MCQs of Biology for 1st Year

mcqs of biology class 1st year
mcqs of biology class 1st year

MCQs of Biology for 1st Year test preparation are here. Many departments have announced the jobs of different posts related to MCQs of Biology for 1st Year. I found that people are taking interest in all my posts. This gave me the strength to gather data on MCQs of Biology for 1st Year test preparation. So, I took my time and arranged the data on MCQs of Biology for 1st Year because it has the demand now a day.

MCQs of Biology for 1st Year

You can prepare here with our Gender Studies Test Preparation. Let us start MCQs of Biology for 1st Year Test Preparation;

MCQs of Biology for 1st Year

1301. Stress indicating hormones are____________?

A. Cortisol
B. Adrenaline
D. All of these

1302. Which of the following are the properties of Anti inflammatory medicines?

A. Anti inflammation
B. Immuno suprent
C. Anti pyratic
D. All

1303. Linnaeus published the list of names of plants in___________?

A. 1752
B. 1753
C. 1754
D. 1755

1304. ___________ is a mammal who fly?

A. Ostrich
B. Bat
C. Peacock
D. None of these

1305. Highly intelligent Mammals are_________?

A. rat
B. dolphin
C. bat
D. Elephant

1306. what is the scientific name of onion?

A. Rana tigrina
B. Allium cepa
C. Aspergillus
D. None of these

1307. Non flowering plants are also called plant_________?

A. coniferous
B. Abortic
C. Green
D. None of these

1308. Which of the following viruses has caused thousands of deaths globally as an ’emergent’ virus?

C. OC43

1309. Which one of the following toxic metals is extensively present in newspaper?

A. Mg
B. Cd
C. Pb
D. Hg

1310. Among the following which one is a diploblastic organism?

A. Hydra
B. Crabs
C. Squids
D. Earthworm

1311. New alleles can be introduced into a population’s gene pool by:_________?

A. Mutation
B. Natural selection
C. Gene flow
D. Both A & C

1312. The number of alveoli in human lungs is estimated to be around:_________?

A. 150 millions
B. 500 millions
C. 800 millions
D. 1 billion

1313. Smooth muscles, cardiac muscles and glands are regulated by:

A. Central nervous system
B. Parasympathetic nervous system
C. Sympathetic nervous syetem
D. Autonomous nervous system

1314. Kranz anatomy is a characteristic feature of_________?

A. C4 plants
B. C3 plants
C. C2 plants
D. CAM plants

1315. At level above _____ , sound turns into harmful noise pollution?

A. 80db
B. 30db
C. 100db
D. 120db

1316. How many milky teeth or primary teeth does a human have?

A. 33
B. 20
C. 15
D. 32

1317. How many liters of saliva inhale by a Human?

A. 2 Liter
B. 1 Liter
C. Half Liter
D. 3 Liter

1318. In the human body Gall bladder is the part of the ___________ system?

A. Nervous
B. Reproductive
C. Digestive
D. Respiratory

1319. Bio means: ___________?

A. Life
B. Community
C. Cycle
D. None of These

1320. Which of the following is incorrect:

A. Sales is a sum of cost of goods sold and gross profit.
B. Gross profit is a sum of net profit and operating expenses.
C. Operating expenses means a difference between gross profit and net profit.
D. None of these

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