Solved MCQs of Mix Questions from Past Papers

solved mcqs of mix questions
solved mcqs of mix questions
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You can prepare many other fields for Test Preparation. Let us start Solved MCQs of Mix Questions from Past Papers;

Solved MCQs of Mix Questions from Past Papers

  1. Accord of Uqba took place in 13th Nabvi.
  2. On 27th Rajab, 10 Nabvi the event of Miraj took place.
  3. 10th Nabvi was called Aam-ul-Hazan (year of grief).
  4. Name of the camel on which Prophet was riding in migration was Qaswa.
  5. Omaar bin Hisham was the original name of Abu Jehl.
  6. Abu-al-Hikm is the title of Abu Jehl.
  7. Persons included in Bait-e-Uqba Oola 12 and in Bait-e-Uqba Sani 75.
  8. Cave of Hira is 3 miles from Makkah.
  9. Hijra took place in 13th Nabvi.
  10. Medina is 338 Km from Makkah. (210 miles)
  11. Makkah conquest occurred in 8th year of Hijra.
  12. Prophet performed Hajj in 10th Hija.
  13. Prophet was buried in the hujra of Ayesha.
  14. Prophet was born in 1st Year of Elephant.
  15. Ambassadors sent to Arab& other countries in 7th Hijra. Solved mcqs of mix questions
  16. King of Iran tore away the message of Prophet.
  17. King of Byzantine in 7th Hijra was Hercules.
  18. After 6 years of the birth of Holy prophet Bibi Aamna died.
  19. After 8 years of the birth of Prophet Abdul Muttalib died.
  20. Holy Prophet demised at the age of 63.
  21. First Azan was called out in 1 A.H.
  22. Bahira Syrian Christian saint recognized prophet as last prophet
  23. Harb-i-Fajjar was a war fought b/w Quraish and Bani Hawazin Prophet was of 15 years and participated in it.
  24. Prophet visited Taif in 10th Nabvi.
  25. Tribe of Taif was Saqaif.
  26. Prophet with Zaid bin Haris went Taif & stayed for 10 days.
  27. Bibi Amna suckled Prophet for 3 days.
  28. After 18 month at Madina of change of Qibla occurred.
  29. Old name of Zu Qiblatain is Banu Saleem.
  30. Cave of Hira is in Jabal-e-Noor Mountain. Solved mcqs of mix questions
  31. At Masjid Al Khaif (Mina) almost 70 prophets are buried.
  32. Month of migration was Rabiul Awal
  33. Qiblah now-a-days is called Khana-e-Kaba.
  34. Prophet addressed Khutba-e-Jum’aa for first time in 1st Hijra
  35. Year of Deputation is 9th Hijrah.
  36. Moawakhat (the brotherhood) took place in 2nd Hijra.
  37. Jehad was allowed in 2nd Hijrah.
  38. Ashaab-e-Sufah: Muhajirs who stayed near Masjid-e-Nabvi.
  39. Hurrirah means a cat.
  40. Bait-e-Rizwan took place in 6th Hijrah.
  41. Jewish tribe of Banu Nuzair expelled from Madina in 4th H.
  42. Bait-e-Rizwan is also known as Bait-e-Shajra made under Keekar tree.
  43. Companions of Prophet at Hudabiya were 1400
  44. Prophet stayed at Makkah for 15 days after its conquest.
  45. 1 Lac companions accompanied Prophet at last Hajj. Solved mcqs of mix questions
  46. Prophet spent his last days in Ayesha’s house.
  47. Cave of Soar is located near Makkah 5 miles.
  48. Quba is 3 miles away from Madina.
  49. In sixth year of Hijrah, Prophet intended for Umrah.
  50. Prophet stayed in Ayyub Ansari’s house for 7 months.
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