Solved MCQs of Library Science

solved mcqs of library science
solved mcqs of library science
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Solved MCQs of Library Science for test preparation are here. Many departments have announced the jobs of different posts related to Solved MCQs of Library Science. I found that people are taking interest in all my posts. This gave me the strength to gather data on Solved MCQs of Library Science test preparation. So, I took my time and arranged the data on Solved MCQs of Library Science because it has the demand now a day.

Solved MCQs of Library and Information Science

You can prepare here with our Solved MCQs of Everyday Science Test Preparation. Let us start Solved MCQs of Library Science Test Preparation;

Solved MCQs of Library and Information Science

  1. National Library Week in India is being celebrated annually since 1968
  2. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the then Union Education Minister formally declared one of the following libraries open to the public on 2nd February, 1953: National Library, Calcutta
  3. Library Literature is a: Tertiary source of information
  4. The frequency of Data India is: Weekly
  5. Berne Convention is concerned with: Copyright
  6. The Indian state which enacted library legislation in the year 1948 is: Tamil Nadu (Madras)
  7. The concept of Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) was enunciated by H.P. Luhn
  8. Current Awareness Bulletin is: Trend Report
  9. In 1966, the MARC as a pilot project was launched by: Library of Congress
  10. SAARC documentation centre was established in 1994
  11. Ranganathan’s canons of classification as grouped into three planes of work are: Idea, Verbal and Notational
  12. The first block in ISBN is a: Geographic Identifier
  13. Theory X and Theory Y were formulated by: Douglas Murray McGregor
  14. The method of reducing the physical size of a block of information is called: Data Compression
  15. Which one of the following is a volatile memory? RAM
  16. LYCOS is a: Search engine
  17. The ability to travel between electronic documents using any number of alternative paths to find relevant information is known as: Searching
  18. A questionnaire designed with open-ended questions is known as: Unstructured
  19. Non-Sampling Error (NSE) are referred to as the errors of: Quantification
  20. Delhi Public Library was established in: 1951 (solved mcqs of library science)
  21. The fundamental equation of Information Science has been put forward by: Robert Brooks
  22. Source, Message, Transmitter and receiver are the components of communication model developed by: Shannon – Weaver
  23. Who said that Knowledge is of two kinds? We know a subject ourselves or we know where we can find information about it? Samuel Johnson
  24. The acronym for Association for Information Management is: ASLIB
  25. Census Atlas National Volume is an example of _________ Atlas: Demographic
  26. COMPENDEX is the on-line Database on the subject: Engineering
  27. Routing of periodicals is: CAS
  28. The subject “Research Methodology” has been formed by which of the following modes? Distillation
  29. Boolean Logic was propounded by: George Boole
  30. “IMCE” Stands for: International Meeting of Cataloguing Experts
  31. An indispensable function of Thesaurus is: Representation of relationship between concepts
  32. “Book Number” helps in: Individualising the book within the same class number
  33. The library budget prepared without considering the previous year’s budget is: Zero based Budget
  34. The abbreviation MB to state the storage capacity refers to: Mega bytes
  35. Data about data is known as: Metadata
  36. The concept of Micro photography was developed by: John Benjimen Dancer
  37. Which among the following is a digital library software used in the creation of an in-house digital library: Greenstone
  38. SSDC referred to the National Documentation Centre now known as: NASSDOC
  39. Annual Convention of INFLIBNET organized to discuss the progress of the library automation and library services is known as: CALIBER
  40. Formulation of Research Hypothesis implies: Formation of tentative generalization (solved mcqs of library science)
  41. Which one of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched? The value of a variable for which the frequency is maximum…………… Probability.
  42. Identify the correct chronological order in which they were setup: INSDOC, DRTC, NASSDOC, RRRLF
  43. Herzberg’s is two factor theory deals with: Motivation
  44. The “Principle of Literary Warrant” was propounded by: W. Hulme
  45. Pre-natal Cataloguing means Pre-Publication Cataloguing
  46. The author who defined Reference Service as the “Process of establishing contact
    between a reader and his documents in a personal way” is: WA. Katz
  47. Identify the odd one: World of Learning
  48. WIPO stands for: World Intellectual Property Organisation
  49. Which of the following is not correctly matched? Digital Library – Print Material
  50. An entry in an Abstracting Journal consists of: An abstract and bibliographic citation
  51. The National Library for the visually handicapped is located at: Dehradun
  52. In which of the following network topologies, all the computers are connected to a central computer: Star
  53. If the size of the study population is very small, the following sampling method will give better results: Purposive
  54. Formatting a document in Computer means: Editing the content
  55. Which of the following search devices will lead to an increase in the Recall output? Truncation
  56. Orientation of library users is a kind of: Reference Service
  57. Informal Communication among knowledgeable persons is known as: Invisible College
  58. The term ‘Precision’to measure the performance of Information Retrieval Systems, was suggested by: F.W. Lancastere
  59. The GMD in a catalogue entry according to AACR-II revised edition is given: After the title proper
  60. The chronological sequence of the technology is: Telephone, Television, Satellite Communication, INTERNET (solved mcqs of library science)
  61. Identify the correct order of the evolution of the following storage devices: Magnetic tape, Floppy, CD, DVD
  62. Identify the correct order of evolution of computers: Main frame, Micro, PC-AT, PC-XT
  63. Identify the correct order of evolution of the following storage order: Clay tablet, Paper, Micro card, Magnetic tape
  64. Identify the correct chronological order in which the following were established: National Library of India (Kolkata), Delhi Public Library, Documentation Research
  65. Which one of the sequences is in ascending order? Bytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes, Terrabytes
  66. Which of the following would be the correct chronological sequence? Librametry, Bibliometrics, Informetrics, Webometrics
  67. Arrange the physical forms of catalogue in the chronological sequence: Register, Sheaf Catalogue, Card Catalogue, OPAC
  68. Digital clocks are analog in nature because: display discrete numbers standing for time
  69. Hybrid computers are developed to take advantage of: strength of both analog and digital devices
  70. Analog computers measure physical quantities because of: the temperature and accuracy
  71. Digital computers assume more importance in applied information science because of: the capabilities for symbol manipulation
  72. Which among the following is considered as an informal channel of Information Communication? Invisible Colleges
  73. Which one of the following is not correctly matched? Cumulative Book Index – Books published in English language
  74. URL stands for: Uniform Resource Locator
  75. Zero Based Budgeting system was propounded by: Peter Phyrr
  76. A series of interconnected documents stored on the Internet is called: Websites
  77. The first All India Conference of Librarians in 1918 was held at: Lahore
  78. If two citations are cited together, it is known as: Co-citation
  79. Grey Literature means: The literature which is not published and is not available through normal book selling channels
  80. The smallest unit of data in a database is: Field (solved mcqs of library science)
  81. The term “Bandwidth” refers to: The speed of transmission of data
  82. Which of the following factors is not considered in the making of a library budget? The age of library employees
  83. The decision to make or not to make an entry under a subject term is governed by the Canon of Ascertainability
  84. “Span of control” refers to: The numbers of subordinates to be supervised
  85. The catalogue codes were developed in the order as: Rules for dictionary catalogue, Anglo American Code (Joint Code) ALA rules for author and title entries, AACRI
  86. Which is the correct sequence of the following in the chronological order of publication 1st edition of C.C., Rider’s International Classification, 14th edition of D.D.C., Broad System of Ordering
  87. Identify the development in following Library Software in correct chronological sequence Libsys, Sanjaya, SOUL, SLIM
  88. Select the right chronological sequence of information systems, as per their year of establishment Patent Information System (India), INIS, AGRIS, NISSAT
  89. Select the right sequence of the following devices according to their storage capacity in descending order: DVD, CD, Floppy Disc, Punched Card
  90. Select the right sequence of contribution of classificationists in the chronological order Francis Bacon, W.T. Harris, Melvil Dewey, J. D. Brown
  91. “Stock verification is a common practice in the following agencies only”. Choose the correct answer to justify it: libraries, government offices and business houses
  92. “Annual stock taking is usually done in order to assess profit and loss”. Choose the correct answer to justify it: The statement is false
  93. Choose the correct answer from the following: Stock articles are of permanent value
  94. Choose the correct answer from the following: Casual leaves are not subject to accumulation
  95. Choose the right answer from the following: The type writer is a stock article because It is not a stationary article
  96. These documents are not primary sources: Reference Books
  97. World of Learning is: A Directory
  98. Headquarters of IFLA is located in: The Hague
  99. National Library for Visual handicapped is situated in: Dehradun
  100. The first page of Website is known as: Home Page (solved mcqs of library science)

All the data for Solved MCQs of Library Science test preparation have been compiled very carefully. Still, there remain chances of correction. Therefore, your comments on the given information for correction are welcome.

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