Solved MCQs of Journalism Mass Com

solved mcqs of journalism mass com
solved mcqs of journalism mass com
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Solved MCQs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication for test preparation are here. Many departments have announced the jobs of different posts related to Solved MCQs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication. I found that people are taking interest in all my posts. This gave me the strength to gather data on Solved MCQs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication test preparation. So, I took my time and arranged the data on Solved MCQs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication because it has the demand now a day.

Solved MCQs of Journalism Mass Com

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Solved MCQs of Journalism Mass Com

  1. A large size head1ine across the entire page is called: Banner
  2. A sheet containing facts and detailed information on any issue is known as: Backgrounder
  3. The key Narrator of a newscast or program is called: Anchor
  4. Mohammedan Social Reformer was the English Name of: Tahzeeb ul Akhlaq
  5. Daily Dawn Started in: 1942
  6. Zamindar was launched by: Maulvi Serajuddin
  7. The first Editor of Dawn was: Pothan Joseph
  8. The number of radio stations, which Pakistan got in 1947 were: 3 (1- Lahore 2- Peshawar 3- Dahaka)
  9. Daily Jung first appeared from: Delhi
  10. Hamid Nizami was the founder editor of: Nawa-e-waqt
  11. CPNE is the representative body of: Editors
  12. Television made its advent in Pakistan in: 1964
  13. Leader is the name of: Opening Editorial
  14. Continuation of a story on another page is called: Jump
  15. S.M.C.R. is a well known: Communication Model
  16. A story appearing with the name of the writer is called: By line
  17. The largest mass medium in Pakistan is: Television
  18. Dr. Goebbles is known as father of: Propaganda
  19. Radio Pakistan was converted to Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation in: 1972
  20. A.P.P. is the abbreviation of: Associated Press of Pakistan (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  21. What is meant by editorial note: Editor’s notes
  22. The news which appears in the papers two or three days before an important event is called: Curtain Raiser
  23. Who is the most important person in the T.V. NEWS: NEWS caster
  24. Hasrat Mohani published the newspaper: Urdu-I-Muallah
  25. The Nawa-e-Waqt started its publication in: 1940
  26. Irshad Ahmed Haqani writes his column under in: Harf-e-Tamannah
  27. Who was the first editor of the daily Jang? Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman
  28. Which of the private Pakistani T.V. Channel has the greatest number of viewers? GEO
  29. Which official is called the pilot of the newspaper: The editor
  30. Communication is a Process
  31. The head office of “The Khabrain” is in: Lahore
  32. APNS represents News paper owners
  33. P.T.V. started its transmission in the regime of: Ayub Khan
  34. Which is the largest circulated newspaper of Pakistan? The Jang
  35. The Nation is the sister publication of: The Nawa-e-Waqt
  36. AFP is the news agency of France
  37. Who was the founder of the Dawn? Quaid-e-Azam
  38. Wax-Wyllie wrote Radio and T.V. Writing
  39. Who was the founder of yellow journalism: William Hurst
  40. The Urdu edition of the Comrade was called: Humdard (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  41. Mass communication gets filtered by Gatekeepers
  42. New India was established by Mrs. Annie Besant
  43. New media have facilitated the type of communication which is Interactive
  44. The Times of India has launched its edition in the month of February, 2012 from Thiruvananthapuram
  45. For some feminist critics, mass media are used to portray women as belonging to Sentimental culture
  46. Which of the following is the latest development in the field of television set production? Smart sets
  47. Searchlight was a newspaper published from Bihar
  48. In Britain, the Press Council was replaced by The Media Complaints Commission
  49. The National news agency of Indonesia is Antara
  50. The Second Press Commission of India recommended the establishment of Newspaper Development Corporation
  51. The word ‘journalist’ is derived from Diurnalis
  52. Trans personal communication is Conversing with spirits and ancestors
  53. ‘Deep throat’ was the source of information for the reporters investigating The Watergate scandal
  54. The first amendment to Article 19(1) (a) of the Indian Constitution was mainly aimed to include ______ as a cause for reasonable restriction. Public order
  55. The post-industrial society is identified with New media
  56. Development, for some modernization theorists, is Differentiation
  57. Modern mass media have made, by providing diverse choices, their audiences Fragmented
  58. A newspaper can infringe others’ copyright provided it is in Fair dealing
  59. In public information model of public relations, importance is given to Truth
  60. Scientific research in mass communication demands the demonstration of Co-variation (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  61. A specific communication task to be accomplished with a specific target audience during a specific period of time is termed Advertising objective
  62. Which form of advertising is heavily used to introduce a new product? Informative advertising
  63. In offset printing, the plate image is transferred to Rubber blanket
  64. Monopoly of cultural products at the global level has led to Information imperialism
  65. The writers for media have adopted the narrative technique of Story telling
  66. Identify the correct sequence of the following newspapers on the basis of their origin. Bengal Gazette, Bombay Courier, Bombay Samachar, Bombay Darpan
  67. Identify the correct sequence of the following in term of authorship of theories. Walter Lippmann, Daniel Boorstin, Noam Chomski, Daniel Bell
  68. Identify the correct chronological sequence of the following theories: Public opinion theory, Magic bullet theory, Selectivity theory, Information theory
  69. Identify the correct sequence of the Ministers of Information and Broadcasting in India. Vallabh Bahi Patel, B.V. Keskar, Indira Gandhi, Nandini Satapathy
  70. Identify the correct chronological sequence of the following editors: Robert Knight, Frank Moraes, V.K. Narasimhan, Vinod Mehta
  71. What did the Lessons with Eisenstein talk about? Lessons of adaptation of literary works to cinema
  72. What is the difference between the classical theory and recent film theory on adaptation? Classical theories talk about changes of codes, whereas the recent theories talk of variations of authorship of themes
  73. What is the opinion of McLuhan on adaptation? The new medium takes in the past works of art and absorbs.
  74. Identify the areas of negative influence that television may have on an adapted film? The sound track, colour and framing
  75. What is the suggestion of Tarkovsky to solve the problem of ‘life and death for a film’? Separate literature from Cinema completely.
  76. The Shannon and Weaver model of communication is: Linear
  77. The medium that has the widest reach in India is: Radio
  78. The Surgeon-General’s report focused on the impact of television violence on Children
  79. The ‘Limited effects’ model of mass communication was a counter to Hypodermic needle model
  80. The issue of monopoly press was debated extensively during the Prime Minister-ship of Indira Gandhi (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  81. The code of ethics drawn in 1978 was a form of self-censorship by The All-India Newspaper Editors’ Conference
  82. A license in copyright matters creates in the license Personal right
  83. The distinction of being the editor of two major English newspapers, The Times of India and the Statesman was held by Robert Knight
  84. The community radio concept is identified with Narrowcasting
  85. One of the major recommendations of the First Press Commission of India was I introduction of Price-page schedule
  86. The communication theory of developmental communication emphasized Epistemological approach
  87. A strategy that is integrated into communication for development is Social marketing
  88. The middle range theory of communication was advocated by Robert Merton
  89. F. R. Leavis stressed on ________ of media text. Practical criticism
  90. A universal generalisation is the main feature of ________ explanation. Deductive
  91. The Likert scale is used to find out ________ of items selected. The discriminative power
  92. In the two-way symmetric model of public relations, the model of communication used is group-to-group
  93. The single – sheet advertisements printed on one-side are known as Fliers
  94. Multi-tasking in journalism is due to Technology convergence
  95. After determining its advertising objectives, a company has to set ___for each product. Advertising budget
  96. Which of the following is the combination of sound bite and stand up? Package
  97. The social network medium that has gone for global IPO recently is Facebook
  98. The soviet media theory had its roots in German ideology
  99. The readability tests, Fog Index and Reading. Ease score, were first employed by News agencies
  100. The television news writing these days includes Gender-neutral words (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  101. Mass media essentially operate in Public sphere
  102. When codes govern signs, and when assembled together, they become Texts
  103. The addressability of mass communication is altered by The digital media
  104. Transferring thoughts, ideas and messages into verbal and non-verbal signs is referred to as Encoding
  105. The utilization of a personal space and physical environment for communication is called Proxemics
  106. Generally, referential readings are Emotional
  107. The first chairman of the Press Council of India was Justice J.R. Mudholkar
  108. Organizational communication is concerned with the flow of messages within a network of interdependent Relationships
  109. The concept of Flak was constructed by Noam Chomsky
  110. Sardar K.M. Panickar was associated with The Hindustan Times
  111. In analog mass communication, contents are linear and Static
  112. Expression of opinion as to the public conduct of public servants is not Defamatory
  113. The decision of the Union Government to fix a minimum price for a newspaper was challenged by Sakal
  114. The organization of ombudsmen is located in The United States
  115. The New York Times has created the position of Public Editor
  116. Copyright does not subsist in Reproductions
  117. Preparation before beginning the task of investigation in qualitative research is called Epoche
  118. Developmental media Philosophy exports Domestic media content
  119. To a positivist researcher, reality is Objective
  120. The accuracy of systematic sampling is directly related to the adequacy of Sampling frame (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  121. The process of examining every member of a specified population is called Census
  122. Former President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad was associated with Searchlight
  123. Cutlip, Bernays, Ivy Lee are associated with Public Relations and Corporate Communication
  124. In terms of public awareness, news has the status of Dominant discourse
  125. The film, Lawrence of Arabia, belongs to the genre of Epic
  126. Live Television and radio that need the presence of audience are identified as Synchronous media
  127. In frequency modulation Frequency of carrier wave varies according to the amplitude of the signal.
  128. A psychographic characteristic of film audience is Need for status
  129. The term ‘spin doctors’ is used in a negative sense to refer to PR Professionals
  130. If a publication is half the size of a broadsheet, it is called Tabloid ory taxes.
  131. The correct sequence in the communication process is Perception, attention, selection, retention.
  132. Identify the correct sequence of sales steps a PR person should know. Attention, Interest, creation of confidence, selling the product
  133. When signs are organized into systems, they will become Codes
  134. In a post-modern society, culture is Commodified
  135. No new information is available in Phatic communication
  136. Redundancy helps in solving the problems associated with The audience
  137. Vivendi universal is a well-known media organization of France
  138. Which was the newspaper that Mahatma Gandhi edited in the year 1919? Indian Opinion
  139. Reaching the maximum number of people at the least possible cost by media is called Media consistency
  140. A variable that creates an alternative explanation of results is identified as Predictor variable (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  141. Duplicating only the sampling and experimental procedures of a previous analysis is called Instrumental replication
  142. Life style segmentation research investigates respondents Interests
  143. A study of a specific population as it changes over a period of time is known as Cohort analysis
  144. In advertising, a document that describes the target market, budget, creative strategy and objective is known as Media brief
  145. When a straight forward proposition is used in advertising, it is called Dogmatic approach
  146. Specimens of advertisements are kept in The guard book
  147. Saatchi and Saatchi is an agency that specializes in Advertising
  148. Lobbying is an activity of Public relationists
  149. When public relations personnel manage news in the media, it is termed? Spin doctoring
  150. The readability test, Fog Index, was developed by Robert Gunning
  151. When words have the emotive potential, they are categorized as Metaphors
  152. Curtain-raiser is part of an Interpretative journalism
  153. Ballooning is a cartoon contains Text
  154. Journalism that depends upon computer-assisted analysis of existing information is known as Database journalism
  155. When a camera pans fast to a visual’s blur and steadies into a correct focus at a particular point, it is called Whip pan
  156. ‘Taxonomy of News Values’ is written by Galtung and Ruge
  157. The first committee on National Communication Policy in India was headed by Ram Vilas Paswan
  158. List the right sequence of the earliest known journals printed in the world from Italy, China, Egypt, Korea
  159. Identify the correct sequence of five functional stages of developmental model for product, person and PR campaign. Identification, legitimacy, participation, penetration, distribution
  160. According to Charles Pierce, sign stands for its Object (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  161. When communication is studied, the number of levels of problems identified by Shannon and Weaver are Three
  162. Ferdinand de Saussure was, in his analysis, concerned only with Symbols
  163. Common sense assumptions are preferred to read meanings in media messages by Sociologists
  164. Narrow casting has a Specific audience
  165. The title of a newspaper is not protected by the law of Copyright
  166. Ownership of copyright cannot be claimed except as provided by Law
  167. Media literacy does not consist of Heightened expectations from media.
  168. The dominant model of development has in its focus Elitist aims
  169. The dependency theory of development is supposed to be understood in the context of The world system
  170. Focus group interviews need a moderator
  171. When we prefer the simplest method for research, it is called the principle of Parsimony
  172. When the receiver is in little need of information, it is known as Passive attention
  173. Mille rate is associated with Print media
  174. The method of heavy media usage for a given period of time for advertising is known as Wave method
  175. The Act that governs the rights and duties of advertising agencies is Indian Contract Act
  176. Time angle is important in Broadcast copy
  177. Who is the pioneer of film language? E.S. Porter
  178. The label ‘Cinema Verite’ means Creative interpretation of reality
  179. All non-digitized media are now-a-days identified as Analogue media
  180. The traditional approach of providing stability to a page while designing it was through Anchoring (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  181. More white space on a printed page can be gained by reducing the number of Columns
  182. When computer generated pictures or images are of a mosaic of geometrical shapes, it is called Serrated outline
  183. The chairman of samachar news agency when it was formed in 1976 was Mohammad Yunus
  184. Find out the correct sequence of Maslow’s Pyramid of needs? Basic psychological needs, safety and security needs, belonging and love needs, esteem needs, self-actualization needs
  185. Identify the proper sequence of development support communication by John. L. Woods: Knowledge generators, Political leaders, Intermediate groups, Knowledge users
  186. Mass media, according to, Lazarsfeld and Merton, reinforce Social norms
  187. The universal model of communication will have Five components
  188. E.M. Rogers, in his theoretical advocacy of diffusion of innovation, introduced the concept of cosmopolitaness
  189. When media companies are owned by non-media business houses, it is called Conglomerate media ownership
  190. George Gerbner while propounding the cultivation Theory emphasized on the concepts of: Heavy viewers, light viewers and mainstreaming, the last one being Resonance
  191. Majid Tehranian has spoken of development becoming an Ism
  192. For Woolfson, individual consciousness, permeated by social communication is socio-ideological
  193. The news media’s primary responsibility to its audience is to provide truthful and accurate information in support of Understanding news values that influence media decisions
  194. The Westley and McLean Model of communication identifies _______ role of the receiver. The behavioural
  195. When media audience derive different meanings from the same text, the message is considered Polysemic
  196. When media consumers search for knowledge as a motive, the need becomes Cognitive
  197. Stuart Hall asserted that the media created ‘Preferred readings’
  198. In societal corporation, the Government and society collaborate through Symmetrical communication
  199. The communication channels are kept open by Phatic function
  200. Metonyms are power conveyors of Reality (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  201. The first International Convention related to Copyright was held at Berne
  202. The Indian Constitution’s provision for the Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression is notionally drawn from Bill of Rights
  203. In the cases of defamation, the term ‘Manipulation’ means Allegation of fact
  204. The applicability of Article 14 of the Indian Constitution was invoked by the Supreme Court in the case involving the newspaper: The Times of India
  205. The Second Press Commission of India recommended the removal of Section 5 of The Official Secrets Act, 1923
  206. In research, language and argumentation are expected to objectivise: Human experiences
  207. The positivist paradigm, adopted by researchers in Mass Communication, makes a liberal use of Quantifications
  208. A distinction between administrative and critical communication research was first drawn by Paul Lazarsfeld
  209. Human simulations for research are identified as Games
  210. The fitness of good test of applying chi-square to find out the association between two variables demands a minimum sample of 50
  211. Fiske and Hartley have identified the concept of Bardic television
  212. The metaphor of a wired universe interlinked by a network of computers was popularised by Al Gore
  213.  _______ can be called as presentational media. Body language
  214. The Arabic television channel Al-Jazeera has its headquarters at Doha
  215. Motilal Ghosh was associated with Amrit Bazaar Patrika
  216. The Mail, published from the erstwhile city of Madras (now Chennai) was Aneveninger
  217. The Amit Mitra Committee was to prepare a report on National broadcast policy
  218. Narratology generally deals with two major elements; one is Suzette, i.e. structure, the other being Fibula
  219. Editing in newspapers means the removal of _____ in writing. Fog
  220. The largest advertising agency of the world is MacConn-Erikson Worldwide (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  221. According to a survey, advertisements published by women’s magazines were _______ women. Commoditizing
  222. An economy dependent upon selling and purchasing goods and services besides advertising to create a climate of purchases is supposed to promote: Consumer culture
  223. ___ is the basis of public relations, advocated by the English Philosopher, Jeremy Bentham. Utilitarianism
  224. The systems theory of public relations is described as a set of united Subsystems
  225. Identification and analysis of situation, problem and offering solution to achieve organisational objectives will come under Strategic communication
  226. Corporate public relations deals with The whole organisation
  227. The making of a film based on a novel is called adaptation, whereas a novel based on a film is called Novelization
  228. The mathematical ratio between the vertical and the horizontal measurements of a film/video is referred to as Aspect ratio
  229. A Jump Cut is an editing technique that is employed Within a scene
  230. Setting the best colour and density for the printing of each shot in film is known as Colour timing
  231. Separation of a programme signal from the carrier wave is Demodulation
  232. The down-the-line interview is conducted When the interviewer is at studio and the interviewee at another centre
  233. The commercial broadcasting wing of AIR, Vividh Bharati, was started as a counter to Radio Ceylon
  234. Extra programmes to make the already exiting radio programmes more attractive and interesting are well known as Frills
  235. What is an F-stop? The size of the opening of a diaphragm
  236. Denis Mc Quail identified the mass media function of Promotion of democratic participation
  237. The largest circulated English news magazine of India is India Today
  238. Indian Express was originally published from Madras
  239. Charles R. Wright was the first theorist who identified the media function of Entertainment
  240. ‘Marattha’ was the sister publication of Kesari (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  241. The British Broadcasting Corporation’s main revenue source for a long time was Licence fee
  242. The Yuva Vani programme of All India Radio was introduced during the tenure of ________ as the Minister for Information and Broadcasting. Pramod Mahajan
  243. Indian television channels are accused of promoting the stereotype of women being Submissive
  244. The functional analysis approach in communication is related to Social systems approach
  245. Who first described mass media as a culture industry? Theodor Adorno
  246. ______ is considered as a mechanical medium. Television
  247. The main purpose of asymmetric two-way model of public relations is Scientific persuasion
  248. Central to the uses and gratifications approach in communication would be Messages
  249. In communication, redundancy has Highest predictability
  250. The process school of communication leans heavily on Social sciences
  251. ‘Enlightened self-interest’ is the notion behind Corporate social responsibility
  252. The creative function of communication is important in Propaganda
  253. According to Umberto Eco, aberrant decoding takes place in a Mass society
  254. The deontological theory of Immanuel Kant prescribed categorical imperatives based on Moral Law
  255. Gatefold can be mostly seen in Magazines
  256. The Vidyalankar Committee was assigned to prepare a report on Central Publicity
  257. Section 95 of the Criminal Procedure Code permits a State Government the forfeiture of Offending publication
  258. The legal doctrine of direct impact is applied in the cases involving limitation of Newspaper Circulation
  259. The constitutional restriction on Article 19(1) (a) in the form of public order falls within the concentric circle of Law and order
  260. In a case of contempt of Parliament, R.K. Karanjia of the Blitz was _____ by the Speaker of Lok Sabha. Reprimanded (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  261. The protection of publication of proceedings of Parliament and State Legislature is guaranteed by Article ________ of the Indian Constitution. 361 A
  262. The multiplicity model of developmental communication was advocated by Jan Servaes
  263. For Daniel Lerner, exposure to media would energies the process of ________ for development. Empathy
  264. The advertising medium that has the advantage of high selectivity, immediacy and low cost is Online
  265. Most co-relational designs have the problem of manipulating Independent variables
  266. The main problem of simulation in communication research is Validity
  267. The panel study is sensitive to Experimental mortality
  268. The snowball sampling method is useful when the universe is small and Specific
  269. Discourse analysis considers all human communication as a Narrative
  270. The closed systems approach is reflected in ______ public relations. Reactive
  271. The mathematical centre is not the optic centre when we design the front page of a Standard daily newspaper
  272. A sentence used in communication is a _______ of words. Syntagm
  273. The reference code often used for television recordings is known Clock time
  274. When the frames of a TV commercial are shown to a select group of samples to get their opinion, it is called A Bruzzone test
  275. What is a Spinoff? Is a new TV serial created by taking elements from an earlier serial
  276. Who identified that ‘online gambling is a serious issue that has not been addressed under any law’? Asian Cyber Law Institute
  277. Reuters has invested in the Indian news agency Asia News International
  278. The news agency that has the largest number of foreign correspondents is Associated Press
  279. An editor, in order to maintain consistency in visual style in his newspaper, should Use fonts within one type family
  280. A panel designed to absorb or reflect sound is identified as Battle (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  281. Simultaneous presentation of two contradictory visuals is called Counter point
  282. Measuring the number of digital errors in a single signal is known as Error rate
  283. A broadcast commercial produced for the purpose of demonstration is identified as Speculation spot
  284. The Aristotelian dramatic structure that is generally adopted for feature film has five phases. The four phases are exposition, rising action, climax and falling action. The fifth is Resolution
  285. In newspapers, news headlines should be written around a strong Verb
  286. Find out the correct chronological sequence of the following news agencies: Havas, Reuters, United Press International, Bloomberg
  287. Find out the correct sequence of the stages identified in the information processing theory. Attention, comprehension, acceptance, retention, action
  288. Socially and culturally less powerful people are _________ by mass media. Stereotyped
  289. The possible harmful effects of mediated communication always lead to Moral panics
  290. When media is connected with reality that type of framing becomes Referential
  291. The media audiences are capable of Critical distance
  292. Semiology uses a microscopic views of texts to _________ them. Deconstruct
  293. Raymond Williams identified the general process of the meaning production in relation to Ideology
  294. When certain words are used to reinforce the encoder’s intended meaning, it is described as Anchorage
  295. A major barrier in the transmission of cognitive data is an individual’s Expectation
  296. Signs that possesses a resemblance to their referent are considered Iconic
  297. When media texts are related emotions and feelings, it becomes _______ domain? The affective
  298. Democratic-participant theory of media can be implemented only by Citizen viewpoints
  299. ‘Bridal Mantra’, a new magazine, was launched by The Hindu
  300. Who coined the term, ‘Pack Journalism’? Timothy Crouse (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  301. The Copyright Board in India has certain powers of Civil courts
  302. The 42nd Amendment to the Indian Constitution was in relation to Parliamentary privileges
  303. The term, development support communication was advocated by Erskine Childers
  304. The role of epistemology is emphasized in ______ of development. The communitarian theory
  305. The ethical classification of categorical imperatives was supported by Immanuel Kant
  306. Measurement systems attempt to be isomorphic to Reality
  307. The presence of an extraneous variable in media research indicates Lack of internal validity
  308. A chain of referrals to identify respondents for collection of data will result in the sampling method known as Snowball
  309. Cronbach’s Alpha signifies Reliability
  310. Spurious relationship between two concepts in a research study offers a Rival explanation
  311. Non-parametric tests are generally applied to analyze Nominal data
  312. A social psychologist, Albert Bandura, researched upon the imitation effect of Television violence
  313. One way news flow leads to Cultural Imperialism
  314. A rate of decline in response to advertisements is called Response decay
  315. Frequency range of FM Broadcast is 88 MHz – 108 MHz
  316. Publishing or telecasting controversial advertisements is a PR tactic
  317. Scheme advertising aims at _________ promotion. Consumer
  318. Theme advertisements normally contain Emotional appeal
  319. The principal feature of marketing communication Two-way communication
  320. The number of agate lines of advertising printed in a specific period is known as Linage (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  321. Short wave frequencies are used for radio communication of Long distance
  322. A cut from one sound to another without breaking continuity is Segue
  323. The off-script lines that characters or anchors say in real time are known as Ad-libbing
  324. The process of working on sound after studio production is known as Audio Sweetening
  325. The very first film show in India was held at Bombay
  326. In film making, panning shots can be described as visual Paradigms
  327. A canted shot is also referred to as Dutch angle
  328. Throw line is A sentence in the news story that leads to a sound bite
  329. Police story means Newspaper’s stand on an issue
  330. In newspaper parlance, sacred cow means A favorable treatment to a story
  331. Widow in newspaper production refers to Isolated word
  332. The Italian type faces are invented by Aldus Manutins
  333. Bright is a/an Short feature
  334. Nicholas Jenson created the first of _______ typefaces. Old style
  335. When the first and last columns have solid text, it becomes Frame layout
  336. Polychronic use of time is popular in ________ culture. Indian
  337. Galtung and Ruge identified an element of newsworthiness called Threshold
  338. In reporting, verification is understood to have conformity with specified Criteria
  339. The Human Interest score of Flesch formula of readability indicates Personal words and sentences
  340. Find out the correct sequence of the following developmental models: Dominant Paradigm, Dependista, Integrated Rural Development, Participatory (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  341. In communication, social meanings are part of Interpretation
  342. Cognitive Mapping is a Speculative aesthetic principle
  343. Jacobson’s Model of Communication has constituent factors numbering six
  344. Icons are very frequently used in television reports of Weather
  345. For communicators, epistemology is concerned with the theories of Knowledge
  346. Who said that practical control of instrumental reason was by communicative rationality? Habermas
  347. Manuel castells used the term Network society
  348. The horizontal dimension in Gerbner’s model denotes Access
  349. The relationship of the sign to others in its system is called by Saussure as Value
  350. When codes shape collective perceptions, they are termed Ideological codes
  351. Vox props in telecasts are mostly Field based
  352. The code of ethics followed by Doordarshan forbids: Criticism of Friendly Countries
  353. The first public television transmission system in the world was BBC
  354. A construct is a combination of Concepts
  355. In communication research, the chi-square statistic is also referred to as Crosstabs
  356. The case study method is an empirical investigation that uses Multiple data sources
  357. Every media researcher should attempt to eliminate the influence of Control variables
  358. Factor analysis is Multivariate
  359. Non-parametric tests measure variables at Nominal level
  360. The prevention of publication of objectionable Matter Act, 1976 provided for demanding from the press Security deposit (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  361. The Newsprint control order, 1962, was partially struck down by the Supreme Court of India in the case involving Indian Express
  362. Young Persons (Harmful Publications) Act, 1956 emphasize Prevention of dissemination of publications harmful to young people.
  363. Civil detention is a punishment for Contempt of court
  364. Limitation for actions of contempt of court is ________ year from the date of contempt. One
  365. The second press commission of India suggested the removal of ________ from the official secrets Act of India, 1923. Section 5
  366. Name the city where the international film festival held in 1951. Bombay
  367. ‘Television without frontiers’ was the philosophy first encouraged by The European Union
  368. Broadcasting is a/an ________ activity. Institutional
  369. In which city All India Radio launched an infotainment channel known as FM-II on September 01, 2001? Kolkata
  370. The number of AIR channels given service by the KU band on DTH platform is 12
  371. Name the city where four 500 KW super power short-wave transmitters were commissioned: Kolkata
  372. Simultaneous transmission of several channels of compressed digital contents of television is referred to as Multicast
  373. Because television integrates members of a culture into its dominant value system, it is referred to as Bardic
  374. ‘Ecstasy’ was a movie directed by Gustav Machaty
  375. The headquarter of the National Centre of Films for Children and Young People (NCYP) is situated at Mumbai
  376. When an advertising agency offers several specialized services, it is called Bouquet
  377. Puffery normally contains a statement of Opinion
  378. The profession of a public relations has evolved from Press agentry
  379. ‘Chanakya’ awards conferred annually by PRCI
  380. The code of Athens was sourced from UN Declaration of Human Rights (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  381. Which country got the Chairmanship of NAM pool in 1976? India
  382. Bloomberg specializes in supplying Financial news
  383. The organization that has instituted awards for the best stories for the coverage of conflict in Indian print media is PII-ICRC
  384. Value judgements should be avoided while writing News stories
  385. Readability tests do not test Word familiarity
  386. According to a survey by C.J. Nelson Research Inc., an average reader is expected to read a minute 250 words
  387. Typefaces used for editorial pages are Large
  388. An intaglio plate is used in the printing process of Rotogravure
  389. Colour printing demands colour Separation
  390. Two facing pages in the centre of magazine create a Centre spread
  391. Find out the correct sequence of the stages in E.M. Roger’s model of diffusion of innovations: Knowledge, persuasion, decision, confirmation
  392. Find out the correct chronological sequence of following PR associations IPRA, PRSA, PRSI, PRCI
  393. Find out the chronological sequence of films that were most popular in the US during 1899-1907: Pajama Girl, The Woman at the bath, The Great Train Robbery, Philadelphia Inquirer
  394. Identify the correct sequence of the steps used by the persuader to get persuades to attend their messages Attention, need, visualization, satisfaction
  395. In non-verbal communication, signs signify Constructs
  396. Communication has a _____ value. Power
  397. Newcomb’s model of communication is Triangular
  398. Interaction with media contents and critically analyzing them is known as Media literacy
  399. The qualified privilege in relation to parliamentary proceedings in India is based on The British law
  400. The right to refuse publication by a newspaper is based on the assumption that it is a Private enterprise (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  401. The second press commission of India did not favour a code of ethics that was Formal
  402. The Newspaper (price and page) Act, 1956, was challenged in the Supreme Court by Sakal
  403. The Right to Know in India is Limited
  404. The Fundamental Rights of an Indian citizen are subservient to Parliamentary privileges
  405. One condition in causation is Co-variation
  406. Intervening variable is also known as ______ variable. Control
  407. An Audience Research Unit of Doordarshan conducted a study in 1993 which revealed that development oriented programmes do not have viewership because of Lack of local specificity
  408. A single value that represents a typical score in a distribution is known as Central tendency
  409. The ownership of a newspaper press is administered by the general law of Property
  410. The eye-movement that flows in the shape of letter‘s’ is Gaze motion
  411. Which medium is traditionally known as poor cousin of television and print media? Out-door media
  412. In the market model of media management, the audience is considered as made up of Consumers
  413. The Western model of development, it is alleged, is characterized by Infinite consumersion
  414. The social responsibility model of media developed along with the growth of Mixed economics
  415. In the mass manipulative model, the audience is considered as passive
  416. The term ‘broadcasting’ was borrowed from Agriculture
  417. The perspective of pluralistic model of development is Empowerment
  418. “Revolution of the empowerment of the media consumer” is argued by Julious Reuters
  419. The application of media ethics involves Finding most morally defensible answer to a problem.
  420. Non-statutory news councils are popular in USA (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  421. The golden triangle of Public Service Communication Comprises Objectivity, impartiality &balance.
  422. The key feature of media performance is Personalization
  423. The country in which the print medium is growing fast in the world is India
  424. A media Moghul, Ted Turner, started his career from Outdoor advertising
  425. In which type of shot the subject looks stronger, imposing, and authoritative? Low angle shot
  426. In television production intensity, colour, dispersion and direction are closely related to Lighting
  427. Composite, component, RGB are forms of Video signals
  428. MTV was initially started as a Cable Channel
  429. The broadcast style of writing demands the use of Nickel Words
  430. Digital media narration is dynamic
  431. Personal, real time and customized online media with a 3-D mode are called Immersive media
  432. A person who does not post messages but reads what others write on an online discussion board is identified as Lurker
  433. The illegal radio stations that began broadcasting into Great Britain in 1960’s were called as Pirate broadcasters
  434. What was the length of the first Indian feature film, Raja Harish chandra produced in 1913? 3700 feet
  435. According to Nicholas Negroponte the World Wide Web is an engine of Public relations
  436. When products are sold using designs drawn from media products, it is called Character merchandising
  437. Product advertising over a small area without damaging national investment is known as Test marketing
  438. Responses of readers to a published advertisement result in Pulling power
  439. Direct mail advertising is often referred to as Junk mail
  440. Which newspaper carried an advertisement in 1875 announcing presentation of a farce named “Lamentations of Bhart Mata with her children”. Amrit Bazar Patrika (solved mcqs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication)
  441. Placing two versions of an advertisement in the same issue of a newspapers or magazine is known as split-run test
  442. The book, ‘Bias of Communication’ was written by Harold Innis
  443. Who is the author of the book, ‘Define Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results’? R.H. Colley
  444. Which Committee was constituted in 1991 to examine and recommend ways and means to win over advertisers to Doordarshan? Mahalik Committee
  445. Identify right sequencing of countries that began publication of newspapers in the early 17th century. Germany, Belgium, France, England
  446. Identify the correct sequence of Mc Quail’s five basic functions of media. Information, Correlation, Continuity, Entertainment, Mobilization
  447. Identify the correct sequence of the following: Frame, shot, scene, sequence, film

All the data for Solved MCQs of Journalism Mass Com Mass Communication test preparation have been compiled very carefully. Still, there remain chances of correction. Therefore, your comments on the given information for correction are welcome.

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