Solved MCQs of Gender Studies

solved mcqs of women gender studies
solved mcqs of women gender studies
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Solved MCQs of Gender Studies for test preparation are here. Many departments have announced the jobs of different posts related to Solved MCQs of Gender Studies. I found that people are taking interest in all my posts. This gave me the strength to gather data on Solved MCQs of Gender Studies test preparation. So, I took my time and arranged the data on Solved MCQs of Gender Studies because it has the demand now a day.

You can prepare here with our Solved MCQs of GK Test Preparation. Let us start Gender Studies MCQs;

Solved MCQs of Gender Studies

  1. Which of the following conferences identified that “Women have a vital role in Environment Management”? Beijing conference
  2. Expand the correct acronym of ‘DAWN’. Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era
  3. Among the following Women Chief Ministers who is currently not holding the position? Mayavati
  4. Among the following feminists who have advocated that ‘Husband represents the Bourgeois and wife represents the Proletariat’. Friedrich Engels
  5. Among the following, who is not a post-modern feminist? Juliet Mitchell
  6. Who is called an ‘iron lady’ in the field of Indian sports? SainaNehwal
  7. What are the dimensions taken to measure the Gender Inequality Index (GII)? Reproductive Health, Empowerment and Labour market.
  8. The concept of Socialization of ‘Domestic Labour’ was introduced by Margaret Benston
  9. Mark out the correct answer: The formula of ‘equality in difference’ is profitable for Maintaining the status-quo or even enhancing discrimination against women.
  10. Which of the following variables is the most critical for those who focus on gender oppression theory? Power
  11. ‘Anyone who knows anything of history, knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine ferment. Social position of women can be measured exactly, by the social position of fair sex”. Who among the following made the statement? Karl Marx
  12. Which of the following statement is incorrect about hypothesis? It is essential for every research design.
  13. When the researcher wants to know the impact of some variable on the target population, which research design can be appropriately applicable? Experimental
  14. Gender sensitive curriculum refers to that type of curriculum which attempts to challenge the gender stereotypes
  15. Which of the pair is not correctly matched? The Origin of the Family, Private property and State– Karl Marx
  16. The book ‘Sexual Politics’ is written by Kate Millet
  17. Women’s Studies is a discipline that advocates An egalitarian human society
  18. Which one of the following is pioneer in developing gender sensitive budget initiative? Australia
  19. Main workers are those workers who work for the major of the reference period which is Six months or more
  20. ‘Women’s Component Plan’ was initiated in which Five Year Plan? 9th Five Year Plan
  21. Who among the following has been founder members of Women’s World Banking? Ella Bhatt
  22. Mark the incorrect answer of ‘Sexual Harassment’ as defined in Visakha Judgement? Extending invitation
  23. Sahitya Academy Award winner among the following women is Amrita Pritam
  24. India ranks in Human Development Index (2013) at 136
  25. Executive Director of UN Women is Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka
  26. The only woman member of the Planning Commission of India is Syeda Hameed
  27. First Indian Woman President of the Indian National Congress: Sarojini Naidu
  28. Which country declares National Holiday on ‘Women’s Day’? Russia
  29. The First Chairperson of the National Commission for Women was Jayanti Patnaik
  30. Non-formal Education was evolved in India through a resolution of Central Advisory Board of Education
  31. The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has facilitated married women to be at her husband’s place and continue their research work. Write the name of that scheme. DISHA
  32. Female rural literacy rate in India is 46.1%
  33. Which one of the ILO conventions is not ratified by India? Maternity Protection Convention, 2000
  34. WFS stands for Women Feature Service
  35. Who recommended co-education as the general pattern at the elementary stage of education? The Kothari Commission
  36. Child sex-ratio is lower in developed States in comparison to economically backward ones of the country is not because of Women are more rational
  37. What is responsible for the current discriminatory pattern of gender relations in society? Patriarchy
  38. Who amongst the following first propounded the theory of liberal feminism? Mary Wollstonecraft
  39. Which of the following statements is not related to eco-feminism? New technologies always provide the opportunity to women in traditional economy
  40. Women’s emancipation must be won primarily by women themselves. Who first propagated this idea among the following thinkers? Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  41. Among the following, which is not a contraceptive method? IVF method
  42. According to 2011 census which state has (0-6 years) the highest child sex ratio Mizoram
  43. Women’s liberation requires separation from Men! Who among the following pair of thinkers propounded this idea? Mary Daly and Luce Irigary
  44. The research which relies on first hand observation without due regard to systems and theory is termed as Exploratory Research
  45. “The overthrow of the mother right was the world historical defeat of the female sex”. In which of the following book, this statement was made: The origin of the family, private property and the State
  46. Manushi is a Magazine
  47. “One is not born but rather becomes a woman”. Who is the author of the above statement among the following feminist thinkers? Simone de Beauvoir
  48. Which of the following statement is correct? The objectives of study and nature of subject matter jointly determine the method of data collection.
  49. What is LPG? Liberalization, Privatisation and Globalisation
  50. What do you mean by ‘Deregulation’? Existence of private market
  51. What is not meant by Feminisation of poverty? Women’s economic independence.
  52. Which is not the correct statement relating to women’s job satisfaction? Women’s work is visible and recognized.
  53. What is the recent gender related Index that have been developed and used by United Nations in 2010: Gender Inequality Index (GII)
  54. What is the Bread Winner Paradigm? Man is the main bread winner
  55. How can gender disparities in pay scales be reduced? Integrating jobs, instituting pay equity and job evaluation
  56. The Child Marriage Act amended in ____ year raised the minimum age of marriage for girls from 15 to 18 years 1976
  57. Identify the inappropriate technology from the given: Capital intensive technology
  58. Who is the present Chairperson of the Central Social Welfare Board? Prema Cariappa
  59. What are the measures adopted by the Ministry of HRD to enhance the number of women scientists? Enhancement of fellowships / scholarships for women scientists under the Eleventh Five Year Plan.
  60. Among the following States which one has literacy rate below 90% according to 2011 census Goa
  61. Among the following, which pair is not correctly matched? Arundhati Roy – Feminist Movement
  62. What do you mean by gender-neutral technology? Gender – balanced technology
  63. What are the sustainable livelihoods? It comprises of capabilities, assets and activities required for living life free from stress.
  64. Which of the following statements is incorrect? Indian women experience uniform citizenship rights.
  65. What are not the characteristics of Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP)? Non-withdrawal of safety nets
  66. Who is the author of Book ‘Discrimination’? Gary Becker
  67. “The assumption of your own identity equality and even political power does not mean you stop needing to love, andbe loved by, a man, or that you stop carrying for your own kids.” Which of the following liberal feminists made this statement? Betty Friedan
  68. Which is not the gender implication of digital divide? Become better wives and better mothers.
  69. What is the main focus of gender budget initiatives in India? (A) Women Component Plan (B) Complimentary role for effective convergence (C) Proper utilization and monitoring of funds from various development sectors. (D) All of the above
  70. “If Men would…. Snap our chains…. They would find us more observant daughters, more faithful wives ….in a word better citizen” Which of the following feminist thinkers made this statement: Mary Wollstonecraft
  71. The reason for low literacy rate of Dalit females is due to (A) Continued monopolization of resources by middle and upper class groups. (B) The stronger influence of casteism in the rural areas (C) The control of Dalit customs over Dalit women. (D) All the above
  72. Mark the correct sequence of “Data Collection Techniques” arranged in the descending order according to the size of the sample Mailed questionnaire, structured interview, observation, participant observation
  73. Muted group theory speaks about the women’s Silence
  74. Which National Education Policy gave impetus to women’s studies in India? National Educational Policy 1986
  75. What kind of analysis carried out by feminists in recent years? Dominant social relations are part and parcel of technology itself
  76. The basic principles of reproductive technology or genetic technology is Exploitation and subordination alike of nature, women and other people
  77. What applies equally to reproductive technology? The selection of fertile elements
  78. ‘Bourgeois morality was based on hypocrisy, inequality and possession.’ Who among the following did not believe in this? Mary Wollstonecraft
  79. “The Personal is political”! Which of the following feminist theories has given this slogan? Radical Feminism
  80. Which of the following research method is applied in discovering the underlying motives of human behaviour? Qualitative Research
  81. What is the recent Constitutional Amendment in 2009 that enhances 50 percent women’s reservation in local bodies? 112th Constitutional Amendment
  82. What is India’s rank in the world with regard to women’s participation in politics? 98th place
  83. The movement for women’s rights in India was initiated in 1917
  84. Which Article of Indian Constitution prohibits discrimination against any citizen on the grounds of religion, caste and sex? Article 15
  85. The Department of Women and Child Development is a component of Ministry of Labour
  86. “Man is happy, self-accepting, and healthy without guilt, only when s/he is fulfilling himself and becoming what s/he can be.” Who among the following said this? Betty Friedan
  87. Which is the most prominent agent of gender construction? Family
  88. The death of foetus after 28 weeks of pregnancy is known as Still birth
  89. Which one of the following does not have an effect on the health of women working in ICTs centres? Women are economically empowered
  90. What is Comet Media Foundation? It advocates gender and development issues and also uses alternative media.
  91. Mark the correct sequence of “Data Collection Techniques” arranged in the ascending order of the degree of personal involvement by the researcher. Mailed questionnaire, structured interview, unstructured interview, participant observation
  92. In which type of sampling, every element of the population can have the chance to be selected? Random sampling
  93. Choose the correct expansion of CEDAW. Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women.
  94. Write the year of the UN Development Decade for women. 1975 – 85
  95. Which of the following is not a characteristic of feminist research? Observer and observed are not connected
  96. Among the following who is a prominent ‘Subaltern’ thinker? Gayatri Spivak
  97. What was the slogan that was proposed at the International Women’s Year Conference in Mexico City in 1975? Equality, Development and Peace
  98. Which of the following group is not associated with queer theory? Heterophobic
  99. What was the percentage of women’s representation in 15th Lok Sabha? 10.8
  100. Which among the following is not covered under personal laws? The Maternity Benefit Act

All the data for Solved MCQs of Gender Studies test preparation have been compiled very carefully. Still, there remain chances of correction. Therefore, your comments on the given information for correction are welcome.

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