Solved MCQs of Computer Science

solved mcqs of computer science
solved mcqs of computer science
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Solved MCQs of Computer Science for test preparation are here. Many departments have announced the jobs of different posts related to Solved MCQs of Computer Science. I found that people are taking interest in all my posts. This gave me the strength to gather data on Solved MCQs of Computer Science test preparation. So, I took my time and arranged the data on Solved MCQs of Computer Science because it has the demand now a day. You can prepare for KPPSC, PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS, OTS, PTS, MTS, AJKPSC, SPSC, BPSC, ITS, CTS, ATS, CTSP, STS, GTS, FTSPAK, DTS, CTSP, ETS, CTA, JTS, UTS, GCTS and all the vacant posts like Assistant Director, District Population Welfare Officer, Deputy District Population Welfare Officer, Tehsil Population Welfare Officer, Speech Writer, Deputy Director, Information Officer, Stenographer, Communication Specialist, Demographer, Transferring Officer, Instructor, Technical Officer, Producer, Staff Officer, Executive Engineer, GIS Specialist, Administration, Estate Management, TE&TP, Town Planning, Architecture, Psychologist, Assistant Chief, Labour Officer, Treasury Officer, Accountant, Computer Operator, Librarian, Scientific Officer, Establishment and Finance, Forest Officer, Assistant Manager, Additional Solicitor, Controller, Medical Officer, Agriculture Officer, Farm Manager, Cotton Inspector, Information Officer, Photographer, Supervisor, Naib Qasid, “Management Trainees”, Secondary School Teacher, Headmaster, Headmistress,  Lecturer, etc.

Solved MCQs of Computer Science

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Solved MCQs of Physical Education

  1. The worst case time complexity of AVL tree is better in comparison to binary search tree for Search and Insert Operations
  2. The GSM network is divided into the following three major systems: BSS, BSC, MSC
  3. If the disk head is located initially at 32, find the number of disk moves required with FCFS if the disks queue of I/O blocks requests are 98, 37, 14, 124, 65, 67. 310
  4. Component level design is concerned with Flow oriented analysis
  5. The Mobile Application Protocol (MAP) typically runs on top of which protocol? HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
  6. If a packet arrives with an M-bit value is ‘l’ and a fragmentation offset value ‘0’, and then it is ______ fragment. (A) First (B) Middle (C) Last (D) All of the above
  7. The number of bit strings of length eight that will either start with a 1 bit or end with two bits 00 shall be 160.
  8. In compiler design ‘reducing the strength’ refers to Reducing efficiency of program.
  9. In which addressing mode, the effective address of the operand is generated by adding a constant value to the contents of register? Indirect
  10. Which of the following is true? A relation in 3NF is always in BCNF.
  11. Given memory partitions of 100 K, 500 K, 200 K, 300 K and 600 K (in order) and processes of 212 K, 417 K, 112 K, and 426 K (in order), using the first-fit algorithm, in which partition would the process requiring 426 K be placed? 200 K
  12. What is the size of the Unicode character in Windows Operating System? 8-Bits
  13. In which tree, for every node the height of its left sub tree and right sub tree differ almost by one? AVL tree
  14. The design issue of Data link Layer in OSI Reference Model is Representation of bits
  15. Given the following expressions of a grammar E -> E * F / F + E / F and F -> F – F / id, which of the following is true? + has higher precedence than *
  16. The maturity levels used to measure a process are Initial, Repeatable, Defined, Managed, Optimized.
  17. The problem of indefinite blockage of low-priority jobs in general priority scheduling algorithm can be solved using: Compaction
  18. Which API is used to draw a circle? Ellipse ( )
  19. In DML, RECONNCT command cannot be used with (A) OPTIONAL Set (B) FIXED Set (C) MANDATOR Set (D) All of the above
  20. RAD stands for Rapid Application Development (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  21. Suppose that someone starts with a chain letter. Each person who receives the letter is asked to send it on to 4 other people. Some people do this, while some do not send any letter. How many people have seen the letter, including the first person, if no one receives more than one letter and if the chain letter ends after there have been 100 people who read it but did not send it out? Also find how many people sent out the letter? 144 & 44
  22. A hash function f defined as f (key) = key mod 13, with linear probing is used to insert keys 55, 58, 68, 91, 27, 145. What will be the location of 79? 2
  23. Identify the Risk factors which are associated with Electronic payment system. Sending Credit Card details over internet.
  24. Which of the following are two special functions that are meant for handling exception that occurs during exception handling itself? Non void terminate ( ) and non-void unexpected ( )
  25. Which of the following memory allocation scheme suffers from external fragmentation? Paging
  26. Basis path testing falls under Black box testing
  27. The User Work Area (UWA) is a set of Program variables declared in the host program to communicate the contents of individual records between DBMS & the Host record, Host program and Host record
  28. The maximum number of keys stored in a B-tree of order m and depth d is (md+1 – 1) / (m – 1)
  29. Which of the following is the most powerful paring method? SLR
  30. In UNIX, which of the following command is used to set the task priority? PS
  31. AES is a round cipher based on the Rijndal Algorithm that uses a 128-bit block of data. AES has three different configurations. ______ rounds with a key size of 128 bits, ______ rounds with a key size of 192 bits and ______ rounds with a key size of 256 bits. 20, 12, 14
  32. Given an empty stack, after performing push (1), push (2), Pop, push (3), push (4), Pop, Pop, push (5), pop, what is the value of the top of the stack? 1
  33. Enumeration is a process of Sequencing a list of operators
  34. Which of the following mode declaration is used in C++ to open a file for input? In:: ios
  35. Data Encryption Techniques are particularly used for Reduce Storage Space Requirement.
  36. Let L be a set accepted by a nondeterministic finite automaton. The number of states in non-deterministic finite automaton is |Q|. The maximum number of states in equivalent finite automaton that accepts L is |Q|
  37. What is the result of the following expression? (1 & 2) + (3 & 4)? 1
  38. Back propagation is a learning technique that adjusts weights in the neural network by propagating weight changes. Forward from source to hidden nodes
  39. ______ is an “umbrella” activity that is applied throughout the software engineering process. Designing
  40. Identify the operation which is commutative but not associative? EX-OR (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  41. Given a Relation POSITION (Posting No, Skill), then query to retrieve all distinct pairs of posting-nos. requiring skill is Select p1.posting-No, p2.posting-No from position p1, position p2 where p1.skill=p2.skill and p1.posting-No< p2.posting-No
  42. The postfix expression AB + CD – * can be evaluated using a Stack
  43. The post order traversal of a binary tree is DEBFCA. Find out the preorder traversal. ABDECF
  44. The branch logic that provides making capabilities in the control unit is known as Controlled transfer
  45. The number of colours required to properly colour the vertices of every planer graph is 2
  46. Networks that use different technologies can be connected by using Routers
  47. Both hosts and routers are TCP/IP protocol software. However, routers do not use protocol from all layers. The layer for which protocol software is not needed by a router is Layer – 5 (Application)
  48. In multiuser database if two users wish to update the same record at the same time, they are prevented from doing so by Record lock
  49. A binary search tree is a binary tree: (A) All items in the left subtree are less than root (B) All items in the right subtree are greater than or equal to the root (C) Each subtree is itself a binary search tree (D) All of the above
  50. What deletes the entire file except the file structure? ZAP
  51. Which command is the fastest among the following? COPY STRUCTURE TO <NEW FILE>
  52. B+ tree are preferred to binary tree in Database because Disk access is much slower than memory access
  53. A Transaction Manager is which of the following? (A) Maintains a log of transactions (B) Maintains before and after database images (C) Maintains appropriate concurrency control (D) All of the above
  54. Leaves of which of the following trees are at the same level? B-tree
  55. Which of the following TCP/IP Internet protocol is diskless machine uses to obtain its IP address from a server? ARP
  56. Decryption and encryption of data are the responsibility of which of the following layer? Presentation layer
  57. In which circuit switching, delivery of data is delayed because data must be stored and retrieved from RAM? Time division
  58. In which Routing Method do all the routers have a common database? Link state
  59. Page Shift Keying (PSK) Method is used to modulate digital signal at 9600 bps using 16 levels. Find the line signals and speed (i.e. modulation rate). 2400 bauds
  60. The station to hub distance in which it is 2000 meters. 100 Base-Fx (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  61. Main aim of software engineering is to produce Software within budget in the given schedule
  62. Key process areas of CMM level 4 are also classified by a process which is CMM level 5
  63. Validation means Are we building the right product
  64. If a process is under statistical control, then it is Predictable
  65. In a function oriented design, we Maximize cohesion and minimize coupling
  66. Which of the following metric does not depend on the programming language used? Function count
  67. A / B+ tree index is to be built on the name attribute of the relation STUDENT. Assume that all students names are of length 8 bytes, disk block are of size 512 bytes and index pointers are of size 4 bytes. Given this scenario what would be the best choice of the degree (i.e. the number of pointers per node) of the B+ tree? 16
  68. The Inorder traversal of the tree will yield a sorted listing of elements of tree in Binary search tree
  69. Mobile IP provides two basic functions. Agent discovery and registration
  70. Pre-emptive scheduling is the strategy of temporarily suspending a gunning process Before the CPU time slice expires
  71. In round robin CPU scheduling as time quantum is increased the average turnaround time Varies irregularly
  72. Resources are allocated to the process on non-sharable basis is Mutual exclusion
  73. Consider the following page trace: 4,3, 2, 1, 4, 3, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 5. Percentage of page fault that would occur if FIFO page replacement algorithm is used with number of frames for the JOB m = 4 will be 10
  74. Check sum used along with each packet computes the sum of the data, where data is treated as a sequence of Character
  75. If an integer needs two bytes of storage, then the maximum value of a signed integer is 215 – 1
  76. Which of the following logic families is well suited for high-speed operations? ECL
  77. Interrupts which are initiated by an instruction are Hardware
  78. Print if (“%c”, 100); Prints ASCII equivalent of 100
  79. For the transmission of the signal, Bluetooth wireless technology uses Time division duplex
  80. What is the routing algorithm used by RIP and IGRP? Dijkestra vector (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  81. Identify the incorrect statement: E-Commerce security threats can be grouped into three major categories.
  82. Reliability of software is directly dependent on Number of errors present
  83. ______ is not an E-Commerce application. Evaluating an employee
  84. ______ is a satellite based tracking system that enables the determination of person’s position. Global Positioning System
  85. A complete microcomputer system consists of (A) Microprocessor (B) Memory (C) Peripheral equipment (D) All of the above
  86. Where does a computer add and compare data? CPU chip
  87. Pipelining strategy is called implement Instruction prefetch
  88. Which of the following data structure is linear type? (A) Strings (B) Lists (C) Queues (D) All of the above
  89. To represent hierarchical relationship between elements, which data structure is suitable? Tree
  90. When data and acknowledgement are sent in the same frame, this is called as Piggy backing
  91. Encryption and Decryption is the responsibility of _______ Layer. Application
  92. An analog signal carries 4 bits in each signal unit. If 1000 signal units are sent per second, then baud rate and bit rate of the signal are _______ and _______. 1000 bauds \ sec & 4000 bps
  93. The VLF and LF bauds use _______ propagation for communication. Ground
  94. Using the RSA public key crypto system, if p = 13, q = 31 and d = 7, then the value of e is 10
  95. FAN IN of a component A is defined as Number of components that can call or pass control to component A.
  96. The relationship of data elements in a module is called Cohesion
  97. Software Configuration Management is the discipline for systematically controlling (A) the changes due to the evolution of work products as the project proceeds. (B) The changes due to defects (bugs) being found and then fixed. (C) the changes due to requirement changes (D) all of the above
  98. Which one of the following is not a step of requirement engineering? Requirement design
  99. Testing of software with actual data and in actual environment is called Beta testing
  100. The student marks should not be greater than 100. This is Integrity constraint (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  101. GO BOTTOM and SKIP-3 commands are given one after another in a database file of 30 records. It shifts the control to 28th record
  102. Based on the cardinality ratio and participation ________ associated with a relationship type, choose the Foreign Key Design, the Cross Referencing Design or Mutual Referencing Design. Constraints
  103. Data Integrity control uses Passwords to prohibit unauthorised access to files.
  104. What does the following declaration mean? int (*ptr) [10]; ptr is a pointer to an array of 10 integers.
  105. Which of the following operators cannot be overloaded in C+ +? : :
  106. _________ allows creating classes which are derived from other classes, so that they automatically include some of its “parent’s” members, plus its own members. Inheritance
  107. The correct way to round off a floating number x to an integer value is y = (int) (x + 0.5)
  108. What is the value of the postfix expression? a b c d + – ∗ (where a = 8, b = 4, c = 2 and d = 5) –24
  109. If the queue is implemented with a linked list, keeping track of a front pointer and a rear pointer, which of these pointers will change during an insertion into a non-empty queue? Only rear pointer changes
  110. _______ is often used to prove the correctness of a recursive function. Mathematical Induction
  111. For any B-tree of minimum degree t ≥ 2, every node other than the root must have at least ________ keys and every node can have at most ________ keys. t – 1, 2t – 1
  112. Given two sorted list of size ‘m’ and ‘n’ respectively. The number of comparison needed in the worst case by the merge sort algorithm will be m + n – 1
  113. The context free grammar for the language, L = {an bm | n ≤ m + 3, n ≥ 0, m ≥ 0} is S → aaaA | aa A | aA | λ, A → aAb | B, B → Bb | λ
  114. The process of assigning load addresses to the various parts of the program and adjusting the code and data in the program to reflect the assigned addresses is called Relocation
  115. Which of the following derivations does a top-down parser use while parsing an input string? The input is scanned from left to right. Leftmost derivation
  116. The dual of a Boolean expression is obtained by interchanging Boolean sums and Boolean products and interchanging 0’s & 1’s
  117. Let P(m, n) be the statement, “m divides n” where the universe of discourse for both the variables is the set of positive integers. Determine the truth values of each of the following propositions: I. ∀m ∀n P(m, n), II. ∃m ∀n P(m, n) I – false & II – true
  118. Big – O estimate for, f(x) = (x + 1) log(x2 + 1) + 3x2 is given as O(x2)
  119. How many edges are there in a forest of t-trees containing a total of n vertices? n – t
  120. Let f and g be the functions from the set of integers to the set integers defined by f(x) = 2x + 3 and g(x) = 3x + 2. Then the composition of f and g and g and f is given as 6x + 7, 6x + 11 (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  121. A graph is non-planar if and only if it contains a subgraph homomorphic to 3, 3 or K5
  122. Active X controls are Pentium binary programs that can be embedded in Web pages
  123. Which of the following is widely used inside the telephone system for long-haul data traffic? ATM
  124. The document standards for EDI were first developed by large business house during the 1970s and are now under the control of the following standard organisation: ANSI
  125. Electronic Data Interchange Software consists of the following four layers: Business application, Internal format conversion, EDI translator, EDI envelope
  126. The virtual address generated by a CPU is 32 bits. The Translation Look-aside Buffer (TLB) can hold total 64 page table entries and a 4-way set associative (i.e. with 4-cache lines in the set). The page size is 4 KB. The minimum size of TLB tag is 16 bits
  127. Consider a disk queue with request for input/output to block on cylinders. 98, 183, 37, 122, 14, 124, 65, 67 in that order. Assume that disk head is initially positioned at cylinder 53 and moving towards cylinder number 0. The total number of head movements using Shortest Seek Time First (SSTF) and SCAN algorithms are respectively 236 and 252 cylinders
  128. How much space will be required to store the bit map of a 1.3 GB disk with 512 bytes block size? 332.8 KB
  129. Linux operating system uses Fair Preemptive Scheduling
  130. COCOMO stands for COnstructive COst Model
  131. While estimating the cost of software, Lines of Code (LOC) and Function Points (FP) are used to measure which one of the following? Size of software
  132. A good software design must have Low module coupling, high module cohesion
  133. Cyclometric complexity of a flow graph G with n vertices and e edges is V(G) = e–n+2
  134. When the following code is executed what will be the value of x and y? int x = 1, y = 0; y = x++; 2, 1
  135. How many values can be held by an array A (–1, m; 1, m)? m (m+2)
  136. What is the result of the expression (1&2) + (3/4)? 0
  137. How many times the word ‘print’ shall be printed by the following program segment? For (i=1, i<2,i++), For (j=1,j<2,j++), For (k=1,k<2,k++), Printf(“print/n”) 8
  138. Which of the following is not a type of Database Management System? Sequential
  139. Manager’s salary details are to be hidden from Employee Table. This Technique is called as External level Data-hiding
  140. A Network Schema Permits many to many relationship (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  141. Which normal form is considered as adequate for usual database design? 3NF
  142. If D1, D2,..Dn are domains in a relational model, then the relation is a table, which is a subset of D1×D2× … ×Dn
  143. Which of the following addresses is used to deliver a message to the correct application program running on a host? Port
  144. In ________ substitution, a character in the plaintext is always changed to the same character in the cipher text, regardless of its position in the text. Monoalphabetic
  145. In classful addressing, the IP address belongs to Class B
  146. In hierarchical routing with 4800 routers, what region and cluster sizes should be chosen to minimize the size of the routing table for a three layer hierarchy? 15 clusters, 16 regions and 20 routers
  147. In IPv4 header, the ______ field is needed to allow the destination host to determine which datagram a newly arrived fragment belongs to. Identification
  148. Given L1=L (a*baa*) and L2=L (ab*). The regular expression corresponding to language L3 = L1/L2 (right quotient) is given by a*ba*
  149. Given the production rules of a grammar G1 as S1 → AB | aaB, A → a | Aa, B → b and the production rules of a grammar G2 as, S2 → aS2bS2 | bS2aS2 | λ. Which of the following is correct statement? G1 is ambiguous and G2 is ambiguous.
  150. Given a grammar: S1 → Sc, S → SA | A, A → aSb | ab, there is a rightmost derivation S1 ⇒ Sc ⇒SAC ⇒ SaSbc. Thus, SaSbc is a right sentential form, and its handle is aSb
  151. The equivalent production rules corresponding to the production rules S → Sα1 |Sα2 | β1 | β2 is S → β1 | β2 | β1A | β2A, A → α1A | α2A | λ
  152. Which is the correct statement(s) for Non-Recursive predictive parser? S1: First (α) = {t| α ⇒ * tβ for some string β} ⇒*tβ, S2: Follow(X) = {a| S⇒ *αXaβ for some strings α and β} Both statements S1 and S2 are correct.
  153. Given an open address hash table with load factor α < 1, the expected number of probes in a successful search is Atmost (1/α) ln 1/(1– α)
  154. For a B-tree of height h and degree t, the total CPU time used to insert a node is O(th)
  155. The time complexity to build a heap with a list of n numbers is O(n)
  156. The value of postfix expression: 8 3 4 + – 3 8 2 / + * 2 $ 3 + is 52
  157. Repository of information gathered from multiple sources, storing under unified scheme at a single site is called as Data warehousing
  158. The task of correcting and pre-processing data is called as Data cleaning
  159. Using data p=3, q=11, n=pq, d=7 in RSA algorithm find the cipher text of the given plain text SUZANNE BUTAEEZ
  160. The relation “divides” on a set of positive integers is Anti symmetric and transitive (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  161. Give as good a big–O estimate as possible for the following functions: (nlogn+n2) (n3+2) and (n! +2n) (n3+log(n2+1)) O(n5) & O(n3* n!)
  162. A test contains 100 true/false questions. How many different ways can a student answer the questions on the test, if the answer may be left blank also? 3100
  163. How many edges must be removed to produce the spanning forest of a graph with N vertices, M edges and C connected components? M–N+C
  164. Which of the following shall be a compound proposition involving the propositions p, q and r, that is true when exactly two of the p, q and r are true and is false otherwise? (p ∧ q ∧⎤ r) ∨ ( p ∧⎤ q ∧ r) ∨ (⎤ p ∧ q ∧ r)
  165. The truth value of the statements: ∃!xP(x) → ∃xP(x) and ∃!x⎤ P(x) → ⎤∀xP(x), (where the notation ∃!xP(x) denotes the proposition “There exists a unique x such that P(x) is true”) are: True and True
  166. How many different Boolean functions of degree 4 are there? 216
  167. A Boolean operator s is defined as follows: 1 s 1 = 1, 1 s 0 = 0, 0 s 1 = 0 and 0 s 0 = 1. What will be the truth value of the expression (x s y) s z = x s (y s z)? Always true
  168. Which one of the following is decimal value of a signed binary number 1101010, if it is in 2’s complement form? – 22
  169. A set of processors P1, P2….… Pk can execute in parallel if Bernstein’s conditions are satisfied on a pairwise basis; that is P1 || P2 || P3 || ….. || Pk if and only if: Pi || Pj for all i ≠ j
  170. When a mobile telephone physically moves from one to another cell, the base station transfers ownership to the cell getting strongest signal. This process is known as Handoff
  171. A virtual memory based memory management algorithm partially swaps out a process. This is an example of Medium term scheduling
  172. Assuming that the disk head is located initially at 32, find the number of disk moves required with FCFS if the disk queue of I/O block requests are 98, 37, 14, 124, 65, 67: 321
  173. Let the page fault service time be 10 millisecond (ms) in a computer with average memory access time being 20 nanosecond (ns). If one page fault is generated for every 106 memory accesses, what is the effective access time for memory? 30 ns
  174. Consider the following UNIX command: Sort <in> temp; head – 30 <temp; rm temp which of the following functions shall be performed by this command? Sort, taking the input from “in” and writing the output to “temp” then prints 30 lines from temp on terminal. Finally “temp” is removed.
  175. The MV command changes The directory entry
  176. A file is downloaded in a home computer using a 56 kbps MODEM connected to an Internet Service Provider. If the download of file completes in 2 minutes, what is the maximum size of data downloaded? 6.72 Mbs
  177. ______ CSMA protocol, after the station finds the line idle, it sends or refrains from sending based on the outcome of a random number generator. p-persistent
  178. Which of the following substitution technique have the relationship between a character in the plaintext and a character in the ciphertext as one-to-many? Polyalphabetic
  179. What is the maximum length of CAT-5 UTP cable in Fast Ethernet network? 100 meters
  180. The ______ is a set of standards that defines how a dynamic web document should be written, how input data should be supplied to the program, and how the output result should be used. Common Gateway Interface (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  181. The count-to-infinity problem is associated with Distance vector routing algorithm
  182. The IEEE single-precision and double-precision format to represent floating-point numbers, has a length of ______ and ______ respectively. 32 bits and 64 bits
  183. Consider an undirected graph G with 100 nodes. The maximum number of edges to be included in G so that the graph is not connected is 4851
  184. The amortized time complexity to perform ______ operation(s) in Splay trees is O(Ig n). Search, Insert and Delete
  185. Suppose that the splits at every level of Quicksort are in proportion 1-β to β, where 0 < β ≤ 0.5 is a constant. The number of elements in an array is n. The maximum depth is approximately – (Ig n)/Ig (1 – β)
  186. The minimum number of nodes in a binary tree of depth d (root is at level 0) is d + 1
  187. The efficient data structure to insert/delete a number in a stored set of numbers is Doubly linked list
  188. The number of states in a minimal deterministic finite automaton corresponding to the language L = { an | n≥4 } is 5
  189. Regular expression for the language L = {w ∈ {0, 1}* | w has no pair of consecutive zeros} is (1 + 01)* (0 + λ)
  190. Consider the following two languages: L1 = {an bl ak | n + l +k>5} L2 = {an bl ak |n>5, l >3, k≤ l} Which of the following is true? L1 is regular language and L2 is not regular language.
  191. LL grammar for the language L = {an bm cn+m | m≥0, n≥0} is S → aSc | S1| λ; S1 → bS1c| λ
  192. The number of eight-bit strings beginning with either 111 or 101 is 64
  193. Find the number of ways to paint 12 offices so that 3 of them will be green, 2 of them pink, 2 of them yellow and the rest ones white. 1, 66,320
  194. Consider the In-order and Post-order traversals of a tree as given below: In-order: j e n k o p b f a c l g m d h i Post-order: j n o p k e f b c l m g h i d a. The Pre-order traversal of the tree shall be a b e j k n o p f c d g l m h i
  195. A simple graph G with n-vertices is connected if the graph has More than (n – 1) (n – 2)/2 edges
  196. Which one of the following set of gates is best suited for ‘parity’ checking and ‘parity’ generation? EX-OR, EX-NOR
  197. The quantification ∃!x P(x) denotes the proposition “There exists a unique x such that P(x) is true”, express the quantification using universal and existential quantifications and logical operators: ∃x P(x) ∧∀x∀y ((P(x) ∧ P(y)) → x = y)
  198. If F and G are Boolean functions of degree n. Then, which of the following is true? F ≤ F + G and F G ≤ F
  199. In which one of the following, continuous process improvement is done? CMM
  200. The ______ of a program or computing system is the structure or structures of the system, which comprise software components, the externally visible properties of these components, and the relationship among them. Software architecture (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  201. Working software is not available until late in the process in Waterfall model
  202. Equivalence partitioning is a ______ testing method that divides the input domain of a program into classes of data from which test cases can be derived. Black box
  203. Linked Lists are not suitable for Binary Search
  204. Usage of Preemption and Transaction Rollback prevents Deadlock situation
  205. The _____ language was originally designed as the Transformation Language for Style Sheet facility. XSTL
  206. Views are useful for _____ unwanted information, and for collecting together information from more than one relation into a single view. Hiding
  207. The decision tree classifier is a widely used technique for Classification
  208. Cross_tab displays permit users to view ______ of multidimensional data at a time. Two dimensions
  209. A method to provide secure transmission of email is called PGP
  210. Thoma’s-write rule is Timestamp ordering protocol
  211. The hit ratio of a Translation Look Aside Buffer (TLAB) is 80%. It takes 20 nanoseconds (ns) to search TLAB and 100 ns to access main memory. The effective memory access time is 140 ns
  212. Which of the following set of UNIX commands will always display “WELCOME”? Title = WELCOME; export title; sh –c “echo $title”
  213. Eco system is a Frame work for Building Internet Market
  214. The technique of temporarily delaying outgoing acknowledgements so that they can be hooked onto the next outgoing data frame is known as Piggy backing
  215. ______ is process of extracting previously non known valid and actionable information from large data to make crucial business and strategic decisions. Data Mining
  216. The aspect ratio of an image is defined as The ratio of width to its height measured in unit length.
  217. Using RSA algorithm, what is the value of cipher text C, if the plain text M = 5 and p = 3, q = 11 & d = 7? 26
  218. You are given an OR problem and a XOR problem to solve. Then, which one of the following statements is true? Problem can be solved using single layer perception and XOR problem can be solved using radial basis function.
  219. Let V1 = 2I – J + K and V2 = I + J – K, then the angle between V1 & V2 and a vector perpendicular to both V1 & V2 shall be: 90 and (–2I – J + 3K)
  220. In classful addressing, an IP address belongs to ______ class format. A (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  221. The Mandelbrot set used for the construction of beautiful images is based on the following transformation: xn + 1= x2n+ z  Here Both x & z are complex numbers.
  222. Which of the following permutations can be obtained in the output using a stack of size 3 elements assuming that input, sequence is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5? 3, 4, 5, 2, 1
  223. In a Linear Programming Problem, suppose there are 3 basic variables and 2 non-basic variables, then the possible numbers of basic solutions are 10
  224. Which provides an interface to the TCP/IP suit protocols in Windows95 and Windows NT? Calinsock Active-X Control
  225. If dual has an unbounded solution, then its corresponding primal has No feasible solution
  226. The number of distinct bracelets of five beads made up of red, blue, and green beads (two bracelets are indistinguishable if the rotation of one yield another) is, 51
  227. Which are the classifications of data used in Mobile Applications? Private data, Public data, Shared data.
  228. In an enhancement of a CPU design, the speed of a floating point unit has been increased by 20% and the speed of a fixed point unit has been increased by 10%. What is the overall speed achieved if the ratio of the number of floating point operations to the number of fixed point operations is 2 : 3 and the floating point operation used to take twice the time taken by the fixed point operation in original design? 1.62
  229. Lamps are to be connected to a single electric outlet by using an extension board each of which has four outlets. The number of extension boards needed to connect all the light is 19
  230. Which of the following flags are set when ‘JMP’ instruction is executed? No flag is set
  231. A thread is a light weight process. In the above statement, weight refers to Number of resources
  232. The Z-buffer algorithm is used for Hidden surface removal of objects. The maximum number of objects that can be handled by this algorithm shall Be arbitrary no. of objects
  233. The power set of AUB, where A = {2, 3, 5, 7} and B = {2, 5, 8, 9} is 64
  234. In Win32, which function is used to create Windows Applications? Win Main
  235. Suppose a processor does not have any stack pointer registers, which of the following statements is true? All subroutine calls and interrupts are possible.
  236. Everything below the system call interface and above the physical hardware is known as Kernel.
  237. Which is not the correct statement? The class of regular sets is not closed under inverse homomorphism.
  238. When a programming Language has the capacity to produce new data type, it is called as, Extensible Language
  239. Which of the following operating system is better for implementing client-server network? Windows 2000
  240. Consider a system having m resources of the same type. These resources are shared by 3 processes A, B and C which have peak demands of 3, 4 and 6 respectively. For what value of m deadlock will not occur? 13 (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  241. The Default Parameter Passing Mechanism is called as Call by Value
  242. Which of the following regular expression identities are true? (r + s)* = (r*s*)*
  243. Functions defined with class name are called as Constructor
  244. Let f be the fraction of a computation (in terms of time) that is parallelizable, P the number of processors in the system, and sp the speed up achievable in comparison with sequential execution – then the sp can be calculated using the relation: 1/ [1 – f + f/P]
  245. If the parse tree of a word w generated by a Chomsky normal form grammar has no path of length greater than i, then the word w is of length No greater than 2i–1
  246. The Object Modelling Technique (OMT) uses the following three kinds of model to describe a system Object Model, Dynamic Model, and Functional Model.
  247. The factors that determine the quality of a software system are Correctness, reliability
  248. Skolmization is the process of Removing all the existential quantifiers.
  249. Which level of Abstraction describes how data are stored in the data base? Physical level
  250. The transform which possesses the “multi-resolution” property is Wavelet transforms
  251. Which one is a collection of templates and rules? XSL
  252. A program P calls two subprograms P1 and P2. Pcan fail 50% times and P2 40% times. Then P can fail 70%
  253. Third normal form is based on the concept of Transitive Dependency
  254. If the Fourier transform of the function f(x, y) is F(m, n), then the Fourier transform of the function f(2x, 2y) is: 1/4 F(m/2 , n/2)
  255. ______ establishes information about when, why and by whom changes are made in software. An Audit Trail.
  256. An expert system shell is an expert system without Domain knowledge
  257. An example of a dictionary-based coding technique is LZW coding
  258. Which is the method used to retrieve the current state of a check box? Get State ( )
  259. Referential integrity is directly related to Foreign key
  260. A cryptarithmetic problem of the type SEND + MORE MONEY Can be solved efficiently using Constraint satisfaction technique (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  261. A* algorithm is guaranteed to find an optimal solution if g is always 1.
  262. In Delta Rule for error minimization Weights are adjusted difference between desired output and actual output
  263. The concept of pipelining is most effective in improving performance if the tasks being performed in different stages: require about the same amount of time
  264. What is Granularity? The size of data item
  265. Suppose that a given application is run on a 64-processor machine and that 70 percent of the application can be parallelized. Then the expected performance improvement using Amdahl’s law is 4.22
  266. Which level of Abstraction describes what data are stored in the Database? Logical level
  267. The problem that occurs when one transaction updates a database item and then the transaction fails for some reason is Dirty Read Problem
  268. In an image compression system 16384 bits are used to represent 256 × 256 image with 256 gray levels. What is the compression ratio for this system? 2
  269. X.25 is ________ Network. Connection Oriented Network
  270. Which of the following can be used for clustering of data? Self organizing map
  271. Which of the following is scheme to deal with deadlock? Time out
  272. If the pixels of an image are shuffled then the parameter that may change is Covariance
  273. The common property of functional language and logical programming language: Both are declarative
  274. Consider a schema R (A, B, C, D) and functional dependencies A->B and C -> D. Then the decomposition R1(A, B) and R2(C, D) is Dependency preserving but not lossless join
  275. The quantiser in an image-compression system is a lossy element which exploits the psychovisual redundancy
  276. Data Warehouse provides Storage, Functionality Responsiveness to queries
  277. A* algorithm uses f ‘ = g + h’ to estimate the cost of getting from the initial state to the goal state, where g is a measure of the cost of getting from initial state to the current node and the function h’ is an estimate of the cost of getting from the current node to the goal state. To find a path involving the fewest number of steps, we should set g = 1
  278. The transform which possesses the highest ‘energy compaction’ property is Cosine transforms
  279. The _______ memory allocation function modifies the previous allocated space. realloc( )
  280. The mechanism that binds code and data together and keeps them secure from outside world is known as Encapsulation (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  281. Which of the following IP address class is a multicast address? Class D
  282. While unit testing a module, it is found that for a set of test data, maximum 90% of the code alone were tested with a probability of success 0.9. The reliability of the module is atmost 0.81
  283. The upper bound of computing time of m coloring decision problem is O(nmn)
  284. Which one of the following statements is incorrect? Cyclometric complexity for a flow graph G is V (G) = E – N + 2, where E is the number of edges & N is the number of nodes in the flow graph.
  285. Consider a weighted undirected graph with positive edge weights and let (u, v) be an edge in the graph. It is known that the shortest path from source vertex s to u has weight 53 and shortest path from s to v has weight 65. Which statement is always true? Weight (u, v) > 12
  286. Consider the regular expression (a + b) (a + b) … (a + b) (n-times). The minimum number of states in finite automaton that recognizes the language represented by this regular expression contains n + 1 states
  287. Number of binary trees formed with 5 nodes is 42
  288. Are we building the right product? This statement refers to Validation
  289. The following postfix expression is evaluated using a stack 823^/23* + 51* – The top two elements of the stack after first * is evaluated 6, 1
  290. The following CFG S -> aB | bA, A -> a | as | bAA, B -> b | bs | aBB Generates strings of terminals that have Equal number of a’s and b’s
  291. Consider the following pseudo-code: If (A > B) and (C > D) then A = A + 1, B = B + 1 And if the cyclomatic complexity of the pseudo-code is 3
  292. Which layer of OSI reference model uses the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)? Network layer
  293. Which diagram provides a formal graphic notation for modeling objects, classes and their relationships to one another? Object diagram
  294. A computer system supports 32 bit virtual address as well as 32 bit physical addresses. Since the virtual address space is of same size as that of physical address space, if we want to get rid of virtual memory, which one of the following is true? Hardware support for memory management is not needed.
  295. The feasible region represented by the constraints x1 – x2 < 1, x1 + x2 > 3, x1 > 0, x2 > 0 of the objective function Max Z = 3x1 + 2x2 is Unbounded feasible region
  296. The colour of an object is largely determined by its diffuse reflection coefficient. If Kd = (0.8, 0.4, 0), then what shall be the colour of the object, if the light used is blue and magenta? Black and Red
  297. If an instruction takes ‘i’ microseconds and a page fault takes an additional ‘j’ microseconds. The effective instruction time, if on the average a page fault occurs every k instructions, is i + j/k
  298. How many relations are there on a set with n elements that are symmetric and a set with n elements that are reflexive and symmetric? 2n(n+1)/2 and 2n(n–1)/2
  299. The strategy used to reduce the number of tree branches and the number of static evaluations applied in case of a game tree is Alpha-beta pruning strategy
  300. What is the size (in terms of bits) of Header length field in IPV4 header? 4 (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  301. ______ is sometimes said to be object oriented, because the only way to manipulate kernel objects is by invoking methods on their handles. Windows NT
  302. A user level process in Unix traps the signal sent on a Ctrl + C input and has a signal handling routine that saves appropriate files before terminating the process. When a Ctrl + C input is given to this process, what is the mode in which the signal handling routine executes? Kernel mode
  303. A CPU generally handles an interrupt by executing an interrupt service routine By checking the interrupt register after finishing the executing the current instruction
  304. Radio signals generally propagate according to the following mechanisms: Reflection, Diffraction, Scattering
  305. If ‘a’ and ‘b’ are the end points of a line, then which one of the following is true? If both end points are left, right, above or below the window, the line is trivially invisible
  306. If the period of a signal is 1000 ms, then what is its frequency in kilohertz? 10–3 KHz
  307. HTML is defined using SGML – an _______ standard, information processing-text and office systems (SGML) for text information processing. ISO – 8879
  308. What is the meaning of ‘Hibernate’ in Windows XP/Windows 7? Shutdown the computer without closing the running applications.
  309. Assume that we have constructor functions for both base class and derived class. Now consider the declaration in main ( ). Base * P = New Derived; in what sequence will the constructor be called? Base class constructor followed by derived class constructor
  310. Which one of the following options is not a shell in UNIX system? Net Shell
  311. In which file the compiler manage the various objects, which are used in windows programming? Text File
  312. On a disk with 1000 cylinders (0 to 999) find the number of tracks, the disk arm must move to satisfy all the requests in the disk queue. Assume the last request service was at track 345 and the head is moving toward track 0. The queue in FIFO order contains requests for the following tracks: 123, 874, 692, 475, 105, 376. (Assume SCAN algorithm) 1219
  313. Halftoning is defined as A technique for using minimum number of intensity levels to obtain increased visual resolution.
  314. If the primal Linear Programming problem has unbounded solution, then it’s dual problem will have no feasible solution at all
  315. Given a flow graph with 10 nodes, 13 edges and one connected components, the number of regions and the number of predicate (decision) nodes in the flow graph will be 5, 4
  316. Function points can be calculated by UFP  CAF
  317. One weakness of boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning is they do not explore combinations of input circumstances
  318. Which once of the following is not a software myth? If an organization does not understand how to control software projects internally, it will invariably struggle when it outsources software projects.
  319. Which is the protocol for performing RPCs between applications in a language and system independent way? Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  320. The document that is used by XSLT to indicate, how to transform the elements of the XML document to another format is Style sheet (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  321. Which of the following concepts means adding new concepts to a program as it runs? Dynamic loading
  322. Which of the following correctly describes overloading of functions? Ad-hoc polymorphism
  323. The compiler converts all operands up to the type of the largest operand is called Type Promotion
  324. C++ actually supports the following two complete dynamic systems: One defined by C and one specific to C++
  325. Important advantage of using new and delete operators in C++ is Allocation of memory and frees the memory previously allocated.
  326. Given the following statements: S1: The grammars S → asb | bsa | ss | a and S → asb | bsa | a are not equivalent. S2: The grammars S → ss | sss | asb | bsa | λ and S → ss | asb | bsa | λ are equivalent. Which of the following is true? Both S1 and S2 are correct.
  327. High level knowledge which relates to the use of sentences in different contexts and how the context affect the meaning of the sentences? Pragmatic
  328. The objective of ________ procedure is to discover at least one ________ that causes two literals to match. unification, substitution
  329. If h* represents an estimate of the cost of getting from the current node N to the goal node and h represents actual cost of getting from the current node to the goal node, then A* algorithm gives an optimal solution if h* underestimates h
  330. The mean-end analysis process centers around the detection of differences between the current state and goal state. Once such a difference is isolated, an operator that can reduce the difference must be found. But perhaps that operator cannot be applied to the current state. So a sub-problem of getting to a state in which it can be applied is set up. The kind of backward chaining in which operators are selected and then sub goals are set up to establish the precondition of operators is called operator subgoaling
  331. In alpha-beta pruning, _________ is used to cut off the search at maximizing level only and _________ is used to cut off the search at minimizing level only. beta, alpha
  332. If A and B are two fuzzy sets with membership functions, μA(x) = {0.2, 0.5, 0.6, 0.1, 0.9}, μB(x) = {0.1, 0.5, 0.2, 0.7, 0.8} Then the value of μA ∩ B will be {0.1, 0.5, 0.2, 0.1, 0.8}
  333. The height h(A) of a fuzzy set A is defined as h(A) = sup A(x), x ∈ A. Then the fuzzy set A is called normal when h(A) = 1
  334. An artificial neuron receives n inputs x1, x2,…., xn with weights w1, w2,…., wn attached to the input links. The weighted sum ________ is computed to be passed on to a non-linear filter φ called activation function to release the output. Σ wi  xi
  335. Consider the formula in image processing RD = 1 ­­– 1/CR Where CR =n1/n2 CR is called as compression ratio n1 and n2 denotes the number of information carrying units in two datasets that represent the same information. In this situation RD is called as relative _________ of the first data set. Data Redundancy
  336. Find the false statement: The AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cryptosystem allows variable key lengths of size 56 bits and 124 bits.
  337. The message 11001001 is to be transmitted using the CRC polynomial x3 + 1 to protect it from errors. The message that should be transmitted is 11001001011
  338. _________ comparisons are necessary in the worst case to find both the maximum and minimum of n numbers. floor (3n/2) – 2
  339. Let A and B be two n × n matrices. The efficient algorithm to multiply the two matrices has the time complexity O(n2.81)
  340. The recurrence relation T(n)=mT(n/2) tan2 is satisfied by O(n1g m) (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  341. The longest common subsequence of the sequences X = <A, B, C, B, D, A, B> and Y = <B, D, C, A, B, A> has length 4
  342. Assuming there are n keys and each key is in the range [0, m – 1]. The run time of bucket sort is O(n + m)
  343. A _________ complete subgraph and a _________ subset of vertices of a graph G = (V, E) are a clique and a vertex cover respectively. maximal, minimal
  344. The Greibach normal form grammar for the language L = {an bn + 1 | n ≥ 0} is S → a SB | b, B → b
  345. Given the following statements: S1: Every context-sensitive language L is recursive. S2: There exists a recursive language that is not context sensitive. Which statement is correct? S1 is correct and S2 is correct.
  346. What is the bit rate for transmitting uncompressed 800 × 600 pixel colour frames with 8 bits/pixel at 40 frames/second? 153.6 Mbps
  347. In IPV 4, the IP address belongs to Class C
  348. Which layer of OSI reference model is responsible for decomposition of messages and generation of sequence numbers to ensure correct re-composition from end to end of the network? Transport
  349. A client-server system uses a satellite network, with the satellite at a height of 40,000 kms. What is the best-case delay in response to a request? (Note that the speed of light in air is 3,00,000 km/second). 533.33 m sec
  350. The start and stop bits are used in serial communication for synchronization
  351. _________ is a type of transmission impairment in which the signal looses strength due to the resistance of the transmission medium. Attenuation
  352. Which of the following is a design criteria for instruction formats? (A) The size of instructions (B) The number of bits in the address fields (C) The sufficient space in the instruction format to express all the operations desired. (D) All of these
  353. Synchronization is achieved by a timing device called a ________ which generates a periodic train of________. master clock generator, clock pulse
  354. The essential difference between traps and interrupts is traps are synchronous and interrupts are asynchronous with the program.
  355. Consider the following schemas: Branch = (Branch-name, Assets, Branch-city) Customer = (Customer-name, Bank name, Customer-city) Borrow = (Branch-name, loan number, customer account-number) Deposit = (Branch-name, Account number, Customer-name, Balance). Using relational Algebra, the Query that finds customers who have balance more than 10,000 is πcustomer-name (σbalance > 10000(Deposit)
  356. Find the false statement: Conceptual model is not accurate representation of “Universe of interest”.
  357. Which of the following points lies on the same side as the origin, with reference to the line 3x + 7y = 2? (0.5, 0)
  358. In Unix, how do you check that two given strings a and b are equal? test $a = $b
  359. In windows 2000 operating system all the processor-dependent code is isolated in a dynamic link library called Hardware abstraction layer
  360. To place a sound into a word document, following feature of windows is used: OLE (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  361. Translation Look-aside Buffer (TLB) is an associative memory in which item to be searched is compared with all the keys simultaneously.
  362. Simplest way of deadlock recovery is Kill one of the processes
  363. The directory structure used in Unix file system is called Directed acyclic graph
  364. Which statement is not true about process O in the Unix operating system? Process O is called init process.
  365. Which of the following commands would return process_id of sleep command? Sleep 1 and echo $!
  366. Possible thread states in Windows 2000 operating system include: Ready, standby, running, waiting, transition and terminated
  367. _________ is a process model that removes defects before they can precipitate serious hazards. Cleanroom software engineering
  368. Equivalence partitioning is a __________ method that divides the input domain of a program into classes of data from which test cases can be derived. Black-box testing
  369. Software safety is a __________ activity that focuses on the identification and assessment of potential hazards that may affect software negatively and cause an entire system to fail. Software quality assurance
  370. The “PROJECT” operator of a relational algebra creates a new table that has always Same number of rows as the original table
  371. The employee information of an Organization is stored in the relation: Employee (name, sex, salary, deptname) Consider the following SQL query Select deptname from Employee Where sex = ‘M’ group by deptname having avg (salary) > {select avg (salary) from Employee} Output of the given query corresponds to Average salary of male employees in a department is more than average salary of the organization.
  372. For a database relation R(a, b, c, d) where the domains of a, b, c, d include only the atomic values. The functional dependency a → c, b → d holds in the following relation In 1NF not in 2NF
  373. In any n-element heap, the number of nodes of height h is less than equal to [n/2h + 1]
  374. A vertex cover of an undirected graph G(V, E) is a subset V1 ⊆ V vertices such that If (u, v)  E then u  V1 or v  V1
  375. In a fully connected mesh network with n devices, there are ________ physical channels to link all devices. n(n–1)/2
  376. The baud rate of a signal is 600 baud/second. If each signal unit carries 6 bits, then the bit rate of a signal is 3600
  377. An image is 1024∗800 pixels with 3 bytes/pixel. Assume the image is uncompressed. How long does it take to transmit it over a 10-Mbps Ethernet? 1.966 seconds
  378. The ________ measures the relative strengths of two signals or a signal at two different points. Decibel
  379. Which one of the following media is multidrop? Thick Coaxial cable
  380. What is the baud rate of the standard 10 Mbps Ethernet? 20 mega baud (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  381. At any iteration of simplex method, if Δj (Zj – Cj) corresponding to any non-basic variable Xj is obtained as zero, the solution under the test is Alternative solution
  382. A basic feasible solution to a m-origin, n-destination transportation problem is said to be _________ if the number of positive allocations are less than m + n – 1. Degenerate
  383. An actor in an animation is a small program invoked _______ per frame to determine the characteristics of some object in the animation. Once
  384. Bresenham line drawing algorithm is attractive because it uses Integer arithmetic only
  385. The refresh rate above which a picture stops flickering and fuses into a steady image is called Critical fusion frequency
  386. In homogenous coordinate system (x, y, z) the points with z = 0 are called Point at infinity
  387. If 40 black lines interleaved with 40 white lines can be distinguished across one inch, the resolution is 40 line-pairs per inch
  388. Images tend to be very large collection of data. The size of memory required for a 1024 by 1024 image in which the colour of each pixel is represented by a n-bit number, (in an 8 bit machines) is n / 8 MB
  389. Arrays in C language can have _________ with reference to memory representation. Only one subscript
  390. Horn clauses are special kinds of propositions which can be described as A single atomic proposition on left side or an empty left side
  391. Which of the following is/are the fundamental semantic model(s) of parameter passing? (A) In mode (B) Out mode (C) in-out mode (D) all of the above
  392. The grammar with production rules S → aSb |SS|λ generates language L given by: L = {w {a, b}* | na (w) = nb (w) and na (v) ≥ nb (v) where v is any prefix of w}
  393. A pushdown automation M = (Q, Σ, Γ, δ, q0, z, F) is set to be deterministic subject to which of the following condition(s), for every q ∈ Q, a ∈ Σ ∪ {λ} and b ∈ Γ (s1) δ (q, a, b) contains at most one element (s2) if δ (q, λ, b) is not empty then δ(q, c, b) must be empty for every c ∈ Σ Both s1 and s2
  394. For every context free grammar (G) there exists an algorithm that passes any w ∈ L (G) in number of steps proportional to |w|3
  395. The statements s1 and s2 are given as: s1: Context sensitive languages are closed under intersection, concatenation, substitution and inverse homomorphism. s2: Context free languages are closed under complementation, substitution and homomorphism. Which of the following is correct statement? s1 is correct and s2 is not correct.
  396. Which one of the following is not an addressing mode? Relative indexed
  397. Computers can have instruction formats with Zero address, one address, two addresses and three address instructions
  398. Which is not a typical program control instruction? SHL
  399. Interrupt which arises from illegal or erroneous use of an instruction or data is Internal interrupt
  400. The simplified function in product of sums of Boolean function F(W, X, Y, Z) = Σ(0, 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 10) is (W’ + X’) (Y’ + Z’) (X’ + Z) (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  401. When an array is passed as a parameter to a function which of the following statements is correct? The function can change values in the original array
  402. Suppose you want to delete the name that occurs before “Vivek” in an alphabetical listing. Which of the following data structures shall be most efficient for this operation? Doubly linked list
  403. Binary symmetric channel uses Half duplex protocol
  404. Hamming distance between 100101000110 and 110111101101 is 6
  405. Given code word 1110001010 is to be transmitted with even parity check bit. The encoded word to be transmitted for this code is 11100010101
  406. The number of distinct binary images which can be generated from a given binary image of right M × N are 2MN
  407. If f(x, y) is a digital image, then x, y and amplitude values of f are Finite
  408. Consider the following processes with time slice of 4 milliseconds (I/O requests are ignored): Process            A B C D          Arrival time     0 123   CPU cycle       8 495. The average turnaround time of these processes will be 18.25 milliseconds
  409. A job has four pages A, B, C, D and the main memory has two page frames only. The job needs to process its pages in following order: ABACABDBACD Assuming that a page interrupt occurs when a new page is brought in the main memory, irrespective of whether the page is swapped out or not. The number of page interrupts in FIFO and LRU page replacement algorithms are 9 and 8
  410. Let the time taken to switch between user mode and kernel mode of execution be T1 while time taken to switch between two user processes be T2. Which of the following is correct? T1 < T2
  411. Working set model is used in memory management to implement the concept of Principal of Locality
  412. A UNIX file system has 1 KB block size and 4-byte disk addresses. What is the maximum file size if the inode contains ten direct block entries, one single indirect block entry, one double indirect block entry and one triple indirect block entry? 16 GB
  413. A thread is usually defined as a light weight process because an Operating System (OS) maintains smaller data structure for a thread than for a process. In relation to this, which of the following statement is correct? OS maintains only CPU registers for each thread
  414. The versions of windows operating system like windows XP and window Vista uses following file system: (A) FAT-16 (B) FAT-32 (C) NTFS (NT File System) (D) All of the above
  415. Which one of the following is a correct implementation of the meta-predicate “not” in PROLOG (Here G represents a goal)? not (G):– call(G), !, fail. not(G).
  416. Which one of the following is not an informed search technique? Depth first search
  417. If we convert ∃u ∀v ∀x ∃y (P(f(u),v, x, y) → Q(u,v,y)) to ∀v ∀x (P(f(a),v, x, g(v,x)) → Q(a,v,g(v,x))) This process is known as Skolemization
  418. Given two jugs of capacities 5 litres and 3 litres with no measuring markers on them. Assume that there is endless supply of water. Then the minimum number of states to measure 4 litres water will be 7
  419. The map colouring problem can be solved using which of the following technique? Constraint satisfaction
  420. Which of the following is a knowledge representation technique used to represent knowledge about stereotype situation? Scripts (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  421. A fuzzy set A on R is ________ if A (λx1 + (1 – λ) x2) ≥ min [A(x1), A(x2)] for all x1, x2 ∈ R and all λ ∈ [0, 1], where min denotes the minimum operator. Convex
  422. Which of the following is a correct predicate logic statement for “Every Natural number has one successor”? xy (succ(x, y)  (z succ(x, z)  equal (y, z)))
  423. α – β cutoffs are applied to Minimax search
  424. Which of the following is not a part of an expert system shell? Knowledge Base
  425. The Blocks World Problem in Artificial Intelligence is normally discussed to explain a Planning system
  426. Means-Ends Analysis process centres on the detection of difference between the current state and the goal state. Once such a difference is found, and then to reduce the difference one applies An operator that can reduce the difference
  427. Suppose a file of 10,000 characters is to be sent over a line at 2400 bps. Assume that the data is sent in frames. Each frame consists of 1000 characters and an overhead of 48 bits per frame. Using synchronous transmission, the total overhead time is 0.2 second
  428. Which of the following is the size of Network bits and Host bits of Class Aof IP address? Network bits 7, Host bits 24
  429. Which of the following field of the TCP header tells how many bytes may be sent starting at the byte acknowledged? Window size
  430. Which of the following is a bit rate of an 8-PSK signal having 2500 Hz bandwidth? 7500 bps
  431. Given the IP address and the subnet mask What is the subnet address?
  432. If an artificial variable is present in the ‘basic variable’ of optimal simplex table then the solution is Infeasible solution
  433. An optimal assignment requires that the minimum number of horizontal and vertical lines that can be drawn to cover all zeros be equal to the number of Rows or columns
  434. Assume, L is regular language. Let statements S1 and S2 are defined as: S1: SQRT (L) = {x| for some y with |y| = |x|2, xy∈L}. S2: LOG (L) = {x| for some y with |y| = 2|x|, xy∈ L}. Which of the following is true? Both S1 and S2 are correct.
  435. A regular grammar for the language L = {anbm | n is even and m is even} is given by S→aaS | S1; S1 → bbS1 | λ
  436. The language L = {an bn am bm | n ≥ 0, m ≥ 0} is Context free but not linear
  437. Assume statements S1 and S2 defined as: S1: L2-L1 is recursive enumerable where L1 and L2 are recursive and recursive enumerable respectively. S2: The set of all Turing machines is countable. Which of the following is true? Both S1 and S2 are correct
  438. _______ constraints ensure that a value that appears in one relation for a given set of attributes also appears for a certain set of attributes in another relation. Referential Integrity
  439. The SQL expression, Select distinct T, branch_name from branch T, branch S where T.assets>S.assets and S.branch_city=”Mumbai” finds the names of All branches that have greater assets than some branch located in Mumbai.
  440. Let A be the set of comfortable houses given as A = {x1/0.8, x2/0.9, x3/0.1, x4/0.7} and B be the set of affordable houses B = {x1/0.9, x2/0.8, x3/0.6, x4/0.2} Then the set of comfortable and affordable houses is {x1/0.8, x2/0.8, x3/0.1, x4/0.2} (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  441. Support of a fuzzy set A = { x1/0.2, x2/0.15, x3/0.9, x4/0.95, x5/0.15} within a universal set X is given as {x1, x2, x3, x4, x5}
  442. In a single perceptron, the updation rule of weight vector is given by w(n + 1)=w(n)+η[d(n)-y(n)]* x (n)
  443. ______ refers to the discrepancy among a computed, observed or measured value and the true specified or theoretically correct values. Error
  444. Which logic family dissipates the minimum power? CMOS
  445. Which of the following electronic component is not found in IC’s? Inductor
  446. A given memory chip has 14 address pins and 8 data pins. It has the following number of locations. 214
  447. The instruction: MOV CL, [BX] [DI] + 8 represent the _____ addressing mode. Based Indexed
  448. The power dissipation of a flip-flop is 3mW. The power dissipation of a digital system with 4 flip-flops is given by 12 mW
  449. A binary ripple counter is required to count up to 16383. How many flip-flops are required? 14
  450. The time complexity of recurrence relation T(n) = T(n/3) + T(2n/3) + O(n) is O(n Ig n)
  451. How many people must there be in a room before there is a 50% chance that two of them were born on the same day of the year? At least 23
  452. The number of possible parenthesizations of a sequence of n matrices is Ω(2n)
  453. The time complexity of an efficient algorithm to find the longest monotonically increasing subsequence of n numbers is O(n Ig n)
  454. Given 0-1 knapsack problem and fractional knapsack problem and the following statements: S1: 0-1 knapsack is efficiently solved using Greedy algorithm. S2: Fractional knapsack is efficiently solved using Dynamic programming. Which of the following is true? Both S1 and S2 are not correct.
  455. Equivalence class partitioning approach is used to divide the input domain into a set of equivalence classes, so that if a program works correctly for a value, then it will work correctly for all the other values in that class. This is used To reduce the number of test cases required
  456. The failure intensity for a basic model as a function of failures experienced is given as λ(μ)-λ0[1 – (μ)/(V0)] where λ0 is the initial failure intensity at the start of the execution, μ is the average or expected number of failures at a given point in time, the quantity V0 is the total number of failures that would occur in infinite time. Assume that a program will experience 100 failures in infinite time; the initial failure intensity was 10 failures/CPU hr. Then the decrement of failures intensity per failure will be –0.1 per CPU hr.
  457. Improving processing efficiency or performance or restructuring of software to improve changeability is known as Perfective maintenance
  458. In ____, modules A and B make use of a common data type, but perhaps perform different operations on it. Stamp coupling
  459. Sixty (60) reusable components were available for an application. If only 70% of these components can be used, rest 30% would have to be developed from scratch. If average component is 100 LOC and cost of each LOC is Rs. 14, what will be the risk exposure if risk probability is 80%? Rs. 20,160
  460. Consider the following two function declarations: (i) int *f( ) (ii) int (*f)( ) Which of the following is true? The first declaration is a function returning a pointer to an integer and the second is a pointer to function returning integer. (Solved MCQs of Computer Science)
  461. Assume that we have constructor function for both Base and Derived classes. Now consider the declaration: main ( )          Base *p = new Derived;         In what sequence, the constructor will be executed? Base class constructor is followed by Derived class constructor
  462. MPEG involves both spatial compression and temporal compression. The spatial compression is similar to JPEG and temporal compression removes ______ frames. Redundant
  463. If the data unit is 111111 and the divisor is 1010. In CRC method, what is the dividend at the transmission before division? 111111000
  464. If user A wants to send an encrypted message to user B. The plain text of A is encrypted with the Public Key of user B
  465. A _____ can forward or block packets based on the information in the network layer and transport layer header. Proxy firewall
  466. The two color systems – the HSV and HLS are Hue, Saturation, Value and Hue, Lightness, Saturation
  467. The parametric representation of the line segment between the position vectors P1(2, 3) and P2(5, 4) is given as x (t)= 2+3t, y(t)=3+t 0 ≤ t ≤ 1
  468. The programming languages C and C++ are not strongly typed languages because: Both C and C++ allow functions for which parameters are not type checked and also the union types in these languages are not type checked.
  469. The tracing model in Prolog describes program execution in terms of certain events. These events are Call, exit, redo and fail
  470. Which of the following statements is not correct with reference to distributed systems? In a distributed system, if a user wants to run the program on other nodes or share the resources on remote sites due to their beneficial aspects, user has to log on to that site.
  471. Which of the following shell scripts will produce the output “my first script”? For i in my first script; do echo –i $i; done
  472. The portion of Windows 2000 operating system which is not portable is Virtual memory management
  473. Which of the following statements is not true for UNIX Operating System? UNIX kernel uses modules with well specified interfaces and provides advantages like simplified testing and maintenance of kernel. It has better extensibility as the kernel is not monolithic.


All the data for Solved MCQs of Computer Science test preparation have been compiled very carefully. Still, there remain chances of correction. Therefore, your comments on the given information for correction are welcome.

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