Human Resource Management PPT

human resource management ppt
human resource management ppt

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Human Resource Management PPT

  1. The term Opportunity Cost refers to? The cost forgone in favour of production of another product
  2. If two commodities are complementary, then a rise in the price of one commodity will induce? A backward shift in demand for the other commodity
  3. What is the characteristic of a purely competitive market? Large number of buyers and sellers
  4. Willingness to pay minus actual payment is called? Consumer’s surplus
  5. When analysing your business and its environment, it is useful to carefully inspect? (A) Threats (B) Opportunities (C) Strengths and weaknesses (D) All of the above
  6. Which of the following is an example of an external threat? New Trade Regulations
  7. Expectancy Theory of Motivation was propounded by? Vroom
  8. Which one of the following is not a step in planning? Identifying needs of employees
  9. Planning is looking ahead and control is? Looking back
  10. Human Resource Management (HRM) is a part of the broad Human Resource Development (HRD) System, as this focus to? (A) Selection, Induction, Training and Development (B) Operational and Organisational Options (C) (A) and (B) above (D) None of the above
  11. Performance Appraisal is a double edged tool to? (A) Create space for the employee to organisationally survive (B) Offering challenges for promotion (C) Accompanying the course of Demotion (D) All of the above
  12. Wage determination is mostly done through tools which are? (A) Objective (B) Subjective (C) Both of (A) & (B) (D) None of these
  13. Job Evaluation criterion comes from? Job specification
  14. Exit Policy primarily emphasises in the broad sense, for policy makers as? Retiring people and rehabilitating them
  15. The goal of financial management is to? Maximise the wealth of Equity shareholders
  16. The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is determined where? The Net Present Value is zero
  17. Which of the following is a main method of issue of stocks? Public issue through Prospectus
  18. The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) establishes the relationship between? Risk and the required rate of return
  19. ‘Marketing is a human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through Exchange processes; is the statement of? Philip Kotler
  20. Promotion mix includes? Advertising, publicity, personal selling and sales promotion (Human Resource Management PPT)
  21. Which of the following is not the stage of product life cycle? Market segmentation
  22. Which is the basic form of Innovation? (A) Introduction of novel production process (B) Improvement and development of existing process (C) Improvement and development of existing firm (D) All of the above
  23. The scientific system of collecting and analysis of data pertaining to market is known as? Marketing Research
  24. Which one of the following is not the function of Production Management? Market Intelligence and Survey
  25. Time study refers to? Developing a standard time to do a particular task
  26. Acceptance Quality level is? Fraction defective(s) that the consumer considers acceptable
  27. In a transportation problem involving 10 origins and 5 destinations, the number of constraints representing origin capacity and destination requirements is equal to? 15
  28. The critical path of a network is? The shortest time path through a network
  29. If a person buys one ticket of a State lottery, then the probability that he wins a price is 0.11. If a person buys one ticket each month for five months, what is the probability that he will win least one price? 0.44
  30. The standard error of the mean of a random sample of size two or more? is always lower than the population standard deviation
  31. A store manager is trying to explore the relationship between percentage fat content (Y) and price (X) of various dairy products. He finds that the coefficient of determination is 0.4624 and the estimated regression line is Y = 0.5 – 0.02 X. The coefficient of correlation would be? – 0.68
  32. Which of the following statement on testing of hypothesis is always true? When the null hypothesis is rejected at 1%, it is also rejected at 5% level of significance
  33. Which of the following devices would be considered a typical sequential access medium? Magnetic Tape
  34. What describes the market, product and technological areas of business? Company’s Mission
  35. Name the factors taken into consideration in Internal Analysis? (A) Firm Resources (B) Objective, plans and policies of the firm (C) The type of business involved (D) All of the above
  36. Diversification is to a new business area that has no obvious connection with any of the company’s existing areas referred to? Concentric diversification
  37. Which business unit generates substantial cash surplus due to low industry growth rate and high profit share? Cash cow
  38. Who plays an important role in the success of products and services and in increasing the marketing share of the firm in business? (A) Functional level Managers (B) Corporate level Managers (C) Business level Managers (D) All of the above
  39. Entrepreneurship as a theory of business was propounded by? Joseph A. Schumpeter
  40. Policies related to Revival of Sick Units are framed by? MSME
  41. The book ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ is written by? Peter F. Drucker
  42. State Financial Corporation Act encourages in? Establishing small and medium size industries
  43. Name the Author of Equity Theory of Motivation? Stancy Adams
  44. Anything dealing with Ethics in Business is? Good, bad or both, to the business gains
  45. Ethics provide? (A) Consumer Autonomy (B) CSR (C) Justice (D) All of the above
  46. Company seeking ethical standard must purport to? Public Disclosure and Publishing
  47. Which of the following is not the act of Corporate Governance? Fudging of Accounts
  48. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is looked as the organised network of making long economic and social relationship of the corporate with the society. But a business of which type, as mentioned below, cannot afford for it, at the first instance? A Business Start-up
  49. Cardinal measure of utility is required in? Utility Theory
  50. A Right-ward shift in Demand Curve indicates? An increase in supply over the previous year (Human Resource Management PPT)
  51. Which of the following is the condition for equilibrium for Monopolist? MR = MC
  52. Giffen goods are those goods? For which demand increases as price decreases
  53. Who divided all activities of the organizations into six groups; Technical, Commercial, Financial, Security, Accounting and Managerial? Henry Fayol
  54. What are the elements that a Mission Statement of an Organization should include? Identifies the reasons for existence of a company and its responsibilities to the stakeholders
  55. Changes in population characteristics such as age, gender, race, marital status, income and education are examples of change? Demographic
  56. During his days at Midvale Steel Company F.W. Taylor saw that employees soldiering – deliberately working at a pace slower than their capabilities. He identified that, worker indulge in soldiering primarily for the following reasons? (A) Fear of losing jobs if they increase their output (B) Faulty wage systems (C) Out-dated methods of working (D) All of the above
  57. “Third Party intervention” as “Conflict Resolution” is? Required as a mandate, when conflict remains unresolved
  58. The policy of introducing “New Blood” is? Innovative, challenging, but often resisted
  59. An “Assessment Centre” is? A technique
  60. “Organizational learning” and “Learning organization” are? Same
  61. The value of the firm is maximized when the? Market price of equity share is maximum
  62. Which of the following is the main assumption of Waltar Valuation Model? All financing is done through Retained earnings and external sources of funds
  63. Which of the following is an important money market instrument? Commercial Paper
  64. Working capital refers to the capital mobilized for meeting? To meet day-to-day financial obligations of the company
  65. Which of the following statement is true? (A) The essence of marketing is a transaction of an exchange (B) Marketing–orientation is philosophy, which has to pervade the organization structure (C) Marketing is also a managerial function involving analysis, planning and control marketing activities in an organization (D) All of the above
  66. Which of the following is not the stage of new product development? Market Segmentation
  67. Marketing research does not normally? Provide a continuous source of information
  68. Which of the following is not included in 7 P’s of services marketing? Marketing plan
  69. Which of the following is not the type of Plant Layout? Residential Layout
  70. Which of the following factor is considered in the selection of a plant location? (A) Source of Raw-materials (B) Availability of water (C) Marketing facilities (D) All the above
  71. Work measurement refers to? The length of time it takes to complete a work task assigned to a specific job
  72. The Graphical method can be used to solve? A linear programming problem with two decision variables
  73. If two dice are thrown, the probability that the sum of their points is greater than 10 is? 1/12
  74. A Binomial distribution is characterized as  (16, 0.5) i.e. sample size is 16 and the probability of success is 0.5. The mean and variance of this distribution will be respectively? 8, 4
  75. Two variables are said to be perfectly negatively correlated if? Coefficient of correlation between them is –1 (Human Resource Management PPT)
  76. Which type of sampling is appropriate when the population consists of well-defined groups such that the elements within each group are homogeneous and between each group they are heterogeneous? Stratified Sampling
  77. Which of the following is not a type of internet connection? ISP
  78. WTO comes into being in the year? 1995
  79. Which of the following is not Porter’s generic strategy? Market segmentation
  80. Globalization involves? (A) F-ree flow of technology from one country to another (B) F-ree flow of investment from one country to the other (C) F-ree flow of people from one country to the other (D) All the above
  81. Which is a short-term strategy for a firm? Functional strategy
  82. Which is not a global entry strategy? Blue ocean strategy
  83. Which one is not the characteristic feature of Entrepreneurship? Disloyalty
  84. Which of the following organizations, is meant for promoting small scale industries at district level? DIC
  85. The reason for sickness of small scale industry is? (A) Lack of capital (B) Lack of market (C) Severe competition (D) All the above
  86. The measure taken by Government to promote small scale industry? (A) Provision of land (B) Provision of marketing facilities (C) Arrangement of credit and raw materials (D) All the above
  87. Small and medium enterprises are? Industry price determiner
  88. Business propositions are to be selected by making an analysis that, how much the local resources will be depleted in the commencement and the course of Business. This is known as? Sensitivity Analysis
  89. Whistle-Blowers are? To be protected since they intend to bring out truth
  90. Funding through Micro finance to Small and Micro Enterprises is not successful due to? (A) High rate of interest (B) Out sourcing of method of providing Micro Finance (C) (A) & (B) (D) None of the above
  91. “Work-Diversity” by nature, does not go against Ethics. But an executive assistant while getting transferred from “stores” to “dispatch” section created turmoil in the office. He is? Fully against work ethics
  92. Ethical Management is? A Compromise
  93. The Marshallian utility analysis is based on a less valid assumption of? Constant marginal utility of money
  94. An appropriate pricing strategy for a new product to be introduced in the market will be? Skimming/Penetrating pricing
  95. Economic capacity of a plant represents the firm’s capability for? Output that equates average and marginal costs
  96. Which one of the following practices is not sought to be regulated under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986? Goods supplied f-ree of charge
  97. The leadership prototype? Depicts the image of a model leader
  98. Which is not a perceptual process stage? Attention/selection
  99. According to Fiedler’s Contingency Model of Leadership, which one of the following is not situational variable? Maturity of followers
  100. Which is not a centralized communication network system? Circle Network (Human Resource Management PPT)
  101. Why is ‘procedural justice’ important in the context of the management of misconduct? It ensures that individuals have a sense that they have been treated fairly
  102. To be effective a points-based rating system requires? Comprehensive, reliable and consistent information
  103. Too much of reliance on internal recruitment can result in? Reduced job performance
  104. The concept of stagnation in the context of HRM means? HR staff having very limited experience outside the HR functions
  105. Negotiations are an important aspect of the collective-bargaining process. What do they ensure? That conflict is contained within manageable boundaries
  106. If the going rate of interest is above the coupon rate, the bond will sell? At a Discount
  107. In case the sales or project’s investment deviates from expected ones, it needs? Sensitivity analysis
  108. ‘Trading on equity’ refers to? Capital gearing
  109. The excess payment by the new company to the amalgamating companies for the appraised value of the assets and liabilities taken over is accounted as? Goodwill
  110. Which of the following is direct marketing? Face to-face marketing
  111. In marketing research, primary data can be collected through? (A) Observational Method (B) Survey Method (C) Experimental Method (D) All of the above
  112. Holistic marketing does not include? Financial Marketing
  113. Which of the following is not a distinctive characteristic of services? Perishability
  114. To remain dominant, a market leader looks for? (A) Ways to expand total market demand (B) Attempting to protect its current share (C) Increasing its market share (D) all of the above
  115. In Linear Programming, which one of the following cases is not a type of sensitivity analysis? Model building
  116. The upper control limit for an X chart, with n = 9, = 26.7, R = 5.3 and d2 = 2.970, is? 28.48
  117. The additional cost of shortening an activity by one unit of time is? Cost slope
  118. Which method is least suited for forecasting the demand of a new product? Time-Series Analysis
  119. In a hypothesis test, α = 0.05 and β = 0.10, the power of the test is? 0.90
  120. Under which situation, the method of ‘experimentation, modeling and sensitivity analysis’ is used to determine the information requirements of the management? Total Uncertainty
  121. The technique(s) that can be used in data mining is/are? (A) Non-linear Regression Methods (B) Decision tree (C) Neural networks (D) All of the above
  122. In the context of International Business, whether an equal distribution of income in the host country? Has nothing to do with the MNCs market segmentation strategy
  123. Who said – “An entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it and exploit it as an opportunity.”? Peter F. Drucker
  124. ‘Kakinada Experiment’ on achievement motivation was conducted in? Andhra Pradesh
  125. TePP stands for? Technopreneur Promotion Programme
  126. Indo-American Model of Corporate Governance sets top most priority to? Shareholders
  127. Good governance in corporate sector depends upon? Transparency and accountability
  128. Corporate leaders in India in private sector are tempted by a very high target of ________ and the concerned employees have to achieve the target for promotion and stability. Profit
  129. Corporate business ethics is ________ norms and pattern that spring from organizational view of good and bad, right and wrong. Behavioural
  130. Trade Union strike supporting a political cause and affecting production activities is a problem related to? Ethical and economic phenomenon
  131. The hypothesis that ‘consumption in one period would be a function of income in that period and the returns on savings of the previous period’ is given by? Franco Modigliani
  132. The form of learning in which people acquire new behaviours by systematically observing the rewards and punishments given to others is known as? Operant conditioning
  133. Diffusion of routine information takes place through? Downward Communication
  134. An integrated group of activities to bring about a change is known as? Organization development
  135. Human resource planning system includes? Human resource supply forecast
  136. What are the benefits of human resource planning? (A) Achieve economy in hiring new workers (B) Match personnel activities and future organization objectives efficiently (C) Improve the utilization of human resources (D) All of the above
  137. Which ratio explains that how much portion of earning is distributed in the form of dividend? Pay-out Ratio
  138. Participating preference shares are those which participate in the? Profits over and above their fixed dividend
  139. Which of the following is one of the critical assumptions of Walters’ Model? All financing is done through retained earnings; external sources of funds like debt or new equity capital are not used
  140. Which fact is true about on-line marketing? A website which is user-friendly, regularly updated, provides product’s graphical image and product’s price is competitive
  141. Work measurement refers to? The length of time it takes to complete a work task assigned to a specific job
  142. Facility planning includes? (A) Determination of production capacity (B) Determination of production facilities location (C) Determination of the layout (D) All the above
  143. In a symmetrical distribution? Mean, Median and Mode values are identical
  144. From the following, identify the test which can be used both as parametric and non-parametric? ‘Chi-square’ test
  145. According to Michael Porter, a strategy aims at producing products and services considered unique industry wide and directed at consumers who are relatively price-insensitive is known as? Differentiation
  146. In context of Industry Analysis which matrix allows strategists to summaries and evaluates economic, social, cultural, demographic, environmental, political, governmental, legal, technological and competitive information? EFE Matrix
  147. Which among the following best describes the process of gaining competitive advantage in a firm? Strengths → Weaknesses → Distinctive Competencies → Competitive Advantage
  148. A sound business opportunity is the result of appropriate interaction between? (A) Needs of the society (B) Capabilities of an entrepreneur (C) Resources available in the environment (D) all of the above
  149. “An entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity.” Who said it? Peter F. Drucker
  150. An industrial unit, according to RBI, is sick if? (A) Incurred cash loss in the previous year (B) Likely to incur loss in the following year (C) Current ratio is less than 1: 1 with weak debt-equity ratio (D) all of the above (Human Resource Management PPT)
  151. Which is not the object of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes? To create successful entrepreneur
  152. The customer joining the queue and leaving it afterwards is defined as? Reneging
  153. Which of the following powers of Directors cannot be exercised without the consent of shareholders in General Meeting? Power to borrow monies exceeding the aggregate of the paid-up capital of the company and its f-ree reserves
  154. The professional having high ranking and trained to uphold the highest standard and effective operations, compliance and administration as corporate governance, is known as? Company Secretary
  155. Governance is the system of values, policies and institutions by which a society manages its economic, political and social affairs through interactions within and among the state, civil society and private sector is defined by? UNDP
  156. The sum of the value of all final goods and services produced within a country and net factor income from abroad is termed as? GNP
  157. If a firm raises Rs. 1, 00,000 by the issue of debentures at 10%, repayable after 10 years, the rate of return that equates the present value of cash inflows with the present value of cash outflows is referred to as? Explicit cost
  158. The major objective of economists to monopolies is? The tendency to restrict output and charge higher price
  159. The process through which individuals attempt to determine the causes behind others’ behaviour is known as? Attribution
  160. Which theory of human motivation focuses on personal perceptions of the performance process? Vroom’s Expectancy Theory
  161. Annual Reports, Balance Sheets, Brochures and Advertisements in organisational communication are the means to aim at? Image building
  162. On-the-job training methods are not based on? Interactive methods
  163. Minimum wage means? A wage sufficient to satisfy the workman’s basic needs
  164. Performance appraisal includes? (A) Check reviews done by the supervisors (B) Review his performance in relation to the objectives and other behaviours (C) Promote employees for self-appraisal (D) All of the above
  165. In which case, the acquirer puts pressure on the management of the target company by threatening to make an open offer; the board capitulates straight away and agrees for settlement with the acquirer for change of control. Bear Hug
  166. Which of the following method of incorporation of risk in the capital budgeting decision framework is useful for situations in which decisions at one point of time also affect the decisions of the firm at some later date? Decision-tree Approach
  167. In which of the approach, the market value of the firm depends upon the EBIT and the overall cost of capital? Net Operating Income Approach
  168. Which is the assumption of Modigliani and Miller approach to cost of capital? (A) The firms can be classified into homogeneous risk class (B) The capital markets are assumed to be perfect (C) All investors have the same expectations from a firm’s net operating income which is necessary to evaluate the value of a firm (D) All of the above
  169. A deliberate and careful choice of organization, product, price promotion, place strategies and policies best define the concept of? Marketing Mix
  170. Rational motives in buying process are explained as? Motives based on careful, logical reasoning and self-acceptance
  171. Which of the following combination, according to hierarchy of effects model is correct? Awareness – Knowledge – Liking – Preference – Conviction – Purchase
  172. Which one of the following is not a qualitative forecasting method? Linear regression method
  173. Which one is not a part of control charts for attributes? σ-chart
  174. The Graphical method can be used to solve? A LPP with two decision variables
  175. A vendor can make a profit of Rs. 3,000 with a probability of 0.4 or make a loss of Rs. 1,000 with a probability of 0.6. What is his expected profit? Rs. 600
  176. If the sample size is less than 50, which non parametric test can be used to test the independence of attributes? Fisher Irwin test
  177. Identify the window not associated with SPSS? Format Cells
  178. In BCG Matrix which division represents the organization’s best long-run opportunities for growth and profitability? Stars
  179. In a comprehensive strategy formulation framework which matrix reveals the relative attractiveness of alternative strategies and thus provides objective basis for selecting specific strategies? QSPM Matrix
  180. Stage 2 of strategy formulation consists of? SWOT Matrix, SPACE Matrix, BCG Matrix, the Internal- External (IE) Matrix, and the Grand Strategy Matrix
  181. An Entrepreneur who is dominated more by customs, religions, traditions and past practices and he is not ready to take any risk is called as? Fabian Entrepreneur
  182. “Poverty is an artificial creation. It does not belong to human civilization and we can change that and can make people come out of poverty through redesigning our institutions and policies.” This preamble refers to? Social Entrepreneurship
  183. _______ means identifying and imitating the best in the world at specific tasks and functions. Bench marking
  184. Which of the following duties is not a general duty of directors of a company? Duty to attend Board Meeting
  185. The principles to be followed for corporate social responsibility are? (A) Involvement of stakeholders (B) maintaining transparency in reporting (C) independent verification of policies and outcome (D) All of the above
  186. The obligation of an organization behave in a ethical way is known as? Social responsibility of business
  187. Which of the following is not one of the important objectives of Financial Management? Social responsibility
  188. For ‘make or buy decision’, which cost is to be considered? Marginal cost
  189. Which is the method applied for measuring GNP? (A) Income method (B) Expenditure method (C) Value Added method (D) All of the above
  190. Which of the following project appraisal method is not based on time value of money? Payback method
  191. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 is related to? Investment Limit
  192. Selection is the process in which candidates for employment are divided into two classes – those who are to be offered employment and those who are not.” This is stated by? Dale Yoder
  193. Who defines advertising as “any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor? American Marketing Association
  194. The exchange rate between the currencies of two countries will be equal to the ratio of the price indices in these countries is explained by? Purchase power parity
  195. The ultimate mission or purpose is to relate human resources to future enterprise needs, so as to maximize the future return on investment in human resources. It is referred as? Human Resource Planning
  196. Other things being equal an increase in income lead to a decrease in demand for? Inferior Goods
  197. “Hind Mazdoor Sabha” established in which year? 1948
  198. The evaluation of Business activities and behaviour as right or wrong is called? Business Ethics
  199. A market structure which consists of one buyer and one seller is referred as? Bilateral monopoly
  200. At which stage of new product development process, the launching of New Product will take place? Commercialization (Human Resource Management PPT)
  201. The cost of equity can be measured as? D1/P0 + g
  202. If the regression coefficient B in Y = A + B X is equal to zero, then the regression line will? Be parallel to the x-axis
  203. An entrepreneurial person employed by a corporation and encouraged to be innovative and creative is referred to as? Intrapreneur
  204. Which of the following provides direction, serves as standards for evaluating performance and motivates members of the organization? Objectives
  205. The four systems of Management in terms of Leadership styles are related to? Rensis Likert
  206. In production control, scheduling includes? (A) Deciding about the time when the production will reach various departments (B) Estimating the time to be consumed in these departments (C) How much time will be taken in transferring production from one department to another (D) All of the above
  207. Making profit by taking advantage of different prices prevailing in different markets is referred as? Arbitrage
  208. Gigabyte refers to? 1024 Megabytes
  209. Environmental issues can be managed by? (A) Investing in environment friendly process or products (B) Managing environmental regulations (C) Investing in environmental performance improvement (D) All of the above
  210. A formal document of what the entrepreneur intends to do to sell enough of the firm’s product or service to make a satisfactory profit is called? Business plan
  211. Among the following financial derivatives, which involves the least risk for the holder? Option
  212. Which level of Managers translates the corporate strategy into concrete objectives for their individual business? Business level
  213. The number of subordinates a superior can effectively handle is called? Span of control
  214. Selection of specific media in which advertisements will be run and when they will be run to reach the target market is called? Media Planning
  215. Statistical Quality Control requires determination of? Quality tolerance limit
  216. With reference to Working Capital Management, the term ‘float’ relates to? Cash Management
  217. Which communication component is not a paid form of communication? Publicity
  218. The Government of India established the Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) in the year? 1954
  219. Which of the following is not a Trading block? IMF
  220. Takeover generally involves? The acquisition of certain block of equity capital of a company which enables the acquirer to exercise control over the affairs of the company
  221. Which of the following is not a function of distribution agency? Manufacturing
  222. Cars are parked in a very big parking lot. A researcher is required to estimate the proportion of cars that are red or the proportion of cars that are from a Japanese manufacturer. Which of the following statement is not correct? A sample of 100 cars in a convenience sample is always better than a sample of 20 cars from a proper random sampling method
  223. Who is father of Administrative Management Theory? Henry Fayol
  224. The process of determining the tasks that make-up a job and the skills, abilities and responsibilities needed to perform the job is called? Job Analysis
  225. GATT stands for? General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (Human Resource Management PPT)
  226. People who take the risks necessary to organize manage and receive the financial profits and non-monetary rewards are called? Entrepreneurs
  227. A Marketing database is built as an aid to? Market research
  228. The model that applies to Economic Order Quantity for Inventory Management, was proposed to be applied to Cash Management by? William J. Baumol
  229. If a hypothesis is statistically significant, then it is concluded that? The observed result is probably not due to chance
  230. In which stage of product life cycle, the company takes decision whether to maintain, harvest or drop the product? Decline
  231. Recruitment is concerned with? Developing a pool of job candidates
  232. In production management, dispatching includes? (A) Giving work to machines and places (B) Providing materials, tools, etc. to works (C) Issuing appropriate orders for production process (D) All of the above
  233. Which Business unit generates substantial cash surpluses due to low industrial growth rate and high market share? Cash Cow
  234. In which stage of new product development process, the product and marketing programs are tested in realistic market settings? Test Marketing
  235. The problem of industrial discipline was debated by the Indian Labour Conference (ILC) held in India in? 1957
  236. The Branding strategy which uses a different brand name for each product is known as? Individual Branding
  237. The two factor theory was propounded by? Frederick Herzberg
  238. F.W. Taylor has done the following studies for improving the production process? Time Study, Motion Study and Fatigue Study
  239. Which one is not the overseas market entry strategy followed by Multinational Corporations? Strategic planning
  240. Benefits provided for temporary and permanent disability disfigurement, medical expenses and medical rehabilitation is referred to as? Workers’ compensation
  241. Today’s organizations are working on the principle of? consumer-orientation
  242. Identify the correct sequence of control cycle? Action -> Feedback -> Evaluation -> Adjustment
  243. Negotiation of labour contract by Union and Management is referred to as? Collective Bargaining
  244. Goods used by an organization in producing other goods are called? Industrial goods
  245. The outside third party who is brought into settle a dispute, and he or she has the authority to make a decision is called? An Arbitrator
  246. Marketing information system gathers information from internal sources like marketing intelligence and marketing research to help the manager in? (A) Assessing the information needs (B) Developing the needed information (C) Distributing the information (D) All of the above
  247. In which year WTO came into being? 1995
  248. One-level channel consists of? Producer-dealer-consumer
  249. Batch production is appropriately applicable to? Medicine production
  250. Which one of the following is not a basic element in the Strategic Management? Functional strategy
  251. A written statement of the human qualification, education and experience needed to perform a job is referred to as? Job design
  252. Changes in the population characteristics such as age, gender, marital status, income and education are the examples of? Demographic characteristics
  253. ESI Act applies to? Seasonal Factory Workers
  254. Porter and Lawler model is related to? Motivation
  255. Which of the following is the best technique to manage the existing products? Ansoff matrix
  256. One of the acceptable methods for obtaining feedback of training is called? Structured Interview
  257. Hawthorne Experiment is related to the? Human relations theory
  258. Cost incurred in the past and is not affected by a current decision is referred to as? Sunk cost
  259. The principle of organization that no employee should report to more than one superior is called? Unity of command
  260. ‘Rege Committee’ is related to? Working conditions in Indian Industry
  261. The factors affecting to P/E multiple are? Dividend pay-out ratio, required return and expected growth rate (Human Resource Management PPT)
  262. Which of the following is not one of the benefits of E-Commerce? E-Commerce increases the net cost per contact
  263. Which among the following is not concerned with the PERT evolution? (A) Polaris Project (B) Lock-head Aircraft Corporation (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of the above
  264. Before a company decides to target a particular market segment, which important factors are to be examined against organization’s objectives and resources? (A) Market size (B) Growth rate (C) Structural attractiveness (D) All of the above
  265. Balance of Payment is? Balance of current account + Balance of capital account + Statistical discrepancy
  266. Factors contributing to unethical behaviour are? (A) Poor leadership (B) Poor internal communication (C) Lack of management support (D) All of the above
  267. Which of the following is not included in the five forces of competition? Strategic planning
  268. The practice of selling two or more separate products together for a single price is? Bundling
  269. Which is the oldest and simplest form of organization? Line organization
  270. While considering promotion of an employee, the following is the most important consideration? (A) Seniority (B) Competence (C) Loyalty (D) Only (A) and (B)
  271. Market risk is also known as? Systematic risk or non-diversifiable risk
  272. The discount rate that makes NPV equal to zero is known as? Internal Rate of Return
  273. A critical activity is defined as one whose? Total float is zero
  274. In the buying decision process, what is the term used for a person who first suggests buying the product or service? Initiator
  275. Strategies formulated to convert a sick unit to healthy are referred to? Turnaround (Human Resource Management PPT)
  276. Which one is an international credit rating agency? Standard and poor
  277. Ethical challenges may arise on account of? (A) Failure of personal character, conflict of personal value & organizational goals and conflict of organizational goals and social values (B) Hazardous but popular products (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of the above
  278. Supply curve slopes backward towards left, when? Less quantity is supplied at higher prices
  279. Transactional Analysis (TA) is related to? Personality
  280. Which of the following strategies requires a company to concentrate its efforts in one or more narrow segments instead of a broad based strategy? Focus strategy
  281. In case where the investment can be made in stages and is dependent on the future outcomes, the capital budgeting technique that can be adopted will be? Decision-tree analysis
  282. If the regression coefficient of the independent variable in a simple regression equation is negative, then which of the following statement is correct? The coefficient of correlation between the variables is the negative square root of the coefficient of determination
  283. Selling the products only through a single wholesaler or retailer is called? Exclusive distribution strategy
  284. Marketing myopia concept was developed by? Theodore Levitt
  285. Emerging market economies are? Newly industrializing countries
  286. What describes the market, product and technological area of business? Company’s mission
  287. Activities taken up on part time or casual basis to raise income is? Income generation
  288. “The optimal pay-out ratio for growth firm is nil and declining firm is 100%” is established by? (A) Gordon model (B) Walter model (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of the above
  289. Additional revenue generated by selling an additional unit is? Marginal revenue
  290. What is the term used if a market is divided into distinct groups of buyers who might require separate products or marketing mixes? Market Segmentation
  291. Bath tub curve is encountered in? Maintenance management
  292. Cost advantage is referred as? A firm achieving a lower cumulative cost of performing value activities than its competitors
  293. If a hypothesis is tested at a significant level of 5%, then it means that? There is 5% probability that the null hypothesis will be rejected though it is true
  294. The time that elapses between the purchase of raw materials and the collection of cash for sales is referred as? Operating cycle
  295. One of the following is not included in job descriptions? Penal actions
  296. In which type of market situation competitors offer same type of products and services for the same price with no differentiation? Perfect competition
  297. Sick enterprise is referred to which of the following bodies for rehabilitation? Board for Industrial and Financial Restructure (BIFR)
  298. The term “Grapevine Communication” is related to? Informal Communication
  299. Taylor differential piece rate system is related to? Incentive wage system
  300. Financial risk arises from? Volatility of interest rates, currency rates, commodities prices and stock prices (Human Resource Management PPT)
  301. A company using high price and high promotion policy is adopting the following strategy? Rapid Skimming
  302. Which one of the following are the functions of personnel management? Procurement, Development, Compensation, Integration and Maintenance
  303. The number of product lines a company carries is called? Product mix width
  304. Entrepreneurial failures can be attributed to? (A) Low quality raw materials (B) Labour problems (C) High overhead costs (D) All of the above
  305. What are the economic goals that guide the strategic direction of every viable business organization? Survival, growth and profitability
  306. If the intrinsic value of the share is greater than market value, such shares are? Under valued
  307. Which of the following is not a market oriented pricing technique? Early-cash recovery pricing
  308. Which one of the following facilitates E-Commerce? Direct marketing
  309. Sensitivity analysis may be used in? Linear programming
  310. Sensitivity training method is a part of? Vestibule training method
  311. Distribution strategy of a company will be influenced by? (A) Nature of product (B) Target segment of consumers (C) Pricing policy (D) All of the above
  312. Which of the following is an example for unsystematic risk? Operating risk
  313. A positioning strategy should include the following strategies except? Personnel strategy
  314. Which among the following will suit the best as location for a chemical plant? Coastal Area
  315. When making purchase decisions the main consideration involved in organizational buying is? (A) Product quality (B) Price (C) Service (D) All the above
  316. Which of the following is to be considered by an investor while exercising the option? Exercise price and spot price (Human Resource Management PPT)
  317. Who creates and implements strategic change in an organization? Strategist
  318. Which of the variables is not used by marketers for demographic segmentation? Poverty
  319. Cost-plus pricing is not suitable for? Monopoly Pricing
  320. In a mixed economy, the central problems are solved through which of following? Market mechanism and economic planning
  321. The study of gestures and body postures for their impact on communication is known as? Kinesics
  322. Which of the following deals with “what, why, when and how” tasks to be performed? Job Description
  323. According to Henry Mintberg, managers perform three roles. Indicate the one role which is not among them. Supervisory
  324. The Ringlemann effect describes? Social loafing
  325. The term “workforce diversity” refers to differences in race, age, gender, ethnicity, and _______ among people at work. Able-bodiedness (Human Resource Management PPT)
  326. Which of the following techniques permits the complainant to remain anonymous? The gripe-box system
  327. Which of the following Acts has a direct relevance for grievance handling practices? (A) The Industrial Employment (Standing Order) Act, 1946 (B) The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 (C) The Factories Act, 1948 (D) All of the above
  328. That the authority rests solely with the management with no right to anyone to challenge is the basis of the? Unitary Approach
  329. Which of the following is not a welfare provision under the Factories Act, 1948? Drinking water
  330. A person who has ultimate control over the affairs of the factory under the Factories Act, 1948 is called? Occupier
  331. In which of the following methods grievances are ascertained at the time of employees quitting the organization? The exit interview method
  332. Redressal of employees’ grievances covers? (A) Positive attitude towards employees’ grievances and readiness to help (B) Expediting machinery for resolving employees’ grievances (C) Equitable salary system for all (D) Both (A) and (B)
  333. Which of the following are most closely interconnected? Leadership and motivation
  334. _______ is defined as disputes between parties submitted and decided by a neutral third party. Arbitration
  335. The appropriate method to derive the growth rate according to Dividend- Growth Model for equity valuation is? Plough-back ratio multiplied with return-on-equity
  336. Under the Walter Model, if the rate of return is greater than the cost of capital? Price per share increases as the dividend pay-out ratio decreases
  337. Which one of the following is not the major objective of International Monetary Fund? Giving loans to countries for the purpose of economic development
  338. DUPONT analysis refers to? Return on Assets = (Net Profit Margin) / (Total Assets Turnover Ratio)
  339. A marketer developing a brand name that is easy to pronounce would conduct? A recall test
  340. Before performing the business analysis for developing a new product, a company should be engaged in? Marketing strategy development
  341. Relationship marketing aims at building mutually satisfying long term relations with? (A) Customers (B) Employees (C) Marketing partners (D) All of the above
  342. In the social-cultural arena, marketers may not understand? Government’s views
  343. A manufacturer of industrial goods would use ______ sales force structure. Market
  344. Which of the following is/are a type(s) of direct marketing? (A) Direct-Response Advertising (B) Personal Selling (C) Telemarketing (D) All of the above
  345. In inventory control, which one of the following factors does not affect the ROL (Re-Order-Level)? Holding Costs
  346. The number of allocated cells in the optimal solution of a transportation problem having m rows and n columns is? m + n – 1 or less
  347. In a railway yard, goods trains arrive at a rate of 30 trains per day. Assume that the inter-arrival time follows an exponential distribution and the service distribution is also an exponential with an average of 36 minutes. The probability that the size of the queue exceeds 10 is? 0.056
  348. If in the optimal solution of a linear programming problem, a non-basic variable has zero value in the Cj – Zj row, the problem? Has multiple optimal solutions
  349. The best model to compute the probability that a machine functioning well in one period will continue to function or will break down in the next period is? Markov-Process Model
  350. For years Converse had a major share in the athletic shoe market. Then, in the 1980’s, Nike and Reebok re-invented the athletic shoe industry, and Converse changed nothing. Now Converse is a minor brand in a growth industry. According to the BCG matrix, Converse is an example of? Question mark
  351. The managerial process of developing and maintaining a viable fit between an organization’s objectives, skills, and resources, and its market opportunities is called? Market-oriented strategic planning
  352. Low cost, product differentiation, and focused market are the examples of? Business strategy
  353. The word “Tactic” is the most likely to be associated with? Operational strategy
  354. A marketing effectiveness review is part of _______ control. Strategic
  355. When a cigarette manufacturing company drastically cuts price of a popular brand of its cigarettes, to increase its share in the competitive market, it is implementing a ______strategy. Market penetration
  356. An entrepreneur who is neither willing to introduce new changes nor to adopt new methods is known as? Drone Entrepreneur
  357. UNIDO preparatory meeting on the “Role of Women in Industrialization in Developing Countries” held in February 1978. Identified constraints, which hinder women from participating in industrial activities. The meeting was held at? Vienna
  358. Which of the following statements is false? Term Loan from bank is needed to pay dividends to shareholders on time
  359. Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) has been set up to? Formulate, coordinate and monitor the policies and programmes for promotion and development of small scale industries
  360. First industrial estate in India was established by SSIB in 1955 at? Rajkot in Gujarat
  361. A high ranking organizational official (e.g. general counselor or vice president) who is expected to provide strategies for ensuring ethical conduct throughout the organization is known as? Ethics Officer
  362. The method of collecting money for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by raising prices or following many other unethical ways is often described as? Reverse Robinhood effect
  363. When the values and priorities of the parent organization guide the strategic decision making of all its international operations, it is known as? Ethnocentric Orientation
  364. Which of the following schemes is not a part of India’s Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14? TFITES (Tax-F-ree IT Export Scheme)
  365. From the following identify one which is not a collusive oligopoly model? Edgeworth Model
  366. The rate at which the consumer can trade one good for another is termed as marginal rate of substitution in? Exchange
  367. If demand equation is given by D = 1000 – P and the supply equation is given by S = 100 + 4P, price will be? 180
  368. Which one is not the technique of personality measurement? Raven’s Progressive Matrices
  369. Drive is explained by? Any strong stimulus that impels action
  370. What is the procedure in which an employer and a group of employees agree to the conditions of work? Collective bargaining
  371. Factor comparison method is used as a technique of? Job Evaluation
  372. Succession planning can best be explained by? Activity that focuses on preparing people to fill executive positions
  373. Employees join union when they? (A) Are dissatisfied with certain aspects of their jobs (B) Feel that they lack influence with management to make the needed change (C) Feel unionization as a solution to their problems (D) All the above
  374. Which one of the following is the advantage of team-based pay for performance plans? Aids performance measurement
  375. Which one of the following is not Human Resource requirement estimation method? (A) Regression Analysis (B) Ratio Analysis (C) Top-down Approach (D) All of the above (Human Resource Management PPT)
  376. Which of the following form for improving workers participation in management was included in the recommendations of the Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee report? Workers’ representation in the Board of Directors and allotment of equity to workers
  377. JK Ltd. has earned 8% return on total assets of Rs. 50, 00,000 and has a Net Profit Ratio of 5%. Find out the sales of the firm? Rs. 80, 00,000
  378. Beta B of risk-f-ree investment is? 0 (Human Resource Management PPT)
  379. A firm’s inventory planning period is one year. Its inventory requirement for this period is 400 units. Assume that its acquisition costs are Rs. 50 per order. The carrying costs are expected to be Rs. 1 per unit per year for an item. What is EOQ? 200 units
  380. Margin of Safety ratio can be calculated as? (Actual Sales – Breakeven Sales)/Actual Sales × 100
  381. This cost arises out of the failure of the customers to meet their obligations when payment on credit sales becomes due after the expiry of the credit period. Delinquency Cost
  382. The annual credit sales of a firm are Rs. 12, 80,000 and the debtor’s amount to Rs. 1, 60,000. The debtor’s turnover and average collection period are _____. 8 & 45 days
  383. The formula used for valuation of equity shares with assumption of normal growth in dividend is? D1 / (Ke – g)
  384. “Motivational research is a form of market research that attempts to discover the deeper reasons why people buy.” Who said it? Manson and Rath
  385. In multi-level channel arrangement Jobber stands in between ________. Wholesaler and retailer
  386. A company following a strategy of advertising the product for a period followed by a period with no advertising is called? Flighting
  387. Franchise organization is an example of ______ vertical marketing system. Contractual
  388. Which of the following statement is true? (A) A brand name is a part of brand which can be vocalized (B) A brand is usually composed of a name and mark of a product (C) Brand means a name, term and symbol or a mix thereof used to identify the product of a firm and to distinguish (D) All of the above
  389. The term inventory includes? The stock of raw materials and goods required for production in a factory or finished goods for sales
  390. ________ is used for analyzing capacity planning decisions. (A) Break-even Analysis (B) Present-value Analysis (C) Simulation and Waiting Line Analysis (D) All the above
  391. For nominal data, the only measure of central tendency that can be applied is? Mode
  392. Tukey Kramer Test is applied when? There is significant difference between means of three groups
  393. Which organizational structure is considered most complex? Matrix structure
  394. Brain storming is a group creativity exercise designed to come up with _______. number of solutions to a single problem
  395. Four core themes of innovation are? Recognizing the opportunity, finding the resources, developing the venture and creating value
  396. The main activities of SISI (Small Industries Services Institutes) are? (A) Assistance/Consultancy to prospective Entrepreneurs (B) Assistance/Consultancy to exiting units (C) (A) and (B) (D) Assistance/Consultancy and incentives to existing units
  397. Five steps of small business development shall occur in the order of? Existence – Survival – Success – Takeoff – Resource Maturity
  398. Which is not a socio-economic rationale for promoting SSI in India? Offering competition to large scale industry
  399. A set of processes, customs, policies, laws and institutions, that affects the way in which a corporation is directed, administered or controlled in order to facilitate the interest of stake-holders is known as? Corporate Governance
  400. “We must maintain in good order the property, we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources” is known as? Social responsibility of business (Human Resource Management PPT)
  401. A system of control is implemented to assist in aligning the incentives of managers with those of shareholder are known as? Corporate Governance
  402. The member countries of WTO have moved to “Product Patent Regime” under? TRIPs
  403. Which of the following is not an element of logistics system? Quality of product
  404. Which of these is not a form of pre-shipment finance? Advance against export bills sent on collection
  405. Under which of the following exchange rate systems, exchange rates are either held constant or allowed to fluctuate only within very narrow boundaries? Fixed exchange rate system
  406. The degree to which, a firm’s present value of future cash flows can be influenced by exchange rate fluctuations is referred to as? Economic exposure
  407. Bid/ask spread of a foreign currency can be computed by which of the following formulae? (Ask Rate – Bid Rate) / Ask Rate
  408. GDP includes which of the following measures? The total monetary value of all final goods and services produced within a nation within one year
  409. If the equation y = 5 + 0.6x was graphed, the? Slope would be + 0.6
  410. Forming a fixed opinion or attitude towards a single person or object is termed as? The Halo effect
  411. Hawthorne experiments were conducted at? Western Electric Company
  412. Role of Human Resource Manager is? (A) Advisory (B) Mediator Role (C) Representative Role (D) All of the above
  413. Job is defined as? Set of position similar as to nature and kind of work
  414. The benefit of paraphrasing in Employee Appraisal is that it? Clarify and convey to the rater that you are listening actively
  415. An employee can be laid off when the organization has? Breakdown of machinery
  416. Which one of the following is a disadvantage of having expatriate employees to staff international subsidiaries? Attempts to establish a foreign culture to the company
  417. Whistle Blowing is the situation wherein an employee? Discloses the employer’s illegal immoral or illegitimate activities
  418. Distributive bargaining may be explained as? Bargaining that focuses on convincing the other party that the cost of disagreeing with the proposed terms would be very high
  419. Which of the below features is not wealth maximization objective of Financial Management? Decision should be oriented to the maximization of profits
  420. Financial Break-even Level of EBIT is one at which? EPS is zero
  421. Which of the following is not considered by Miller-Orr Model? Cost of transaction
  422. If the minimum stock level and average stock level of material A are 4000 and 9000 units respectively, what is the Reorder quantity? 9,000 units
  423. According to Lintner Model, factors affecting dividend of current year are? DPS of previous year, EPS, target pay-out ratio and adjustment rate
  424. Given the sales volume, which of the following would lead to an increase in contribution margin? Variable cost per unit decreases
  425. Vertical merger represents merger of firms? At different stages of production in an industry (Human Resource Management PPT)
  426. A high debtor’s turnover ratio indicates? (A) Low amount tied upon debtors (B) Increase in sales turnover (C) Efficient conversion of debtors into cash (D) (A) & (C)
  427. Projected cash flows change with changes in projected demand, price, cost of production, cost of capital, etc. All these changes are accommodated in a random manner by? Simulation Technique
  428. When a firm has diversified in unrelated products, it is called? Scramble diversification
  429. Delphi method of estimating future demand for a product or service is associated with? Expert opinion method
  430. A method for deriving the utility values that consumers attach to varying levels of a product attribute is called? Conjoint analysis
  431. Which one of the three basic approaches used customarily explaining the Marketing System? Commodity, functional risks, management approach
  432. Positioning the production system means? (A) Selecting the type of product design (B) Selecting the type of production processing system (C) Selecting the type of finished goods inventory policy for each product group (D) All of the above
  433. Which one is not a part of control charts for variables? C-chart
  434. Variable which has a strong contingent effect on the independent dependent variable relationship is referred to as? Moderating variable
  435. Coefficient of determination (R2) indicates? Percentage of variation in the dependent variable that can be explained by independent variable
  436. If α = 0.05 and β = 0.10, the power of that hypothesis test is? 0.90
  437. The three disciplines of WTO agreements are? International trade in goods, international transactions in services and protection of intellectual property rights
  438. Arrange the Entrepreneurial motivation factors on the basis of proper sequences. Need for achievement, Locus of control, vision, desire for independence, passion and drive
  439. The main function of venture capitalist is to? Provide funds to the steps necessary to establish the commercial viability of a new product, process or service
  440. An industrial unit, according to RBI, is sick if? (A) Incurred cash loss in the previous accounting year (B) Likely to incur loss in the following year (C) Current ratio is less than 1: 1 with weak debt: equity ratio (D) All of the above
  441. SIDBI has been entrusted with the responsibility of? Developing and supporting small business
  442. A Business Organization deals with product/service and has relationship with stakeholder who is being considered a part of ‘management discipline’ is known as? Business Ethics
  443. Lawrence Kohlberg, in his six stage model of cognitive development, explains? How people make decisions based on the stage of cognitive moral development?
  444. The degree to which the value of future cash transactions can be affected by exchange rate fluctuations is referred to as? Transaction exposure
  445. Forward Premium or Discount can be computed by which of the following formulae? (Spot rate – Forward rate) / forward rate × 360 / Future point in time
  446. Which of the following is not a product technology transfer? Provision of machinery and equipment to suppliers
  447. The main function(s) of WTO is/are? (A) To handle trade disputes constructively (B) To help promote peace among business community (C) To provide rules that make life easier for all people involved in foreign trade (D) All of the above
  448. Which of the following transactions reflect economic exposure but not transaction exposure? A firm’s imports/exports denominated in local currency
  449. Which of the following is the rate at which a banker is willing to buy foreign currency? Bid rate
  450. Euro dollars are? Deposits (Human Resource Management PPT)
  451. When an Indian exporter avails post shipment credit in foreign currency, what is taken as the bench mark for the interest rate? LIBOR

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