Sociology and Economics | Imraniat aur Muashiat | Testorials

sociology and economics
sociology and economics
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Sociology and Economics | Imraniat aur Muashiat | Testorials

Sociology and Economics | Imraniat aur Muashiat | Testorials

In this video, we will talk about Subject Matter of Sociology.

We will discuss Sociology and Economics and what they are.

  • What is
    the subject matter of Sociology
  • In what
    fields does Sociology work

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Defining Sociology or Definition of Sociology in Urdu Hindi will help the students of Intermediate, Bachelor,
Master or the people who want to understand Sociology. This lecture is a part
of the series of Sociology Lectures.

When in Industrial Revolution took place, more and more people shifted from
villages to cities to earn more than farms. The mass shifting of population
created havoc in cities and the problems such as transportation, food, drinking
water, shelter and much more were uncontrollable. This was a very horrible
situation. All the intellectuals thought that there must be a separate
discipline which should solve these problems. So Auguste Comte gave the idea of
Social Physics in 1834. But the name of Sociology was already proposed by Ibn e
Khuldoon centuries ago.

Sociology was called Social Physics in the beginning but when it started to
develop, its name was changed to Sociology. The word Sociology is composed of
two words; first is Latin Socious which means Group of people and the second
word is Logos or Logy which means the systematic study. In this way, the
meaning of Sociology is “the scientific study of human group life.”

Sociology is not an old discipline, this is a new science. This science is
being developed with the passage of time. We will discuss in our next lectures
all about different topics of sociology. In this Series of Urdu Lectures of
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