. Person getting the Nobel peace prize in 2008 was of the country. Finland
  115. Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm, Sweden, more than 150 years ago. In what year was he born? Alfred Nobel was born in 1833
  116. What did Alfred’s father, Immanuel, do for a living? Alfred’s father was an engineer and inventor.
  117. Alfred Nobel never married.
  118. A future Nobel Laureate worked for a short period of time as Alfred Nobel’s secretary. Who? Bertha von Suttner
  119. Alfred Nobel died on 10 December 1896, but not in Sweden, his home country. Where did he die? Alfred Nobel died in San Remo, Italy.
  120. Why did Alfred Nobel establish a prize in his will? Alfred Nobel wanted to award the greatest benefits to mankind.
  121. Which Nobel category does not yet have a single female laureate? Economics
  122. Who won the first Nobel Prize in Physics? Roentgen.
  123. Which single winner won the most number of Nobel Prizes? International Committee of the Red Cross.
  124. Who was the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature? Rabindranath Tagore
  125. Mathematicsis not a valid Nobel Prize category.
  126. In what year did the most people decline their Nobel Prize? 1939
  127. Who was the only person to win the Nobel Prize twice in Peace and Chemistry? Linus Pauling
  128. Who was the only person to win the Nobel Prize twice in both Physics and Chemistry? Marie Curie
  129. Name the six categories for which the prizes are awarded. Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economics.
  130. For which category was a Nobel Prize given starting 1969? Economics
  131. Who awards the Peace Prize? The Norwegian Nobel Committee
  132. Max Planck received the noble prize in Physics in 1918 for his discovery of energy quanta
  133. Climate change campaigner Al Gore and the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have been jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
  134. Rabindra Nath Tagore was the first Indian/South Asian to win Nobel Prize. (Literature in 1931).
  135. Former US Vice-President Al Gore has won Noble Peace Prize 2007 for his campaign against Global Warming.
  136. Mr. Gore won an Oscar for his climate change film An Inconvenient Truth
  137. The first Negro to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was Ralph Johnson Bunche
  138. Rabindarnath Tagore won first Nobel Prize from South Asia.
  139. The first Muslim Nobel Laureate was Anwar Sadaat of Egypt
  140. Nobel Prize holder UN institutions are UNHCR, UAEA
  141. Who known as ‘Nightingale of India? Sarojinin Naidu
  142. Who is called as the “Herodotus of Arabs”? Abul Hassan Ali AI-Masudi
  143. Where was Albert Einstein born? Germany
  144. Heavy Mechanical Complex, Taxila was set up with the aid of China.
  145. Antarctica is the uninhabited continent of the world which is without any regular population.
  146. Turkey is the country having its land in two continents
  147. The world’s longest current reigning monarch is Queen of England.
  148. The Cambodian Language is the language with most Alphabets. It has a total number of 74 alphabets.
  149. Glaciers are found on every continent except Australia. The Lambert Glacier enjoys the distinction of being the largest glacier in the world. It is located in the length is 440 miles (700 km) and was discovered in 1956-57.
  150. The lowest mountain range in the world is the Bhieuna Bhaile
  151. The country known as the Land of Cakes is Scotland
  152. The place known as the Garden of England is Kent
  153. The largest bay in the world is Hudson Bay, Canada
  154. The largest church in the world is Basilica of St.Peter,Vatican City,Rome
  155. The country whose National Anthem has only music but no words is Bahrain
  156. The largest cinema in the world is the Fox theatre,Detroit,USA
  157. The country where military service is compulsory for women is Israel
  158. The largest city of Africa is Cairo
  159. The most densely populated Island in the world is Honshu
  160. The first man to reach Antarctica was Fabian Gotileb
  161. Oldest surviving building in world is pyramids of Egypt.
  162. K-2 is also known as Godwin Austin, first climbed by Ardito Desio 1956.(Karakram range in Pakistan)
  163. Mount Everest is the highest mountain located in Himalaya (Nepal — Tibet).
  164. Mount Everest was named after Sir George Everest.
  165. Mozambique has the lowest GNP.
  166. The biggest airport in the world is King Khalid situated in Saudi Arabia.
  167. Largest palace is in Brunei.
  168. Longest underground railway Tunnel is in Moscow.
  169. Country with largest budget is USA.
  170. The highest birth rate is of Malawi.
  171. Peru with lowest birth rate.
  172. Country with most billionaires is USA.
  173. Monaco has the shortest coast line.
  174. The biggest Square the Tiananmen Square is in China.
  175. Largest Tomb the mount li tomb is in China.
  176. The longest cricket match between England and South Africa in 1939 abandoned after 10 days.
  177. Largest number of school is in China.
  178. Largest fort, Fort George situated in UK.
  179. Largest exhibition Centre is in Germany.
  180. Lake Victoria is the largest lake of Africa.
  181. The film Ben Hur won the most (11) Oscar Awards in 1959.
  182. Largest capital is Ottawa.
  183. Largest delta is in Bengal created by the river Bharamputra and the Ganges.( Sundrbans )
  184. Hottest place is Aziziyah, Libya.
  185. Driest place is Atacama Desert in Chile.
  186. Most spoken language is Mandarin Chinese.
  187. Oldest civilization is Sumerian civilization (Mesopotamia).
  188. Oldest town is Jericho (Jordan).
  189. Largest land mammal is African Elephant.
  190. Longest strait is the Strait of Malacca which separate Malaysia and Indonesia.
  191. Tallest animal is Giraffe.
  192. First Muslim dynasty in India is slave dynasty.
  193. Lowest birth rate and highest death rate is of Peru.
  194. A richest woman is Queen Elizabeth.
  195. The largest of oil consumer is USA.
  196. Busiest airport is O’Hare International Airport at Chicago (USA).
  197. Oldest capital city is Damascus (Syria).
  198. Largest metropolitan is Mexico City.
  199. Longest canal is Volga Baltic canal.
  200. Longest day 21 June and shortest day December 22.
  201. Largest diamond is Culminant.
  202. Longest big ship canal is Eurasia Ship Canal with length 700 km, which connects Caspian Sea and Black sea.
  203. The Bamboo has the fastest growth rate ever green grass. It grows up to 3 feet in 24 hours.
  204. Largest peninsula is Arabian Peninsula.
  205. The river which carries maximum quantity of water into the sea is the Mississippi
  206. Volentina Treshkova (USSR) was the first woman astronaut who orbited the earth in the year 1983.
  207. The American astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first man to steps on the surface of moon on 21 July 1969.
  208. The largest producer of cotton is USA.
  209. The largest producer of Jute is Bangladesh.
  210. The largest producer of Rice, Silk, wheat, tin, gold, grows the most fruit, largest country by population, country grew the first Orange, most tobacco, and country first used pepper is China.
  211. The largest producer of Steel and aluminum is USA. (General Knowledge Question)
  212. The largest producer of Sugar and Tea is India.
  213. The largest producer of Wool is Australia.
  214. The largest producer of oil is Saudi Arabia.
  215. The largest producer of coffee is Brazil
  216. The world’s leading banking center is Zurich.
  217. World’s largest fish catching country is China.
  218. Muhammad Fathullah Khan Kandahari’s translation Printed in 1861, Bhopal, India, It is the first known translation of the holy Qur’an in Pashto
  219. First translation of the Quran into a Western language was made into Latin. It was carried out by Robertus Rotenesis and Hermannus Dalmata in 1143
  220. South China Sea is the largest sea. (General Knowledge Question)
  221. What animal has the best hearing? Bats
  222. What country had the first banknotes? Sweden
  223. Which country grows the most sugar? Brazil
  224. Name the largest Mediterranean island? Sicily
  225. In 1901 who first transmitted radio signals across Atlantic? Marconi
  226. What is the world’s oldest monotheistic religion? Judaism
  227. Where was the first Miss World contest held in 1951? London
  228. The largest bell in the world is the Tsar Kolkol at Kremlin,Moscow
  229. The biggest stadium in the world is the Strahov Stadium,Prague
  230. The country which has the greatest population density is Monaco
  231. The first President of Egypt was Mohammed Nequib
  232. The primary producer of newsprint in the world is Canada
  233. The first explorer to reach the South Pole was CapRonald Amundsen
  234. The airplane was used in war for the first time by Italians(14 Oct.1911)
  235. United State has most TV stations in the world.
  236. China has most land frontiers with16 neighboring countries.
  237. The first man to circumnavigate the world was Magellan.
  238. The world’s poorest country with a lowest per capita income is Burundi after that Congo.
  239. First test tube baby Louise Brown (England) was born in 1978.
  240. USA is the largest nuclear electric power producing country in the world. It produces 98,784 MW electricity which is about 30% of the total nuclear electricity (General Knowledge Question)
  241. Robert E. Perry (1856-1920) an American explorer reached North Pole on 6th April, 1909 for the first time in human history.
  242. Highest % of land under cultivation is in India.
  243. Canal Street is the widest street in USA.
  244. Fastest animal is cheetah.
  245. Slowest animal is Snail 2 to 3 feet per minute.
  246. Fastest bird is Peregrine Falcon.
  247. Bird that never makes its nest is Cuckoo.
  248. Wingless bird is Kiwi.
  249. Highest capital is La Paz (Bolivia).
  250. Biggest city (by population) is Tokyo.
  251. Largest coral formation is The Great Barrier Reef (Australia).
  252. Highest country is China (Tibet region).
  253. Highest dam is Rogunsky in Tajikistan.
  254. Largest concrete dam is The Grand Coulee, USA.
  255. Largest diamond mine is Kimberley (South Africa).
  256. Lightest gas is hydrogen.
  257. Largest gorge is Grand Canyon.
  258. Largest Island is Greenland.
  259. Largest man-made lake is Lake Mead Arizona.
  260. Longest lifespan of animal is of Giant tortoise.
  261. Largest mammal is Blue whale.
  262. Highest melting point is of Tungsten, 3410° C.
  263. Tallest mountain range is The Himalaya range with 96 of world’s 109 tallest peaks.
  264. Longest mountain range is Andes (South America).
  265. Largest Commercial Ocean is Atlantic Ocean.
  266. Mediterian Sea means ‘sea in the middle of land’.
  267. Ocean shrinking and growing is Atlantic Ocean.
  268. Fastest ocean swimmer is Sailfish (68 mph).
  269. Longest poisonous snake is King Cobra.
  270. Largest port is Rotterdam (Netherlands).
  271. Largest river basin and volume is Amazon (Brazil).
  272. Largest sea bird is Albatross.
  273. Tallest statue is Spring Temple Buddha (china).
  274. Largest suspension bridge is Verrazano-Narrows, NY.
  275. Longest swimming course is English Channel, UK.
  276. Broadest strait is Mozambique.
  277. Largest temple is Angkor Vat (Cambodia).
  278. Highest town is Wenchuan, Tibet (China).
  279. Tallest tower is Tokyo Sky Tree (Japan).
  280. Highest volcano is Cotapaxi (Ecuador).
  281. Longest wall is Great Wall of China 1550 miles(6700km) long, which is built in 214 BC.
  282. Highest waterfall is Angel (Venezuela)
  283. Lowest body of water is Dead Sea.
  284. Biggest zoo is Etosha National Park, Namibia.
  285. In 776 First Olympic Games were played in Greece.
  286. Alexander invaded India in battle of Hydaspes.
  287. Emperor Theodesius banned the Olympic Games.
  288. Sun and Moon pyramids are in Mexico.
  289. Rainfall related to mountains is Orographic rainfall.
  290. Bangladesh has a dispute over the construction of a dam on Naaf River with Myanmar.
  291. The thinnest earth layer is Crust.
  292. Name of the second largest river of Africa is The Congo.
  293. Khunjrab Pass connects Pakistan with China.
  294. Chile is the largest copper producing country in the world.
  295. The country where death rate is lowest in the world is Japan.
  296. Lithuania was the first Soviet Republic of the former Soviet Union which declared itself independent.
  297. Madagascar is the largest island in the Indian Ocean.
  298. Ferdinand Magellan commanded the first expedition in 1590 to sail round the world and discovered passage to the Pacific from the Atlantic.
  299. Suez Canal is the largest ship canal in the world. It joins Red Sea with Mediterranean Sea. The plan of the Suez Canal was conceived by Ferdinand de Lesseps
  300. Largest sugar producing country is India second is Brazil.
  301. The North Atlantic Route is the largest and busiest of the ocean trade routes.
  302. World’s oldest religion is Hinduism and largest religion is Christianity.
  303. World’s second most populous city is Mexico City.
  304. Largest number of Palestinian refugees is in Jordan.
  305. Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia.
  306. Largest landlocked country in world is Kazakhstan and 2nd Mongolia.
  307. Biggest oil refinery is at Abadan (Iran), (Reliance India)
  308. Glasgow is biggest ship building Centre.
  309. Havana is famous for cigar manufacturing.
  310. Oldest Search Engine is Yahoo

All the data on General Knowledge Question with Answers have been compiled very carefully. Still, there remain chances of correction. Therefore, your comments on General Knowledge Question with Answers for correction are welcome.

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