Solved MCQs of Geography for Preparation

solved mcqs of geography
solved mcqs of geography
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Solved MCQs of Geography

Solved MCQs of Geography for test preparation are here. Many departments have announced the jobs of different posts related to Solved MCQs of Geography. I found that people are taking interest in all my posts. This gave me the strength to gather data on Solved MCQs of Geography test preparation. So, I took my time and arranged the data on Solved MCQs of Geography because it has the demand now a day.

You can prepare here with our Library Science Test Preparation. Let us start Solved MCQs of Geography Test Preparation;

Solved MCQs of Geography

  1. Which of the following is sedimentary rock: Lignite
  2. As per Suess the specific gravity of Sima (layer) lies between: 2.90 and 4.75
  3. The water that trickles down the side of the Cave deposits Carbonate of lime in layers is called: Stalactite
  4. Pene plains are the type of: Erosional Plains
  5. Mountain belts are the relief features of: First Order
  6. According to Krummel water covers ___________ of the globe. 70.8%
  7. The Pacific Ocean is roughly __________ in shape. Triangular
  8. The seismic sea wave from travels at speed of ____ Per hour. 500 to 800 KM
  9. The cerntre of moon is about _________ Miles from the centre of the earth. 240,000 miles
  10. Globigerina ooze is made up chiefly of: Silica
  11. Ordnance maps were first made in: Seventeenth Century
  12. The largest scale maps are generally known as: Cadastral maps
  13. The best suited projection for map of Tundras is: Zenithal
  14. To show the distribution of animals on a map we prefer to use: Dot method
  15. For every 900 ft of rise in elevation the mercury column falls: 1/30
  16. Clouds and ground reflection loss of radiant energy of the Sun is: 25%
  17. Any object moving horizontally in the northern hemisphere tends to deflect to the: Right
  18. Tropical Desert and Steppe climates occur between latitudes: 15° to 35° N and S
  19. Warsak Dam is situated on: Kabul River
  20. Urbanization started with: Agricultural Revolution (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  21. Gulf of Bothnia is located between: Sweden and Finland
  22. Leading fishing country in the world Japan
  23. Naples is a sea port of: Italy
  24. Rubber is mainly grown in: South East Asia
  25. Largest Desert among the following: Arabian Desert
  26. Isle of Wight is situated in: English Channel
  27. Tirana is the capital of: Albania
  28. Bali Island is situated in: Indonesia Island
  29. Largest River among these Amazon
  30. Mt. Blanc is situated in: Italy
  31. Highest Mountain Peak among these: Godwin Austen
  32. Great Salt Lake is situated in: Utah State
  33. Largest Mt. Range is Rockies
  34. Port Palermo is located in: Tyrrhenian Sea
  35. “Gulf of Carpentaria” is in: Pacific Ocean
  36. “Cape York Peninsula” Australia
  37. Highest Capital city located in the world La Pez
  38. Instrument used for the measurement of wind speed is called Anemometer
  39. Atmospheric pressure at sea level is: 760 mm
  40. When there is an active upward ascent of lighter warm air over the cold dense air, the front is called: Warm foot (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  41. On 21st of June the sun shines vertically on the: Tropic of cancer
  42. The hot molten material erupted from a volcano is called: Lava
  43. The point in the earth from where seismic waves spread out in all directions is: Earthquake focus
  44. Marble is a: Metamorphic rock
  45. Yardang is produced by: Wind
  46. The deepest point in the ocean bottom is in: Pacific ocean
  47. Benguela current flows near the western coast of: Africa
  48. Waves are caused by: Winds
  49. Conical Projection is best suited for: Temperate latitudes
  50. A map on RF 1:2400 will be: Medium Scale map
  51. Sea water contains on the average about: 3.5% Salt
  52. Technical base for the earliest urban civilization was: Agriculture
  53. Modern man evolved on the earth at least: 150,000 to 50,000 years back
  54. Han, Asoka and Roman dynasties were characterized by: Urban culture
  55. Thinly spread food gatherers still occupy most of: Eastern Asia
  56. Antananarivo is capital of: Madagascar
  57. Sadza, a stiff maize porridge is the staple food of: Zimbabwe
  58. Water resources care the basis for country’s development in: Sudan
  59. Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite statistic calculated from: Life expectancy
  60. Peru, Bolivia and Mexico had centers of advanced culture called: Mayan and Inca (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  61. Austria and Switzerland are included in: Alpine Europe
  62. Metal working Industries, collectivized agriculture and export of mineral fuel are features of: Russian federation
  63. Christaller (1933) pioneered theory of: Central place
  64. The so called Green Revolution began in India in: 1966
  65. Myanmar a mountainous country is located in: South East Asia
  66. Systematic colonization of land in South Asia began in: Mid 18th Century
  67. Pakistan’s iron and steel mill at Pipri is built by: Soviet assistance
  68. Lines of equal distribution of pressure are called: Isobars
  69. According to Ferrel’s Law winds are deflected: To their right in the northern hemisphere
  70. Thermal equator is located in North of Equator
  71. Orographic rainfall is affected by: Relief features
  72. Lie graphs are used for depicting: Temperature of a place
  73. Meanders are created by: River action
  74. Equatorial climate has: No dry season
  75. Density of sea water ranges from: 1.027 to 1.028
  76. West-wind-drift is a: Circumpolar drift
  77. Limestone is a: Sedimentary rock
  78. The material thrown out during an eruption is: Liquid
  79. The cold air mass is: Conditionally unstable
  80. Weathering is caused by: Great range of temperature (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  81. Tornadoes affect areas ranging from: A few miles to about 10 miles in diameter
  82. On a weather map the word  “L”: denotes a low Pressure zone
  83. Large scale maps are used for Small areas
  84. The inner core of the earth is Solid
  85. The port of Gwadar guards: Strait of Hormuz
  86. Among the Southwest Asian countries the exporter of wheat is: Saudi Arabia
  87. The main oil producing region in Europe excluding Russia is: Balkan Peninsula
  88. Pakistan is self-sufficient in: Rice
  89. Truck farming means Vegetable growing
  90. A landlocked country: Spain
  91. Rubber is a crop of: Equatorial climate
  92. A pass on the Karakoram Highway which links Pakistan with China: Karakoram Pass
  93. One of the temperate grasslands Pampa
  94. The earliest occupation of man: Food gathering
  95. The continent most deficient in fishing industry: Australia
  96. Country registering negative population growth: China
  97. A major iron and steel producing country producing a small quantity of iron ore: Japan
  98. Panama Canal lies in Forms the boundary between North and South America
  99. The main source of softwood in the world Coniferous Forests
  100. The mountains which protect Pakistan from the cold winds of Central Asia: Himalayas (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  101. Suez Canal connects The Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
  102. Country with largest life expectancy at birth in Sri Lanka
  103. Calcareous rocks are ________________ rocks. Sedimentary
  104. Most of the rainfall received in Pakistan is by: Monsoon winds
  105. Organic deposits are mostly found over: Deep Sea Plain
  106. Irrigation is a ____________ feature. Topographic
  107. Standard parallel is a part of _________ Projection Conical
  108. __________ Projection are called Conventional.
  109. Conical Projections are suitable for: Temperate
  110. _________ is the best method of drawing distribution maps: Dot method
  111. A low pressure area is called: Cyclone
  112. Zenithal projections are mostly used for ______ areas: Polar
  113. Male is the capital of: Maldives
  114. POTWAR Plateau bounded in the east by: Jhelum River
  115. Baglihar Dam is being built on: Chenab River
  116. Pakistan’s Cotton Production in 2005 is about: 15 million bales
  117. The length of River Indus is about: 2900 Km
  118. The length of newly constructed oil pipe line from Baku (Caspian Sea) to Ceyhan (Mediterranean Sea) is about: 1800 Km
  119. World Trade Organization (WTO) was established on: 1st January, 1995
  120. Mount Demavend (5671 M) is in: Iran (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  121. Suez canal was constructed in: 1869
  122. The smallest Islamic country is: Maldives
  123. Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan
  124. Islamabad is near the latitude: 34.5° N
  125. The largest Islamic country by area is: Kazakhstan
  126. According to 1998 census urban population in Pakistan is: 32.5 %
  127. Per capita in Pakistan in 2004-05 is: 652 dollars
  128. Saudi Arabia’s oil resources are about: 260 billion barrels
  129. The total number of persons engaged in fisheries in Pakistan during 2002-03 is estimated as: 395000
  130. Landslides involve Rapid perceptible movement of relatively dry mass of earth debris or bed rock.
  131. Which of the following pairs is not a correct match of desert and country/ continent? Sonoran – West Asia desert
  132. One of the proponents of the turbidity current theory of the origin of submarine canyons was Daly
  133. The term panplane refers to A plain formed by joining of flood-plains
  134. In the process of erosion, the removal of material by solution is called Corrosion
  135. Energy that is reflected by the atmosphere Is usually short energy like visible light which does not penetrate the atmosphere
  136. Which one of the following statements about the polar jet stream is not true? Its velocity is
  137. The percentage of water vapour in the air in the tropical regions may be as high as 4 percent
  138. The vertical air flow in an anticyclone results in Conversion aloft
  139. The most common salt in the ocean is Sodium chloride
  140. In the hydrological cycle evaporation is preceded by Heat (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  141. Which of the following occupies Trophic Level I in food chain? Plants
  142. Which of the following regions is known as the ‘carbon sink’ of the globe? Tropical rainforest
  143. Ecological Niche refers to The functional role of an organism in the ecosystem
  144. Who among the following expounded the concept that “the present is the key to the past”? Hutton
  145. The approach that some of the geographical facts according to Ritter, cannot be explained scientifically, is termed as Teleological
  146. Whose pioneer statement on the scope and method of modern geography, according to Hartshorne, set the direction of geographic thought for the future? Richthofen
  147. Who among the following geographers emphasized the predominant role of climate in human life? Huntington
  148. Who is usually given the credit for establishing the validity of the idea that there was an ice age during which ice sheets covered much of northern Europe? Agassiz
  149. The percentage of Aged population (60+) to the total population in India lies between 5 – 10
  150. Which of the following migration streams experiences the maximum migration in India? Rural to Rural
  151. Which one of the following describes a projected urbanised world or universal city by the end of 21st Century? Ecumenopolis
  152. Which one of the following indicates ‘Random’ distribution of settlements? 1.00
  153. The stretchability of resource refers to Ability to produce greater yields
  154. Which one of the following sequences of land use according to Von Thunen’s model is correct? Market gardening and fresh milk, firewood and lumber, intensive crop farming
  155. Resource creation is the result of Interaction of natural and cultural processes
  156. The final stage in the process of energy resource utilization is Disposal of waste material
  157. Who among the following developed the sequential expansion transport network model? Taaffe, Morrill and Gould
  158. The concept of the Geographical Pivot of History was proposed by Mickinder
  159. Which of the following categories does Chile belong to, according to shape? Fragmented cum elongated
  160. The number of children dying in the first year of their birth per thousand live births in a year is called Infant mortality rate (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  161. Which one of the following arrangements of States in descending order of literacy rates according to 2011 Census is correct? Kerala, Mizoram, Tripura, Goa
  162. Which one of the following is related to Tribal Economy? Shifting cultivation
  163. What are the bases of agro-climatic regionalization proposed by the Planning Commission of India? Rainfall, temperature and cropped area
  164. Which category of regions does metropolitan region belongs to? Functional region
  165. Who among the following attempted division of India into planning regions? R.P. Misra
  166. In which of the Five Year Plans regional imbalance was given prominence for the first time? Third
  167. Which one of the following is not the ingredient of sustainable development? Non-optimal resource utilization
  168. The main species of the coniferous forests of the Himalayas between the altitudes 1600 metres and 3300 metres are Cedar, Pine, Sine, Silver fir, Spruce
  169. The Bundelkhand plateau covers parts of which two of the following States? Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh
  170. Which of the following places in India ranks second among the coldest inhabited places in the world? Dras
  171. Which of the following States has the highest percentage of its agricultural area under canal irrigation? Uttar Pradesh
  172. Which of the following ranges separates the Kashmir Valley from the Indus River Valley? Great Himalayan Range
  173. Which one of the following methods is suitable to represent the proportions of different land uses in a region? Pie diagram
  174. The dot method of distribution refers to Analogue Model
  175. Which one of the following is a relative measure of dispersion? Coefficient of variation
  176. If a map is drawn on RF 1/5500, which one of the following representative fractions will be correct if the map is reduced to half? 1/11,000
  177. The normal cycle of erosion is associated with River Erosion
  178. Which among the following is one of the forces responsible for continental drift according to Wegner? Tidal force
  179. Most of the details of world’s topography belongs to the Cenozoic era
  180. Air movement in the troposphere is caused by Convective current
  181. The unit of air pressure measurement is Hecta Pascal (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  182. Which one of the following is not a mechanism of energy transfer? Ablation
  183. The cold current flowing along the coast of Chile and Peru is known as Humbolt
  184. The average difference in the water level between high tide and low tide at a place is referred to as: Tidal range
  185. Domestication of plants and animals was started in Neolithic period
  186. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? Herbivores : Organisms that consume plants and animals
  187. Flat topped sea mounts are known as Guyots
  188. Which one of the following pairs does not match correctly? G. P. Marsh : Explanation in Geography
  189. Which one of the following statements is not correct? The concept of areal differentiation is related with nomothetic approach.
  190. ‘The same environment carries different meanings to people with different ways of living and culture’. This statement is related with the concept of Possibilism
  191. Who among the following emphasized on the behavioural environment in Geography? Kirk
  192. Who defined Geography as human ecology? Barrows
  193. Which one of the following metropolitan cities has registered the largest population in 2011 census? Delhi
  194. Which of the following States in India is passing through the stage of Demographic Transition which entails low fertility and low mortality? Tamilnadu
  195. Which one of the following is the important factor in Rural out – migration in India? Unemployment
  196. The ‘Range of a Good’ refers to The maximum distance which people have to travel to purchase a good or service.
  197. The ‘Administrative Principle’ in Christaller’s ‘Central Place Theory’ refers to K = 7
  198. Which one of the following may be categorized as footloose industry? Electronic components
  199. Gross Cultivated Area divided by Net Sown Area is known as Crop intensity
  200. The theory of least cost location was proposed by Weber (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  201. The intensive cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers in the periphery of cities in USA is called Truck farming
  202. Why are steel mills within Japan drawn to coastal locations? To minimise transportation cost for imported raw materials and steel exports
  203. Which one of the following criteria is not used for the classification of human races? Ear
  204. Which of the following statements is not true about a State? It always has a social or cultural base
  205. Which of the following languages does not belong to the Dravidian family? Sinhalese
  206. The habitat of the Toda tribe is Nilgiri hills
  207. Which one of the following indicators is most commonly used to measure the economic development of a country? Gross National Product per capita
  208. Which of the following matches is not correct? Boudville : Transport model
  209. Who among the following formalized the concept that there exists relationship between the spatial organisation and national development? Friedmann
  210. Which of the following sequences of the stages of economic growth according to Rostow’s model is correct? Traditional society, take off, drive to maturity, high mass consumption
  211. Which one of the following is a ‘Formal’ Region? Assam – Valley
  212. Between 2001 and 2011, the sex-ratio (Females per thousand males) has increased by 5 to 10
  213. In India, mangrove is the most important tree of Tidal forests
  214. Which one of the following does not match correctly? Titlagarh – Railway equipment
  215. In which of the following Decades, India experienced highest percentage of decadal growth? 1971-81
  216. Which one of the following is most appropriate for showing frequency distribution? Histogram
  217. Which one of the following is commonly used for computing the average value of river discharge? Geometric mean
  218. Which one of the following RN values shows the random pattern of point distribution? 1.0
  219. Which one of the following sampling techniques is most suitable for selection of representative villages of an area with diversified geographical features? Stratified – random
  220. In which one of the following methods interpolations is used? Isopleth (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  221. Which of the following processes is responsible for weathering of rocks in the Karst region? Carbonation
  222. Which one of these glacial features is believed to have formed in the bed of a sub-glacial stream? An Esker
  223. Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has divided India into how many seismic zones? 5
  224. Bad-land Topography is the product of the combined action of Wind and Water
  225. Increase in temperature with increase in height is known as Inversion of temperature
  226. Identify the correct sequence of the given processes regarding rainfall: Unsaturated air, dew point, condensation, precipitation
  227. The climate of Southern Ganga plain in the Thornthwait classification is denoted by CW’ W
  228. When the wind is deflected due to the rotation of earth it is known as Geostrophic wind
  229. Salinity in water bodies increases with increase in evaporation and decrease in admixture of fresh water.
  230. Which one of the following primary greenhouse gases is not associated with global warming? Hydrogen
  231. Which one of the following is a Taiga Biome? Sub-Arctic Biome
  232. Who among the following defined Geography as Discovery of Predictive Patterns during quantitative revolution period? Bunge
  233. In describing the patterns and processes of spatial interaction, geographers are most concerned with Accessibility and Connectivity
  234. Who founded the Humanistic School of Geography? Tuan
  235. Who amongst the following correlated colour of ocean water and its salinity? Al – Masudi
  236. “All history must be treated geographically and all geography must be treated historically.” Who wrote this? Herodotus
  237. Which school of thoughts developed the Science of Astronomy? Greeks
  238. Name the State which employs the highest number of child labour in the country. Andhra Pradesh
  239. India’s decadal population growth rate has been continuously declining since 1971-81
  240. Diego Garcia is an island in which of the following oceans? Indian (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  241. Marquette range in U.S.A. is known for Iron ore
  242. The location of paper industries is highly influenced by which one of the following factors? Availability and nearness of raw material
  243. Which one of the following is the largest volume of import commodities in India? Petroleum & Lubricants
  244. Kirkuk, one of the most important oilfields in the world, is located in Iraq
  245. To which racial groups the Eskimos belong to? The Mongoloids
  246. The concept of ‘Cultural landscape’ was promoted by Carl Sauer
  247. Which one of the following Islamic countries is predominantly of Shia sect? Iran
  248. Who, among the following, propounded the concept of compage? Whittlesey
  249. Organic Theory of the State was propounded by Ratzel
  250. Quasi Federal Form of Government is in India
  251. Which of the following was the earliest regional planning exercise in India? Damodar Valley Project
  252. Which of the following is an incorrect pair? Sectoral Planning – Co-ordinated Planning
  253. Which one of the following States has the longest coast line? Gujarat
  254. In which of the following States of India the concentration of laterite soils is higher? Odisha
  255. The ‘Valley of Kashmir’ lies between which of the following ranges? Pir-Panjal and Zaskar range
  256. Which one of the following regions has the highest proportion of agricultural land under irrigation? Punjab-Haryana Plain
  257. If the variability of rainfall is to be measured, which of the following techniques will be used? Coefficient of Variation
  258. Which of the following is not a Quantitative Distribution Map? Choroschematic Map
  259. Occupational structure of population in India at State level is best represented by Pie diagram
  260. Which one of the following is not a glacio-fluvial depositional landform? Drumlin (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  261. Which one of the following arrangements of glacial periods of Pleistocene Ice Age is in a correct chronological order? Gunz – Mindel – Riss – Würm
  262. The rigid masses surrounding the geosyncline were termed by Kober as Kratogen
  263. Which of the following is not true about the Taiga Forests? Tree growth is very fast
  264. Surface ocean currents derive their energy from Wind
  265. Especially high and low tides that occur near the times of new and full moons are called Spring tide
  266. Which one of the following is not true about the native animal life of the rainy tropics? Few arboreal fauna
  267. Which atmospheric gas filters out most of the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight? Ozone
  268. Which one of the following best describes surfaces air circulation in a Northern Hemisphere anticyclone? Divergent – Clockwise
  269. Which type of front has the steepest slope? Cold front
  270. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? Conduction – Tiny bits of particulate matter that serve as surfaces on which water vapors condenses
  271. Which one of the following used ‘Precipitation effectiveness’ and ‘Thermal efficiency’ as the basis of world’s climatic classification? Thornthwaite
  272. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? Hecataeus – Invented an instrument known as ‘Astrolabe’ for determination of latitudes and longitudes
  273. Who among the following geographers laid down the foundation of dichotomy of General versus Special Geography? Bernhard Varenius
  274. The concept of Teleology was propounded by Carl Ritter
  275. Who among the following geographers specifically emphasized on climatic determinism? Ellsworth Huntington
  276. The concept of ‘Areal Differentiation’ is also termed as Chorological Study
  277. Which one of the following is correct sequence of contributors in the development of Greek Geography? Anaximander, Herodotus, Eratosthenes, Hipparchus
  278. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? Proponent Theory related with urban structure Sinclair – Concentric theory
  279. In developing countries, the population pressure increases in some parts due to immigration. Such parts are characterized by Large employment opportunities
  280. The soils characterised by the dominant influence of climate are known as Zonal soils (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  281. Which one of the following are the most important bases of Whittlesey’s classification of agriculture of the world? Functional forms of agriculture
  282. Who among the followings has used for the first time the ranking coefficient method of agricultural productivity? M.G. Kendall
  283. Gibbs-Martin Index is used for the measurement of Crop diversification
  284. The most dominant blood group among the Mongoloid races is B
  285. Which one of the following sub races does not belong to the Caucasoid race? Eskimo
  286. ‘Regions are good servants but bad masters’ was stated by C.C. Carter
  287. The regions developed along transportation lines or irrigation channels are called as Axial regions
  288. Which one of the following statements is not correct? Regions could either be finite or infinite / boundless three dimensional extending much beyond the limits of terrestrial sphere.
  289. Which one of the following objectives of Regional Planning is most important? Cultivating habitability and community building
  290. Regionalism is the expression of Local individuality, local loyalties and cultural traits
  291. Which one of the following sequences of the steel-plants from East to West is correct in India? Durgapur, Jamshedpur, Rourkela, Bhilai
  292. Which one of the following States recorded the lowest population density in India at 2011 Census? Arunachal Pradesh
  293. The ‘Vale of Kashmir’ lies between PirPanjal and Zaskar range
  294. Which one of the following migration types contributes most to population movement in India? Rural to Urban
  295. Which of the following tribes is known as true “jungle nomads”? Semang
  296. The oldest religion of the Middle East is Judaism
  297. Which one of the following methods is best suited to show the distribution of population with rural component and urban center of varying sizes in a region? Dot and sphere method
  298. Nearest Neighbour analysis was evolved by Clark and Evans
  299. Spatial resolution of LISS IV Sensor is 5.8 m
  300. The premise that present-day processes have been operating throughout geological time is the principle of Uniformitarianism (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  301. Which of the following pairs of countries receive maximum insulation? Yemen and Somalia
  302. Solid material passes directly into vapour state by means of Sublimation
  303. Radiolarian Ooze is Pelagic Deposits
  304. Certain substances are classified as water pollutants, others as air pollutants and still others as land pollutants. Which one of the following pollutes are three parts of our environment? Acid rain
  305. Ria is an example of Submerged upland shore
  306. Flat-topped sub-marine mountains are called Guyots
  307. Anacondas are largely found in Amazon Basin
  308. Who wrote the book Airs Water and Places? Hippocrates
  309. The Humanistic Geography aims at ‘Verstehn’, that is Life style of man.
  310. Geographia in 17 volumes was written by Strabo
  311. Which one of the following is not correctly matched? Counterurbanisation – Population loss of ring is more than the urban core.
  312. International migration is no longer a factor in population distribution mainly because Nations have placed restrictions on migration.
  313. Who among the following used the term Ecumenopolis to describe a projected urbanised world or universal city by the end of the twenty first century? Doxiades
  314. What is generally not true of shifting cultivation? More often than not the homestead is not shifted
  315. Which one of the following States is the largest producer of Tin? Chhatisgarh
  316. The classical model of Industrial location theory in which least cost approach is of primary consideration is recognised as the industrial location theory of Weber
  317. Kiel Canal connects Baltic Sea and North Sea
  318. Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Policy of India was introduced in 2000
  319. In the contemporary context, which one of the following countries is most significant from geo-strategic view point? Afghanistan
  320. ‘Carrot and stick’ technique is used as a regional development policy in Great Britain (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  321. The core of the Great Himalayan is made up of Archaean Rocks
  322. Which one of the following rock systems is the main source of coal in India? Gondawana
  323. Which one of the following sets of commodities is imported by India from South West Asian Countries? Precious Stones and Pearls
  324. Which of the following States in India has the largest number of sugar mills? Uttar Pradesh
  325. The concept of Lebensraum became popular in the discipline of political geography after the publication of Politische geographic
  326. Pred criticized location theory on following grounds: Logical inconsistency, motives and capacity
  327. Who coined the term Geopolitics? Kjellen
  328. Who among the following is credited with incorporation of concept of geographical space in the Growth Pole Theory? Bouldville
  329. Area of a drainage basin on a map with R.F. 1: 50,000 are measured as 200 sq. cm. What will be the basin area of map when it is reduced at the R.F. 1: 100, 000? 50 sq. cm.
  330. On a topographic map, lines that indicate water-depth are termed as Isobath
  331. In order to identify Qutab Minar on an Arial photograph, which of the following elements of image interpretation would be more expressive? Shadow
  332. Whose portrayals epitomized the relationship of political geography to foreign policy? Karl Haushofer
  333. Who for the first time emphasized the importance of mental map of environment in decision-making process? Gould
  334. Most of the details of our present topography belong to the Cenozoic era
  335. If you are sitting on the beach facing the sea on a sunny afternoon, the local wind will be Striking your back and continuing to the sea because of the land breeze effect.
  336. The temperature at which water vapours condense, is the Dew point
  337. Chemical weathering is more effective than mechanical weathering in Cool temperate region
  338. A drainage system which is not related to the structure of the region where it occurs is called a Dendritic drainage pattern
  339. “The Two-Cycle Theory” of the origin of limestone caverns was proposed by Davis
  340. All those processes which tend to bring the surface of the lithosphere to a common level are collectively known as Gradation (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  341. Which one of the following atmospheric layers reflects radio waves that are transmitted from the earth again back to the earth? Ionosphere
  342. According to ‘Single cell circulation’ model proposed by Hadley, the most important factor causing global atmospheric circulation is Temperature contrast between equator and pole
  343. Which of the following would likely to have the lowest albedo? Moist ploughed soil
  344. When sun is shining vertically over tropic of Capricorn? Days and nights are equal over the entire globe
  345. Which of the following statements is not true? Evaporation is more over land than ocean
  346. Pelagic deposits consist of matter derived from algae and are mostly in the form of liquid mud known as Ooze
  347. The average temperature of the surface water of the oceans is 26.70 C
  348. Ecosystem has two components which are Abiotic and biotic
  349. All the ecosystems taken together in a geographical area form a bigger unit called Biome
  350. Which one of the following ocean currents belongs to Indian Ocean? Agulhas Current
  351. The Western Coast of Australia records higher salinity due to Dry weather condition
  352. The highest salinity is found in the Red Sea
  353. Which of the following statements about synecology is correct? It is a study of complex interrelationship of biotic communities.
  354. Organic deposits made by living or dead organisms that form rock elevation like a ridge are known as Reefs
  355. Which one of the schools of thought first developed possibilism? French School of Geography
  356. Which one of the following is not a supporter of the theory of determinism? (A) Wolfgang Hartake (B) R. Hartshorne (C) O.H.K. Spate (D) All the above
  357. Who among the following noted first the regularity between the sizes of cities and their rank? Auerbach
  358. Who among the following is an advocate of idealism in geography? Guelke
  359. The statement that ‘a method by which one can rethink the thought of those whose actions one seeks to explain’ refers in human geography to the philosophy of Idealism
  360. Which among the following was responsible for the radical transformation of spirit and purpose of geography? Quantification (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  361. Which among the following was one of the forces responsible for continental drift according to Wegner? Tidal Force
  362. Which one of the following States /Union Territories recorded the highest density of population as per census 2011? Chandigarh
  363. If economic landscape of a region is dependent on ‘transport principle’ of central place system, with the population size of 4.0 lakh of its highest order town, which one of the following population size of next lower order town is correct? 1.0 lakh
  364. Who defined settlement geography first time incorporating the concept of settlement pattern, house types and field system? Meitzen
  365. The sparsely populated countries have slow growth of industries because (A) Of shortage of skilled labour (B) Small population does not provide a good market (C) Of both (A) and (B) (D) Agriculture is more developed than industries
  366. Which one of the following countries has the highest density of population? Bangladesh
  367. The size of population in lower age group is large in countries where Birth rate is high
  368. The base of the age-sex pyramid is broad and apex is narrow in Developing countries
  369. Which one of the following matches in case of shifting cultivation is not correct? Tamrai – Brazil
  370. The Polar Regions are sparsely populated because The growing season is short owing to low temperature
  371. Which one of the following countries is the major producer of mica? India
  372. The number of persons expressed in terms of unit area of agricultural land is known as Agricultural Density
  373. Who among the following proposed a grand scheme of natural regions on a global scale by combining physical determinants of plants and animals life? Herbertson
  374. Which of the following was not mentioned by Brunhes as essential fact of human geography? Facts of manufacturing
  375. Which one of the following factors is not affecting the voting behaviour? Size of landholdings
  376. Which indicator from among the following could be the best indicator of social well-being? Life-expectancy
  377. Who among the followings gave the concept of ‘Rimland’ theory? Spykman
  378. Who propounded the theory of ‘Heartland’ in political geography? Mackinder
  379. A functional region is delineated on the basis of Field of interactions
  380. Who in census of India applied the ‘ternary diagram’ for the functional classification of towns in India? Ashok Mitra (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  381. Who authored the book entitled ‘growth Pole and Growth Centres for Regional Economic Development in India’? Misra, Rao and Sundaram
  382. Which one of the following states recorded the highest decadal growth rate of population between 2001 & 2011 as per census record? Arunanchal Pradesh
  383. Which one of the following rivers does not make a delta? Tapti
  384. Which one of the following rivers does not flow through Himachal Pradesh? Jhelum
  385. Which one records the lowest normal temperature in the month of January? Firozpur
  386. Which one of the following states has the lowest percentage of scheduled tribes? Manipur
  387. Which of the following hills forms the North Eastern edge of the Chhota Nagpur Plateau? Rajmahal Hills
  388. If Representative Fraction (RF) of a map is 1/5000 which is reduced three times, which of the following RF is correct for reduced map? 1/15,000
  389. Which one of the following statement is correct in contest of Sten-de-Geer’s method used for showing population distribution? Scale of Cube-roots are used for showing the spheres
  390. Which one of the following measurements is used for inequality distribution of farmers’ income subject to their landholding size of an area? Gini Index
  391. According to Nearest Neighbour Index, what would be the maximum value for the perfect uniform settlement distribution? 2.15
  392. The valleys which drain in the same direction as the original consequent drainage but at the lower topographic levels and have developed with respect to new base levels are known as Resequent
  393. The concept of ‘base level erosion’ was proposed by Powell
  394. The normal cycle of erosion is associated with River erosion
  395. Which of the following groups of scholars stressed the role of lateral erosion by streams in the formation of pediments? Paige, Blackwelder, Johnson
  396. Which of the following is not a topographic evidence of rejuvenation in landscape? Structural benches
  397. Which of the following types of clouds appears at the highest level in the sky? Cirro-cumulus
  398. Atmospheric temperature decreases with height in the troposphere because The atmosphere is heated by radiation from the surface
  399. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? Santa Ana : Warm dry wind moving down Appalachian
  400. Which one of the following gases is not a natural element of the atmosphere? Chloroflurocarbon (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  401. In Koppen’s classification of climate, the symbol Aw refers to Tropical Savanna climate
  402. The strongest winds in a hurricane are found in the eye wall of the hurricane
  403. Which one of the following characterizes Paternoster Lake? Lake formed on glacial stairways
  404. Thornthwaite’s modified climatic classification is based on the concept of: Potential evapotranspiration
  405. Selva forests are Broad leaf evergreen forests
  406. The specific place of an organism in an ecosystem is called as Niche
  407. Which of the following is referred to as producer in marine ecosystem? Phytoplankton
  408. Saline soils are the results of high rate of evaporation and very little leaching of the soil.
  409. “There is no holiday for vegetation – growth is rapid, uninterrupted and continuous.” This statement applies to Rainy tropics
  410. The largest variety of plants and animals is found in the Tropical forests
  411. Which one of the following statements about salinity is not correct? Salinity is directly related to precipitation
  412. The origin of the ocean currents is related to Gravitational force, Winds, Salinity and density
  413. Schaefer was in favour of Scientific generalization
  414. Which of the following principles does not belong to logical positivism? Behaviourism
  415. The statement that “Egypt is the gift of the river Nile” is attributed to Herodotus
  416. Who among the following pleaded that history be treated geographically and geography be treated historically? Herodotus
  417. Who among the following Arab scholars made corrections to Ptolemy’s book? Al-Idrisi
  418. Which one of the following is the philosophical basis of quantitative revolution? Positivism
  419. The concept of paradigm was propounded by Kuhn
  420. Who among the following wanted to develop ‘Universal Science’ encompassing all aspects of knowledge? Humboldt (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  421. Who among the following geographers, focused on man centered geography? Jefferson
  422. Who, among the following, developed the concept of mental map? Gould and White
  423. Who among the following first initiated the concept of Second Demographic Transition? Van de Kaa
  424. The Age-Specific Fertility Rate is maximum in the age-group of 20-24 years
  425. Which one of the following reasons dominates in Rural to Urban migration in India? Employment
  426. Who argued that multiple centers of nuclei were responsible for urban growth? Harris and Ullman
  427. The largest and most dominating city in a State with respect to commercial, industrial, educational and political activities refers to Primate city
  428. Which one of the following sequences of land use in Burgess Model is correct? Central Business District, zone of workers’ home, zone of better residences, commuters’ zone
  429. If a circle with 1 cm radius represents one lac population, what will be the radius of the circle representing 4 lac populations? 2 cm
  430. The essential feature of shifting cultivation is Rotation of fields
  431. The footloose industries are those for whom Transportation costs are relatively unimportant
  432. The three iron and steel plants at Kulti, Burnpur and Hirapur have been merged together as Indian Iron and Steel Company
  433. The rice producing areas are associated with High density of population
  434. The informal sector of economy refers to Bazaar type of economy
  435. Which one of the following is not related with informal sector of economy? Capitalist mode of economy
  436. The law of primacy in the context of urban development is most relevant to the countries which have A relatively simple economy and spatial structure
  437. The main occupation of the Gonds is Cultivation
  438. Which one of the following is largest in a real extent? Cultural realm
  439. What among the following is the correct sequence of the three stages through which a new boundary under most conditions is determined? Delimitation, demarcation, allocation
  440. Which one of the following is not usually considered an indicator of social well being? Crime (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  441. Who among the following was an advocate of export based model? North
  442. The Vale of Kashmir is the only level strip of land in the Himalayas. Which river has laid its deposits to form this level plain? Jhelum
  443. In which of the following States of India women outnumber men? Kerala
  444. Which one of the following States of India records the lowest density of population according to 2011 Census? Arunachal Pradesh
  445. About 85 percent of the total iron ore production of India is from Jharkhand and Orissa
  446. In the sub-continent of India, the region frequently affected by tropical cyclones is the Coromandel coast
  447. Which of the following regions/areas is not affected by the monsoon of the Arabian Sea branch? Punjab Plain
  448. The heights of individual points on topographical maps are indicated by Spot height only, Benchmark only, Triangulation point only
  449. The broadest part of the Himalayas lies in Jammu & Kashmir
  450. Which of the following regions of India is most developed economically? North-western region
  451. If point A is at 230 m and point B at 570 m elevations from mean sea level with a horizontal equivalent of 2.0 km, which one of the following gradients is correct between these two points? 17.0 percent
  452. Which one of the following techniques is not suitable for showing urban population on the map? Hachures
  453. Which one of the following statements is not correct? Isopleth technique always takes administrative boundaries into account
  454. Which of the following is most suitable to show the inequality in the distribution? Lorenz curve
  455. Which one of the following is the correct geometric mean of the data set : 0,50,100,100,150,250,450,500? 0
  456. The concept of geosynclines was given by James Hall and Dana
  457. The Base Level concept was postulated by J.W. Powell
  458. Which of the following is formed as a result of tectonic forces? Rift valley
  459. “The present is the key to the past.” This statement was made by James Hutton
  460. Which of the following was a part of Lauratia? Chinese Plate (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  461. When does an escarpment appear? When a land block moves vertically
  462. Identify fluvio-glacial deposits from the following: Outwash plain
  463. Migration from developed to less developed region is called as Perverse migration
  464. “Space is socially or culturally constructed” is the view under Post modernism
  465. A counter clock-wise atmospheric circulation in the northern hemisphere is known as Cyclone
  466. The author of the book ‘The Unstable Earth’ is J.A. Steers
  467. Which of the following earthquake waves are most destructive? S-waves
  468. Mediterranean climate is characterized by Dry summer and humid winter
  469. Insolation reaches the earth surface in the form of Short waves
  470. The range of visible wave length on electromagnetic spectrum is 0.4 to 0.7 micrometers
  471. As per the Koppen’s scheme the Bhwh type of climate is found in Rajasthan
  472. Cold dry wind experienced particularly in winter along the eastern coast of Atlantic Ocean and in Northern Italy is called Boras
  473. The atmosphere gets heated by which one of the following? Volcanic activity
  474. A tropical cyclone was located 500 Km South-West of Visakhapatnam. The cyclone first moved 250 Km in North-West direction and then suddenly changed the direction to the North-East. Which of the following ports would raise the highest danger signal? Visakhapatanam
  475. Which one of the following regions does not receive much rainfall during the South-West monsoon season? Tamil Nadu Coast
  476. In which type of climate equiplanation process i.e., reduction of relief to a plain takes place? Cold climate
  477. Winter rainfall in North-Western part of India is mainly due to Western disturbance
  478. The temperature that provides favourable ecological conditions for living coral reefs is More than 20 °C
  479. Which among the following has postulated the Subsidence Theory related to coral reef? Darwin
  480. If a tide occurs at a place at 6 p.m. when will be the next tide occurs? 06.26 a.m. of the next day (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  481. Which one of the following ecosystem services is not a part of Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) report? Promoting
  482. Which one of the following places in India the first bird-sanctuary was set up? Vedanthangal
  483. Which one of the following indicates the principle of transport in Central Place Theory? K4
  484. Which one of the following stages of demographic transition model predicts “a-high birth but a-low death rate”? Second stage
  485. Which one of the following is not an assumption or principle of the concentric zone model of urban land case? None of districts is attractive due to differences in terrain
  486. Who, amongst the following, defined Geography as a chorological science? Hettner
  487. Who, amongst the following, has propounded the concept of Time Space Geography? Hagerstrand
  488. Which one of the following ports has been developed on a lagoon? Kochi
  489. Truck farming is associated with Vegetables
  490. The essential feature of shifting cultivation is Rotation of fields
  491. What is the common practice involved in shifting cultivation? Utilization of poor soils through ploughing / fallowing
  492. Who has, amongst the following geographers, defined Geography of Public Finance ‘who gets what, where, and at what cost’? R.J. Bennett
  493. Which of the following is not a supervised image classification technique? Neural network analysis
  494. A meteor is Piece of matter which has entered the earth’s atmosphere from outer space
  495. Which one of the following tribes does not correctly matched? Ruwala and Central Iran
  496. Which one of the following regions witnessed the growth of mighty civilizations of Roman and Greek? Mediterranean region
  497. Which of the following is not considered a geographic pattern? Distributive
  498. Machu Picchu of Inca civilization is located in Peru
  499. In 1919, Mackinder renamed his ‘Pivot Area’ as ‘Heartland’ in famous book The Democratic Ideals and Reality
  500. Which of the following sentences is not a correct one? Sectoral planning is a coordinated planning with planning in various sectors in an integrated manner (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  501. Several planned cities have been developed in India after Independence. Which one of the following is not a post-independence planned city? Jaipur
  502. Which one of the following is not a measure of Central tendency? Mean deviation
  503. Which one of the following Indian Remote Sensing Satellites, IRS-P4 is also known as Oceansat
  504. Which one of the following States has recorded the lowest human development index? Bihar
  505. Which one of the following group of States, which includes catchment area of Cauvery river basin, is correct? Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Pondicherry
  506. Which one of the following is a centrographic measure? Mean centre
  507. Which one of the following map scales is a large scale? 1: 25,000
  508. An original map has the RF–1/50,000 and R.F. of the new map will be 1/250,000. What is the correct proportion of enlargement/reduction as given below? Reduction 1/5
  509. Which one of the following values of correlation coefficient (r) is not correctly matched degree of relationship? – 0.99 Nil
  510. In which of the following year, IRS-1A was launched 1988
  511. Which of the following is not considered to be characteristics feature of the youthful stage of an ideal normal cycle of erosion? Natural levees
  512. Sand dunes formed as long ridges oriented at right angles to the wind direction are called Transverse dunes
  513. Who stated that the slope profiles are convex, plane or concave according to the circumstances of the uplifting action? Penck
  514. The statement “The present is the key to the past” is related to Uniformitarianism
  515. The theory of plate tectonics does not help to explain the origin and location of which one of the following? Ocean currents
  516. Which of the following winds fall in the Zone of Hadley Cell? Trade winds
  517. Which one of the following is correct, when the combined effect of the pressure gradient force and coriolis force on air current produces? Geostrophic force
  518. The term adiabatic change of temperature stands for Heating and cooling of an ascending or descending air through compression of expansion.
  519. The ‘Ice Crystal Theory’ related to precipitation was propounded by Bergeron
  520. Which one of the following parts of the Indian coast is a compound coast showing evidence of both submergence and emergence? Malabar coast (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  521. Darwin’s subsidence theory is related to Coral reefs
  522. Fiord shorelines are formed due to Submergence of glaciated coast
  523. Tsunamis are produced by Sub-marine earthquakes
  524. Which one of the following sediment deposits covers the largest percentage of the ocean floor? Terrigenous
  525. In which of the following years the Kyoto Protocol was signed? 1997
  526. ‘An Introduction to the Application of Geography to History’ and ‘The Geographical Distribution of Mankind’ is the works of Friedrich Ratzel
  527. Who one of the following determined the place of Geography in the classification of sciences? Immanuel Kant
  528. Which one of the following is correct chronological sequence of Arab geographers in the development of geography? Al-Biruni, Al-Idrisi, IbnBattuta, Ibn Khaldun
  529. In India which of the following criteria applied in defining a town has varied from census to census in recent decades? Working population
  530. ‘Informational city’ is a term coined by Manuel Castells
  531. Which one of the following models is based on the study of human ecology? Burgess and Parks’ Concentric Zone Model
  532. “Time-space compression” is a spatial concept given by David Harvey
  533. When higher income groups re-occupy and revive older housing in attractive inner city areas, the process is called Gentrification
  534. Factorial ecology is a method generally used to analyze Urban socio-spatial structures
  535. To which of the following, ‘nomadism’ is the response of man? Limited resources spread over a large area
  536. Industries that manufacture individual components for the final assembly of product are known as Ancillary industries
  537. The statement that ‘A race is a valid biological concept _________ not a valid socio-cultural concept’ was made by A.L. Kroeber
  538. Geography of public finance can simply be defined as ‘Who gets what, where, at what cost?’. Name the geographer who made this statement R.J. Bennett
  539. Which technique was adopted by B.J.L. Berry in his classic study on functional regionalization of Indian economy? Multiple Factor Analysis
  540. Who among the following applied the growth pole concept to geographic space, whereby growth poles came to be known as growth centers? Boudeville (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  541. In which Five Year Plan, balanced regional development was emphasized as one of the major objectives of the planning exercise and was one full chapter in the plan document? Third Plan
  542. In ancient geography, the concept of region was first postulated by whom? Strabo
  543. The city region is an example of Functional region
  544. Which one of the following islands of India has volcanic origin? Barren
  545. Which of the following hills does not join the Anaimudi knot? Kudremukh hills
  546. Among the following which one is related to Blue Revolution in India? Pisciculture
  547. A map of R.F. 1/2,500 is enlarged by two-and-a-half times, what will be the scale of the enlarged map? 1/1,000
  548. Population density is usually shown by Choropleth method
  549. What is the pattern of settlement distribution if it’s Rn = 2.14? Perfect uniform
  550. Ajairanks seventeenth in a class of thirty one. What is his rank from the last? 15
  551. The satellite image shown in television clearly depicts Clouds and snow cover
  552. Which one of the following characteristics separates GIS from the other systems? Linking spatial and non-spatial data
  553. Cephalic index, which is to classify human races, is calculated as Ratio between breadth and length of the head.
  554. The Drift Theory of Wegener was postulated mainly to explain Major climatic changes
  555. Which of the following groups is produced by erosion? Playa, Panicles, Swallow holes
  556. As per the theory of platetectonics which of the following is a super continent? Eurasia
  557. The direction of a horizontal line on an inclined rock strata is a Strike
  558. Sunda peninsula was submerged in the Pacific Ocean due to Subduction of the plates into ocean
  559. Who propounded the theory of Rural Settlement? Meitzen
  560. Who postulated the concept of plate tectonics? W.J. Morgan (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  561. Knick points are associated with River Rejuvination
  562. When the Kaveri River as soon as it enters Tamilnadu, which waterfall does it create? Hoggenakka fall
  563. Penisulas make up most of Italy and Denmark
  564. Tornadoes are most likely to occur during Mid-afternoon
  565. Which US city was struck by the hurricane Katrina? New Orleans
  566. Ozone hole is located above the Antarctica
  567. A sudden, violent, gusty wind, which lasts a minute or two and then subsides, usually accompanied by rain or hail, is called Squall
  568. Which of the following oceans is spreading due to plate tectonic movement? Atlantic Ocean
  569. A reef separated from the main land or inland shore by a deep lagoon is known as Barrier Reef
  570. Global change in sea level is caused by Eustatic change
  571. Which of the following is not true about welfare geography? It seeks to change the present economic and political set up
  572. Who of the following can be considered as an opponent of quantitative revolution? Stamp
  573. The concept of Paradigm was propounded by Thomas Kuhn
  574. The concept of sustainable development rests on the following principles Intergeneration transferability, social justice, transfrontier responsibility
  575. Which of the following is not a thematic map? Topographical map on 1: 50,000
  576. Which one of the following pairs is not a correct match? Le Corbusier – Satellite city
  577. The plot of cities of developing countries according to their size and rank on a normal graph paper will assume one of the following shapes. Concave
  578. Settlements located at a distance from river banks and other water bodies are called Dry point settlements
  579. Which one of the following distances does not fit into Christaller’s scheme of k = 3 hierarchy of central places? 11
  580. Which one of the following statements is not correct about migration? Women tend to move longer distances than men (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  581. Which of the following sets of countries does not use coal as essential energy for industries? Sweden and Italy
  582. The greatest share of fisheries comes from Continental shelves
  583. Which one of the following major sea ports of India does not have natural habour? Paradeep
  584. According to Lynch, the elements which help to perceive urban environment are Path, boundaries, districts, nodes and landmark
  585. Which one of the following theories is based on the concept of economic rent? Agricultural land use
  586. Which one of the followings is not a general purpose authority? World Health Organization
  587. Who defined urban geography as the study of the city as a system within a system of cities? B.J.L. Berry
  588. Who gave the theory of Rimland, giving importance to sea powers due to their ability to make a rim around ‘Heartland’, in the book ‘The Geography of Peace’? Spykman
  589. Mackinder’s ‘Pivot Area’, which he envisaged to be strategically very important, was Land between Volga in the west and eastern Siberia in the east.
  590. Bhakra Nangal Project is a joint venture of which one of the following groups of States? Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan
  591. The ranges of Western Ghats are locally called as ‘Sahyadris’ in which of the following State? Maharashtra
  592. Which one of the following number of million sheets representing the world is correct? 136
  593. In which one of the following places the centre of stone tool manufacture is found? Isampur
  594. Excavations at the sites of the places mentioned in the Mahabharata are related to which one of the following cultures? Painted grey ware
  595. Which, one of the following places, is not associated with mature Harappan settlement? SaraiKhola
  596. Recently in which place broken relief sculpture of King Ashoka has been discovered? Kanaganahalli in Karnataka
  597. In which Buddhist scripture religious practices in the contemporary period of Buddha has been mentioned? BrahmajalaSutta
  598. Which, one of the following, is not the anthology of Sangam literature? Tirrukkurala
  599. In which year the first English translation of Arthashastra was published? 1909
  600. The Sultan Ghari was built as the mausoleum of Nasiruddin Mahmud (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  601. Who separated the office of the Wali and Amir? Muhammad Tughlaq
  602. ‘The pivot of the Kingdom of Delhi rests on wheat and barley, while the foundation of the Sultanate of Gujarat rests on corals and pearls, because there are eighty four ports under this Sultan.’ The above remark is attributed by the author of Mirat-i- Sikandari to Sikandar Lodi
  603. Which of the following statements about the activities of the Portuguese traders in India during the early sixteenth century is not correct? The Portuguese were the first Europeans to reach India via Red Sea route
  604. Vijayanagara exhibited ‘Protopatrimonialism’. Who expressed this view? Burton Stein
  605. Which one of the following State was not a Nation State in the 17th century? Germany
  606. Who was the First President of Fort William of Calcutta? Charles Eyre
  607. Which of the following districts constituted as the Northern Circars in the Madras Presidency? Mustafanagar, Ellore, Rajahmundry, Chicacole
  608. The aim of the Cripps Mission was To persuade Indian leaders to support British war efforts
  609. Who wrote ‘Planned Economy for India’ (1936)? M. Visvesvarayya
  610. Which law under the British regime allowed to imprison people without due trial? Rowlett Act
  611. The beginning of the Great Depression is related to The collapse of Prices in Wall Street
  612. Which one of the following pairs is not correct? Mesolithic: Hunting, gathering
  613. Which one of the following pairs is correct? Stone tool workshop: Isampur
  614. ‘Indica’ of Megasthenes was preserved in later Greek accounts. Which one of the following Greek travelers’ account is not associated with ‘Indica’? Ktesius
  615. Which one of the following pairs is not correct? Rock Edict: Sarnath
  616. Which one of the following administrative structure in ascending order is correct? Sthaniya, Dronamukha, Karvatika, Samgrahana
  617. Which one of the following evidence is not the correct evidence of Ramagupta in later period? Manasollasa of Someshwara
  618. Which one of the following collection of hymns of Alvar poetry collected by Nathmuni? Nalayira Divya Prabandhan
  619. Identify the dynasty to which Queen Rudramadevi belonged to? Kakatiyas of Warrangal
  620. In which one of the following ancient literary works a separate section of painting is found? Vishnudharmottara Purana (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  621. Which one of the following was the revenue officer of the Chola dynasty? Varitppottagakka
  622. Who termed the dominion of Sultan Muhammad Tughlaq as ‘Hind and Sind’? Ibn Battuta
  623. Who described the Mughal imperial Harem as the ‘Pavilion of chartity’? Nizamuddin Ahmad
  624. In the Mughal System of administration, Mir Bakshi was Paymaster General
  625. Which of the following social reforms was not introduced by Akbar? Total ban on the practice of sati
  626. Which of the following statements is true? Madad-i-Maash grants were made hereditary by Aurangzeb
  627. In which year did Robert Clive accepted the Diwani of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa from the Mughal ruler. 1765
  628. The Treaty of Bassien (1802) was signed between the English and Peshwa Baji Rao II
  629. The Home Rule Movement started by Annie Besant aimed at attaining self-rule for India
  630. Who was the first woman President of the Indian National Congress? Annie Besant
  631. Who wrote Poverty and Un-British Rule in India? Dadabhai Naoroji
  632. August 8, 1942 is important in Indian History for Quit India Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi
  633. Which is correctly matched “Give me blood, I will give you freedom – Subhash Chandra Bose
  634. Flake tools of Levallois technique is the characteristic feature of which area of the following geological ages? Middle Pleistocene
  635. Which one of the following situated in the North-East Afghanistan is a Harappan trading port? Shoturgai
  636. Which one of the following Buddhist texts mentions five hundred wives of Bimbisara? Mahavagga
  637. Which of the below mentioned Indo- Greek rulers issued coins bearing the figures of Krishna and Balarama? Agathocles
  638. Point out which one of the following sites associated with the Nagas had a shrine dedicated to Dadhikarna, the lord of the Nagas Mathura
  639. Which one of the following Puranas replaces the Buddha with Krishna in the list of the Avataras of Vishnu? Vayu Purana
  640. The earliest Lingodbhavamurti of Siva has been found at which one of the below mentioned sites? Gudimallam (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  641. Which one of the below mentioned South Indian temples has wall-paintings? Vijayalaya Cholishwara temple at Narttamalai
  642. According to Al-Beruni, the antyajas were Eight guilds of people below the Sudras
  643. The Ilbari ruler who introduced Sijada, Paibos and Nauroz to the Delhi Sultanate was Balban
  644. Shiqqdar was The military officer at the pargana level
  645. Shaikh Nuruddin was the founder of the Rishi Silsilah of Sufis in Kashmir
  646. Identify the foreign traveler who gives an account of the Bahamani Kingdom A. Nikitin
  647. ‘Mawarun nahr’ was the Arabic term for the Central Asian region of Transoxiana
  648. Concerning Humayun which of the following is correct? Humayun was very fond of astronomy and geography, Humayun collected a large number of books for the imperial library, Humayun during his military campaigns used to take some selected books for his use
  649. Din-i-Ilahi was primarily The reiteration of the principle of universal harmony
  650. What was the percentage of rural population of India, as per the popular estimate, during the 16th and 17th centuries? Around 85%
  651. English East India Company lost the monopoly of Chinese trade by The Charter Act of 1833
  652. Which of the following statements is incorrect? Samachar Darpan, the Vernacular newspaper was started during the period of Warren Hastings
  653. The main reason for the peasants to join the 1857 revolt was Inordinately high revenue demands, The revenue policies not only uprooted the ordinary peasants but also destroyed the gentry of the country, The beneficiaries of the new revenue policies were also not satisfied
  654. One of the following was not associated with Justice Party. Tanguturi Prakasam
  655. What did the ruler of Nabha and Jind offer Ranjit Singh as a token of accepting his subordination? Costly gifts
  656. Indicate the newspaper mentioned below with which Gandhiji was not associated Indian Mirror
  657. Which one of the following was the most immediate problem India confronted after independence? Communal and refugee problem
  658. The “Idea of Progress” in historiography relates to Enlightenment
  659. The concept of ‘Total History’ is associated with which one of the following schools of historical writing? Annales School
  660. Who among the following is the author of The Cold War and its Origin? D.F. Flaming (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  661. The concept of ‘Oriental Despotism’ in Indian history was introduced by whom? H.G. Rawlinson
  662. The earliest available Indian coins were made of Copper and Silver
  663. In Mauryan period ‘Sita tax’ was imposed on Agricultural land under private control.
  664. The Romaka Sidhānta in Indian astronomy shows signs of Greek influence
  665. Which one of the following inscriptions provides the earliest epigraphical evidence of Sati? Eran Pillar Inscription of Bhanugupta
  666. The rulers of South India constantly fought with each other, because of Desire to control the rivers like Godavari, Krishna and their valleys.
  667. Which Sultan of Delhi got Qutub-minar repaired, cleaned the derelict Hauz Khas and erected on its bank a specious madrasah? Firuz Tughlaq
  668. Who among the following writers claim that Muhammad bin Tughlaqhad designated Firuz Shah as his heir? Ziauddin Barani
  669. Who among the following rulers divided his troops into units of fifty, two hundred, two hundred fifty and five hundred? Islam Shah
  670. Identify the dynasty which Rai Singh Panj Hajari belonged to Rathore of Bikaner
  671. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched? Battle of Dharmat: Aurangzeb vs. Dara
  672. ‘The cities look attractive from a distance, but inside them all the splendor is lost in the narrowness of the streets and the bustling of the crowds.’ The above comment on the Mughal Indian cities was made by Father Monserrate
  673. Who stated that “Twenty thousand men worked incessantly to construct Taj Mahal”? Tavernier
  674. Which historian called the Indian merchants engaged in over-seas trade as peddlers? Van Leur
  675. Which of the following was not true of James Augustus Hickey? He was the founder of the Bengal Chronicle
  676. Who of the following Governor Generals started the Indian Civil Services? Cornwallis
  677. At which place ‘Women’s Indian Association’ was founded? Madras
  678. Who authored the book “Stree- Purush Tulana” (A Comparison between Women and Men)? Tarabai Shinde
  679. In which year the book Hind Swaraj was written? 1909
  680. Who of the following was known as ‘Socrates of Maharashtra’? M.G. Ranade (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  681. As a result of the Poona Pact the numbers of seats reserved for the depressed classes out of general electorate seats were Increased
  682. The Gujarat Sabha led by Gandhi played a leading role in the Peasant Agitation of Kheda
  683. Who of the following set up Mahila Arya Samaj to improve Women’s Education? Pandita Ramabai
  684. In which year Sharda Act was passed? 1929
  685. Rani Gardinulu who fought against the British was from Nagaland
  686. Which one of the following was not associated with Indian National Army? Rashbihari Ghosh
  687. In February 1947 Prime Minister Attlee declared that the British would quit India by June 1948
  688. The generals of the I.N.A. Shah Nawaz, Gurdial Singh Dhillon and Prem Sehgal, were formerly officers of the British Indian Army
  689. The Constitution of India introduced on 26th January, 1950 laid down certain basic principles and values. Which of the following was not part of it? It provides free education for girls
  690. The Moplahs were the poor peasants and agricultural labourers of South Malabar. They were mainly converts to Islam from the lower castes like Tiyya, Cheruma
  691. In the context of Cold War, which one of the following statements is not correct? USA planned to use the Island of Cuba, as a base for launching her nuclear weapons
  692. Consider the following observations concerning ‘new history’ and select the correct answer. It focused attention on manners, customs and beliefs of whole people, It tried to displace political history from the center of historical attention, It employed the methods and insights of sociology and other sciences
  693. Which deities are not referred to in the Rig-veda? Ganesha and Karttikeya
  694. Which one of the following is not contained in the Upanishads? Avataravada
  695. Which of the following inscriptions makes a reference to Chandragupta Maurya? Junagadh inscription of Rudradaman I
  696. The 5th pillar edict says that Ashoka made some living creatures such as parrots, fish, ants, tortoises, etc, inviolable. After which consecration year was it ordered? 26th year
  697. Which of the following is not true about the sangam age? The exploits of the chiefs are not given in its literature
  698. Which of the following does not belong to Jainism? Patimokkha
  699. Which of the following is the theme of the sculptures of Gandhara art? Presentation of bride to Siddhartha, Gift of Jetavana Garden to the Buddha, Buddha’s parinirvana scene
  700. Which of the following Gupta inscriptions mentions Krishna and Devaki? Bhitari pillar inscription of Skandagupta (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  701. At which of the following Quinquennial assemblies at Prayaga did Harsha donate almost all his belongings? 6th
  702. What is true about the Kushanas? Their traces have been found in Central Asia, They perhaps initiated the practice of appointing two governors simultaneously in the same province, The Gandhara art which developed under them not only popularized the Buddha in the anthropomorphic form, but also encouraged the amalgam of Indian and foreign arts.
  703. Who has propounded the theory of the beginning of the process of State formation at regional and sub-regional levels during the early mediaeval period? Hermann Kulke
  704. Which Gupta inscription records the gift of a village in favour of a Vishnu temple? Bhitari pillar inscription of Skandagupta
  705. Tilak, a Hindu general, served the army of Mahmud Gaznavi
  706. The terms ‘Khut’, ‘Muqaddam’ and ‘chaudhary’ in the Sultanate period referred to The class of rural intermediaries
  707. The water tax collected during Firoz Shah Tughlaq’s reign was known as Haqq-i-Sharab
  708. Which of the following travelers has given the graphic picture of sati practiced in the Sultanate period? Ibn Batuta
  709. ‘Khair ul Majalis’ a sufi malfuzat, is dedicated to which sufi saint? Nasiruddin Mahmud Chirag-i- Dilli
  710. The du-aspa sih-aspa was introduced into the Mughal mansabdari system by Jahangir
  711. The use of tobacco came to northern India during the reign of Akbar and it was popularly used. Seeing its menace, it was banned by Emperor Jahangir
  712. Which of the following is not correctly matched? Marco Polo – Portuguese
  713. Which one of the following terms denotes money changers? Sarrafs
  714. Which of the Mughal emperors disapproved of old women taking young husbands and said that “this goes against all modesty”? Akbar
  715. In which of his works, prince Dara Shikoh compares Islamic sufi concepts with the Hindu philosophical outlook? Majma-ul- Bahrain
  716. In the context of the conquest of Gujarat and Malwa by the Marathas, which one of the following statements is correct? The Maratha claim of chauth and sardeshmukhi was formalized in Gujarat and Malwa, Subsequently the Maratha claim for chauth and sardeshmukhi was substituted by a demand for the cessation of territory, The provinces were divided into spheres of influence among the Maratha Sardars
  717. The French East India Company was formed for trading with India under the patronage of Louis XIV
  718. Who made the following statement after the battle of plassy? “Britain must secure the prosperity of India’s people before seeking any gain itself. Britain’s right to rule India, so its leaders argued, could be made legitimate, but only through just governance.” Edmund Burke
  719. Brahmo Samaj has not adopted one of the following as the part of social reform Infallibility of the Vedas
  720. In 1837, Lord Auckland sent Alexander Burnes as an English Ambassador to Kabul (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  721. The censorship of the Press Act was passed in 1799
  722. One of the following organizations was not associated with National Education Movement in the early twentieth century. Anushilan Samiti of Barindra Kumar Ghosh
  723. Who became the trend-setter of Modern Telugu literature? Rao Bahadur Veeresa Lingam Pentulu
  724. On which post Dadabhai Naoroji was appointed in the Baroda State? Dewan
  725. Mrs. Annie Besant leader of the Theosophical Society of India was An Irish Lady
  726. The Preservation of Ancient Monuments Act was passed during the time of Lord Curzon
  727. In which year Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were hanged? 1931
  728. Feeling of bias is increasing in the historians of the present day because of Increasing communalism in writing, Narrow interpretations of datas, Regionalism and prejudices in writing
  729. Who among the following stated that “Bad history is not harmless history? It is dangerous. The sentences typed on apparently innocuous keyboards may be sentences of death”? Eric Hobsbawm
  730. Who among the following observed that “the subject matter of history is not a general fact, such as revolution, custom or a culture, nor is it a particular fact such as a war or a great personality, but it is thought.”? R.G. Collingwood
  731. Who among the following does not belong to the school of subaltern historiography? Bipin Chandra
  732. The only country which welcomed India’s status as a member of nuclear club in 1974 was France
  733. Which of the following characteristics of commonwealth is not correct? It has a recognized constitutional organization
  734. Which one of the following is a Neolithic site in Vindhyan region? Mahagara
  735. Harappan sites have provided unique plan of settlement comprising of Citadel, Middle Town and Lower Town.
  736. The Battle of Ten Kings was fought on the bank of which one of the following rivers? Parushni
  737. The story of the migration of Videgha Mathava to the east accompanied by his priest Gotama Rahugana is mentioned in which of the following? Satapatha Brahmana
  738. The stone portrait of Ashoka with his name inscribed on it has been found from the stupa remains of which one of the following sites? Kanaganahalli
  739. Which of the following Navagrahas is sculptured as the rio-anthropomorphic snake deity? Ketu
  740. Who amongst the following legalised corruption in the land revenue department? Sher Shah (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  741. Who amongst the following by using‘ Psycho-History’ had proved that Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq was not‘mad’ as commented for the first time by Elphinston? Ishwari Prasad
  742. Abwab refers to Extra legal charges exacted by nobles.
  743. What is not to be considered as the nature of the Pre-Mughal Persian Historiography? Provincial
  744. Cannon and muskets in warfare in India were introduced by Babur
  745. Find out the correct sequence of the rate of land revenue under Alaudd in Khilji, Firoz Tughlaq, Akbar and Aurangzeb. 1/2, ½, 1/3, ½
  746. Which one of the following historical works of Amir Khusrau is in prose? Khazain-ul-Futuh
  747. Babur assumed the title of “Ghazi” after the Battle of Khanwah
  748. Who amongst the following commented for the first time that Kabir tried to undermine the common people’s pessimism in his Bhakti? Romilla Thapar
  749. Why was the ‘Double Dome’ used in the Indo-Islamic architecture? To give cooling effect inside the building
  750. What is the main contribution of ‘Tasawwuf’ in India? Service to humanity
  751. What was ‘Shahrukhi’ coin in circulation during the Muslim period? A silver coin
  752. Which one of the following is not the characteristic of Mughal painting? Basically for the propagation of Islam
  753. Find out the statement from below which is not correct? Originally the Peshwa did not belong to the royal council
  754. In the context of the cultural and Ideological framework of the Mughal State which one of the following statements is not correct? The Mughal process of centralisation left no space for existence of rival principles of organisation
  755. Which one of the following statements regarding Abul Fazl’s Akbarnāma is not true? He is never secular
  756. The ‘Black Hole’ event was sensationalized by whom? Holwell
  757. The confederates against Tippu Sultan in the Third Mysore War included The English, Marathas and the Nizam of Hyderabad
  758. Which Princely State was not annexed under the Doctrine of Lapse in spite of not having natural heir? Karauli
  759. Legislative powers were restored back to the provinces in the Act of 1861
  760. The policy announcement regarding the ‘progressive realization of responsible Government in India as an integral part of the British Empire’ was made by Lord Montague (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  761. Paramountcy is paramount’ was declared to define the relations of Indian States with British Government by which Commission? Butler Commission
  762. The Governor General who visited Allahabad to review the working of Mahalwari Land Revenue System was Lord William Bentinck
  763. The land revenue demand under the Ryotwari in Madras was finally fixed to fifty percent of the rental and the settlement was made for thirty years in the year 1864
  764. Policy of tariff holiday was practised by the British during 1882 to 1894
  765. The worrisome aspect of the drain of wealth in the late nineteenth century according to Dadabhai Naoroji was Unrequited exports
  766. The Scheme of Local Finance was introduced by Lord Mayo
  767. First factory legislation was passed to improve the working conditions of the labour in 1881
  768. Which Gandhian movement has been called a ‘Spontaneous Revolution’? Quit India movement
  769. The inspirational leader behind the founding of the All India Women’s Conference was Margaret Cousins
  770. Name the First Indian selected to Indian Civil Service. Satyendra Nath Tagore
  771. The Arya Samaj movement believed in Vedic ritualism
  772. Which foreign journalist reported about the British brutality perpetrated against peaceful Satyagrahis at Dharasana Salt Depot during the Civil Disobedience Movement? Wels Miller
  773. Who was the first President of All India Depressed Class Association? M.C. Rajah
  774. The resignation by the Congress led ministries on 1st Nov. 1939 was celebrated by the Muslim League as Deliverance Day
  775. The First President of the All India Congress Socialist Party was Sampurnanand
  776. Which Commission was entrusted the task of demarcating the line of India and Pakistan in 1947? Redcliffe
  777. The First Indian Princely State which signed the Instrument of Accession to join the Indian Union was Bikaner
  778. Who among the following historians is well known for his contributions to subaltern studies? Ranjit Guha
  779. Which proto-historic site has yielded the evidence of threads of raw silk? Nevasa
  780. The BoghazKeui inscription from Asia Minor refers to the following Vedic deities Indra, Mitra, Varu. na and Nasatyas (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  781. To which of the following tribes did King Sudasa, described in the. Rig-Veda as having defeated ten Kings, belong? Tritsu
  782. Who had made the following statement? ‘Bhagavapi Khatrioahampikhatrio’ (Bhagawan [Buddha] was a Kshatriya I too am a kshatriya). Ajatasatru
  783. Which one of the following Sangam poets has mentioned about the hoarded wealth of the rulers of the Nanda dynasty? Mamulanar
  784. It is generally accepted that a special feature of the period between 200 B.C. and 300 A.D. is the increase in external trade. Which of the following factors did not assist in the increase? From a political point of view India had become one
  785. Who among the following assumed the title of ‘Dharmamaharaja’ which was justified by the performance of numerous Vedic sacrifices including the Asvamedha? Pravarasena I
  786. The seat of third Sangam of Tamil poets was located at Madura
  787. Which one of the following Indian rulers had donated five villages to a Vihara built at Nalanda by Sailendra King Sri Balaputra? Devapala
  788. The first reference of ‘Turkan-i-Chihalgani’ has been made in Futuh-us-Salatin
  789. Which Mongol general defeated Alauddin Khalji? Targi
  790. Diwan-i-Khalsa was responsible to look after the Land under the direct control of the State
  791. When the nine cusped arches did was for the first time used in Muslim architecture in India? Buildings of Shah Jahan
  792. Who amongst the following commented on the rule of the First Afghan Empire in India that ‘there was an opportunity to establish in India the constitutional monarchy but the dissensions amongst the Afghan nobles let the opportunity pass away’? R.P. Tripathi
  793. Which one of the following statements is not correct about Alauddin Khalji? He established the department called ‘Diwan-i-Kohi’\
  794. The title of ‘Mujaddid’ was conferred to which Mughal Emperor by the contemporary historians? Shah Jahan
  795. What new stylistic feature is found in the Tomb of Khan-i-Jahan Telangani built at Delhi under the Sultans of Delhi? Octagonal in planning
  796. Which styles of the Sultanate painting paved the way in the foundation of the Mughal style of painting? Chaurapanchasika, Laur Chanda and Indo-Persian
  797. Consider the following statements and point out the incorrect one. It provides no information about Farghana, Samarqand and Kabul where he spent time
  798. Tulsidas was the author of which book? Kavitawali, Ramacharitamanas, Gitawali
  799. Who among the following is considered as the founder of ‘Varkari’ sect? Namdeva
  800. Consider the following statements in the context of organization of Mughal ruling class during the 17thcentury and select the correct answer from the options given below. An aspect of the composite ruling class was the steady promotion of a small number of members belonging to the administrative services, These members were generally drawn from Khatri and Kayastha castes, A few Brahmins could also be found amongst this ruling class. (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  801. Which one of the following Mughal painters was a caricaturist? Miskin
  802. Shah Jahan fought the Battle of Kartarpur against Guru Hargovind Singh
  803. Which one of the following centre was not a Dutch commercial establishment in India? Hugli
  804. Name the English Officer who obtained Madras on lease in 1639 from the ruler of Chandragiri. Francis Day
  805. Which one of the following provisions was not part of the Subsidiary Alliance? The State can go for adoption in the case of not having natural heir
  806. Name the Governor General who adopted a policy of the Europeanization of bureaucracy and an exclusion of Indians from higher posts. Cornwallis
  807. Curzon-Kitchner Controversy of 1904-05 is related to Abolition of military member in the Viceroy’s Council
  808. Name the ruler who was deposed in 1875 on charges of ‘gross misrule’. Malhar Rao Gaikwad of Baroda
  809. The first English Evening Daily Newspaper from Madras was The Madras Mail
  810. “Forget not that the lower classes, the ignorant, the poor, the illiterate, the cobbler, the sweeper are thy flesh and blood, thy brothers” – These words are related to Swami Vivekananda
  811. “The Indian Rebellion of 1857 was not one movement …. it was many” – The above statement has been made by C.A. Bayly
  812. One of the following Congress leaders did not preside any Session of the Indian National Congress. Bala Gangadhar Tilak
  813. The first Swadeshidacoity or robbery was organized in the year 1906 in Rangapur
  814. Who was called ‘Morning Star’ of Reformation? John Wycliffe
  815. Who used the word ‘Cold War’ first? Winston Churchill
  816. ‘Pure Blood Aryan theory’ is related to Nazism
  817. What position Nelson Mandela occupied in the African National Congress at the time of his release from jail after 26 years in 1990? Vice-President
  818. What was Marshal Plan? Economic package of USA to control Communism
  819. A concrete outcome of the Wavell Plan was the Summoning of the Shimla Conference
  820. Which one of the following Committees was appointed by the UPSC in 1974 to go into the issue of recruitment and selection methods? D.S. Kothari Committee (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  821. Who among the following explicitly states that “History bases all its conclusions on rational evidence”? Thucydides
  822. Which one of the following work was not authored by Leopol von Ranke? History of Rome
  823. The method of Radiocarbon Dating was used in India for the first time at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
  824. Where were the first Palaeolithic tools found in India? Pallavaram
  825. The Harappa culture people inherited the knowledge of wheat, barley and cotton cultivation from their ancestors of the following? Mehrgarh
  826. After Hastinapur was swept away by floods the Pandavas shifted their capital to Kausambi
  827. Pataligrama, which later became the famous city of Pataliputra, had been fortified initially by Ajatasatru
  828. ‘Dharmaraja’ too was a title of Asoka
  829. During Alexander’s invasion of India which of the following was ruled by two hereditary kings with the help of a council of elders? Pattala
  830. ‘Pautavadhyaksha’ was in-charge of which department under the Mauryan administrative system? Weights and measures
  831. Identify the Tamil anthology which is devoted to the praise of Chera Kings Padirruppattu
  832. Nahapana’s defeat at the hands of Gautamiputra Satakarni is attested by which of the following coin-hoards? Nasik
  833. Who among the following rulers had performed the maximum number of Asvamedha sacrifices? Pravarasena I
  834. A drama named ‘Kauntaleshwar Dautya’ has been attributed to Kalidasa by Kshemendra
  835. The temple of Rajarajesvara is dedicated to Siva
  836. Identify the dynasty, the rulers of which called them Brahma- Kshatriya Sena
  837. Who among the following rulers provided financial help for the restoration of a demolished Mosque in Khambhat? Chamu araja
  838. Which of the following dynasties is known for the involvement of women in its administration? Chalukya
  839. In which of the following works we get a detailed account of Firoz Shah’s canal system? Tarikh-I Mubarak Shahi
  840. Who among the following was an Alvar Saint? Kulasekhara (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  841. The Book of Marco Polo is primarily an account of Economic history of South India
  842. Concerning the foundation of Tughlaq dynasty by Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq, which one of the following statements is not true? The treasury of the empire which the Sultan inherited was very sound
  843. Shaikh Sharfuddin Yahya Maneri belonged to the Sufi Silsilah Firdausi
  844. Which one of the following is not correct in respect of Baburnamah? The events described are not in chronological order
  845. Daag and Chehra in Mughal military administration were introduced during the reign of Akbar
  846. In the battle of Haldighati, Rana Pratap of Mewar was defeated by the Mughal army led by Raja Man Singh
  847. Iwan in Mughal architectural terminology means A pillared construction of any dimensions and plan
  848. Under which Mughal emperor naturalist trends in Mughal painting reached their apogee? Jahangir
  849. Who among the following remarked that, “Unlike contemporary early modern European kings, the Mughal emperors did not depend upon loans from private financiers to meet routine expenditure.”? J.F. Richards
  850. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched? Institution Location? National Library – New Delhi
  851. Which one of the following statements is not correct? The large mass of revenue records dealing with land revenue is of no help to construct the history of rural society in medieval India
  852. One of the following was not a major result of the Permanent Revenue Settlement of East India Company? Agricultural production got a major boost
  853. Who was the Governor of Bengal between 1667 and 1669? Verlest
  854. The founder of the Nizam’s State in Hyderabad was Chin Lulich Khan
  855. The English East India Company lost its monopoly of Indian trade by throwing it open to the Britishers by the Charter Act of 1813
  856. Who was the Governor of Madras in 1661? Fox Croft
  857. Which one of the following policy document was called the ‘Magna Carta’ of Western education system in India? Charles Woods Despatch of 1854
  858. In whose honour Gateway of India was built? King George V
  859. Veda Samaj founded under the initiative of Kesab Chandra Sen in 1864 in Madras was renamed as the Brahmo Samaj of South India in 1871 by K. Sreedharalu Naidu
  860. Mrs. Annie Besant became the first woman President of Indian National Congress in the year 1917 (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  861. Who said in 1904 that “Bengal United is a power”, “Bengal divided will pull in several different ways.”? Herbert Risley
  862. Shyamji Krishna Varma set up the India House in London to work for India’s freedom in the year 1905
  863. Who has called Gopal Krishna Gokhale a rare combination of “the practical, strenuous worker and the mystic dreamer of dreams”? Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
  864. Vaikom Satyagraha was launched by Gandhiji in Kerala to Open the temples for the entry of avarnas or lower castes.
  865. Who has remarked, ‘history is more interesting than a novel’? David Hume
  866. Concerning relation of history with other subjects which one of the following statements is not correct? For a long time history was not considered as a branch of literature
  867. Who among the following declared that the postmodernist ideas were a menace to historical study? Arthur Marvic
  868. The Durham Report advocated the need of a gradual emancipation of British Colonies towards a state of complete independence. The recommendation was applied to The Colonies in Europe
  869. The largest number of Harappan sites has been found on the bank of the river Saraswati
  870. What was the unique feature of the Harappan civilization which was unknown to other contemporary civilizations? Cotton Cloth
  871. Who was the first to propound the theory of Aryan invasion on India? R.P. Chanda
  872. The famous philosopher king of the kingdom of Panchala during the later Vedic period was Pravahana Jaivali
  873. Who among the following Dharmasutra writers does not approve the system of Niyoga? Apastamba
  874. Several names of Kautilya have been mentioned in which one of the following? Abhidhana-Chintamani
  875. Which among the following places is not associated with the Megalithic culture? Adichchanallur
  876. The seat of the third great Sangam of Tamil authors was at Madura
  877. Which among the following was not a port city during the ancient period? Tuticorin
  878. Which one of the following inscriptions mentions the names of both Chandragupta and Ashoka? Junagarh inscription of Rudradaman
  879. In connection with Satvahana coins which one of the following statement is not correct? They issued gold coins
  880. With which of the following eras was the Malava-reckoning identical? Vikrama (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  881. In which among the following a reference to the trading activities of the Tamils is found? Silappadigaram
  882. The writer of Kural, the famous Deccan epic was Tiru-Valluvar
  883. Which Indian epigraph yields the first evidence of zero? Gwalior inscription of Bhojdeva
  884. The period from 1236 to 1296 witnessed the reign of Ten Sultans
  885. Which of the following statements is not correct? Immigrant Muslim masons were employed for the construction of Sultanate buildings, including both mosques and tombs
  886. Who calls the political economy of the Vijayanagara regime of the sixteenth century as feudal? N. Karashima
  887. Who stated that the ‘best place for a woman is the purdah or the grave? Badauni
  888. Who justified Mughal attack on Malwa by saying that Baz Bahadur occupied himself with “unlawful and vicious practices”? Nizamuddin Ahmad
  889. Which of the following officers was not associated with the administration of cities in the Mughal Empire? Nazim
  890. Which Mughal Court Chronicle gave an account of the Ahom Kingdom of Assam? Alamgirnama
  891. Which historian has spoken of tripartite relationship between zamindars, jagirdars and peasants as the reason for the crisis of the Mughal Empire and its decline? Satish Chandra
  892. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched? Jama-i-Kamil Assessment of revenue at normal rate
  893. Which of the following statements is not correct? The Portuguese dominated India’s maritime trade during the 17thcentury
  894. Which of the following statements is not correct? There was no middle class in Mughal India
  895. The biggest British capital investment in India was made in The Railways, Banking, Insurance and Shipping.
  896. Who said: ‘The misery hardly finds a parallel in the history of commerce. The bones of the cotton weavers are bleaching the plains of India.”? William Bentinck
  897. Who said, “Imparting education to natives is our moral duty”? Lord Moira
  898. After 1833 the single biggest source of drain of Indian wealth to Britain was British capital investment in India
  899. Which of the following is not one of the causes responsible for the rise of moneylenders in British India? New Educational System
  900. What was the common feature between the Wahabi and Kuka movements? Both began as religious movement, but drifted to become political movement (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  901. Who of the following was the biographer of Raja Rammohan Roy? Mary Carpenter
  902. The LexLoci Act gave The Christian converts the right to inherit their ancestral properties.
  903. Due to whose efforts Widow Remarriage Act was passed? Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar
  904. In which year the Indian association for the cultivation of science was established? 1876
  905. The Act Prohibiting Child Marriages was passed in 1891 due to the efforts of Keshab Chandra Sen and Behramji Malabari.
  906. Shri Narayan Dharma Paripalana Yogam of Kerala worked for Upliftment of dalits and peasants.
  907. The name ‘Indian National Congress’ was given by Dadabhai Naoroji
  908. The first woman who got nominated to the Madras Legislative Council in 1927 was Muthulakshmi Reddy
  909. The Indian National Congress became a real mass based political party after the Nagpur Session of the Congress in 1920.
  910. Who among the following said: “To define the postmodernism is not just to define a term. It is to characterize the present age and to assess how we should respond to it?” Arran Gare
  911. Consider the following statements and point out the one which is incorrect in the context of research methodology? Subjective approach in Historical writing makes it possible to present a true picture of the past
  912. Which one of the following sites in central India has yielded the largest number of copper hoard implements? Gungeria
  913. Which of the following is not true of Ashoka? He granted land to the ministers and the upper-most strata of bureaucracy in lieu of salary
  914. Which of the following is not correct about the vedic age? The society was wholly matriarchal
  915. Which one of the following sites is not associated with Painted Grey Ware? Tripuri
  916. Sanauli in Baghpat district of UP is known for which one of its following Archaeological remains? Harappan cemetery
  917. Which of the following was one of the causes of differences between the Buddha and Devadatta? Devadatta’s suggestions for making the followers the forest-dwellers
  918. Point out which one of the following sites has yielded the remains of a Jaina stupa? Mathura
  919. Which of the below mentioned inscriptions of Mauryan times provides details related to famine relief? Mahasthan inscription
  920. Of the following, which does not form a part of Bhagvad Gita? The condemnation of Ajivikas (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  921. Which of the elliptical temples built at the following sites during 3rd-1st century B.C. was dedicated to Naga cult? Sonkh
  922. Which is not true of the contents of the Aihole Inscription of Pulakeshin-II? It is dated in saka era 561 (= 639 – 40 AD)
  923. Who has applied the theory of Feudalism for the Chola State? R.N. Nandi
  924. Sijdah theoretically means Prostration before God
  925. Which of the sultans prohibited Muslim women from worshipping at the graves of the saints? Firozshah Tughlaq
  926. Which one of the following dynasties did not belong to Kashmir? Hindu Shahi
  927. Goa and Konkan regions were annexed to the Vijayanagar Empire during the reign of Harihara II
  928. Concerning sufi philosophy which one of the following statements is incorrect? As an aid to concentration the sufis favoured meditation than to music
  929. The term cartaz in the medieval period stood for Portuguese permit for sea trade
  930. Which one of the following is not correctly matched? Abdur Rahim – Badshah Namah
  931. Which of the Mughal emperors disapproved the practice of polygamy by saying that “polygamy brings ruin to (the man’s) health and woes to his home”? Akbar
  932. Pietra dura, a decorative style, was adopted in the Mughal architecture from the reign of Jahangir
  933. Abdur Rahim Khan-i-khanan made important architectural contributions at Burhanpur
  934. Regarding the nature of the late medieval rural society of India which one of the following is correct? The rural society of the medieval period was highly stratified in nature, Natural calamities, wars and local oppression often contributed to the shifting of rural people from one village to the other, The social structure of the village, old or new, reflected almost the same nature
  935. Which one of the following was the leader of Wahabi Movement? Syed Ahmad of Rai Bareilly
  936. The Blue Water Policy was associated with De Almeida
  937. Who among the following said “patriotism is religion and religion is love for India”? Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
  938. In 1834, one of the following remarked on the famine that “the bones of the cotton weavers are bleaching the plains of India”. William Bentinck
  939. Bullionism and favourable balance of trade were the salient features of Mercantilism
  940. The Muslim peasants of Malabar were known as Moplahs (Solved MCQs of Geography)
  941. One of the following was not a revolutionary leader during the freedom movement Lal Mohan Ghosh
  942. The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ in the State emblem has been taken from Mundaka Upanishad
  943. The Fergusson College at Pune was founded in 1885 by The Deccan Education Society
  944. Whom Gandhiji selected as the first satyagrahi to launch the individual satyagraha in October 1940? Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  945. The command of Indian National Army was given to Subhash Chandra Bose in 1943
  946. From the genesis of Indian National Congress to India’s independence (1885-1947) which leader amongst the following held the post of its President for the longest period? Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
  947. India took a very strong anti-west stand during which one of the following? Suez Canal Crisis
  948. Which leader among the following said Kashmir acceded to the Indian Union because of economic need? Shaikh Abdullah
  949. The first amendment to Indian Constitution (1951) was enacted to confer power on the States To place responsible restrictions on freedom of expression.
  950. Which one of the following books is not authored by R.S. Sharma? From Lineage to State
  951. Which one of the following statements is incorrect concerning historical objectivity? Historical objectivity is not linked up with value judgement.
  952. Concerning post-modernist theory which one of the following is incorrect? Hostility to history is not a marked character of post-modernist thought.
  953. Which one of the following statements is correct concerning the Mughal theory of kingship? The Mughal theory of kingship was an admixture of Turkish, Mongol and Islamic ideals, There was a conceptual change in the theory of kingship advocated by the Delhi sultans and the Mughals, The Mughal theory of kingship evolved gradually and obtained final shape during the reign of Akbar
  954. Who among the following is not associated with the Utopian Socialists? Friedrich Engels
  955. Which one of the following objectives relates to Indian foreign policy initiatives? Preservation of world-peace, Extension of human freedom, Opposition to colonialism and racialism

All the data for Solved MCQs of Geography test preparation have been compiled very carefully. Still, there remain chances of correction. Therefore, your comments on the given information for correction are welcome.

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