Solved MCQs of Physical Education

solved mcqs of physical education
solved mcqs of physical education
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Solved MCQs of physical education for test preparation are here. Many departments have announced the jobs of different posts related to Solved MCQs of physical education. I found that people are taking interest in all my posts. This gave me the strength to gather data on Solved MCQs of physical education test preparation. So, I took my time and arranged the data on Solved MCQs of physical education because it has the demand now a day. You can prepare for KPPSC, PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS, OTS, PTS, MTS, AJKPSC, SPSC, BPSC, ITS, CTS, ATS, CTSP, STS, GTS, FTSPAK, DTS, CTSP, ETS, CTA, JTS, UTS, GCTS and all the vacant posts like Assistant Director, District Population Welfare Officer, Deputy District Population Welfare Officer, Tehsil Population Welfare Officer, Speech Writer, Deputy Director, Information Officer, Stenographer, Communication Specialist, Demographer, Transferring Officer, Instructor, Technical Officer, Producer, Staff Officer, Executive Engineer, GIS Specialist, Administration, Estate Management, TE&TP, Town Planning, Architecture, Psychologist, Assistant Chief, Labour Officer, Treasury Officer, Accountant, Computer Operator, Librarian, Scientific Officer, Establishment and Finance, Forest Officer, Assistant Manager, Additional Solicitor, Controller, Medical Officer, Agriculture Officer, Farm Manager, Cotton Inspector, Information Officer, Photographer, Supervisor, Naib Qasid, “Management Trainees”, Secondary School Teacher, Headmaster, Headmistress,  Lecturer, etc.

Solved MCQs of Physical Education

You can prepare here with our Solved MCQs of Education and Pedagogical Skills Test Preparation. Let us start Solved MCQs of physical education Test Preparation;

Solved MCQs of Physical Education

  1. India participated in Olympic Games for the first time in 1900
  2. Bones in human body are classified on the basis of Size and Shape
  3. Theory of insight learning was propounded by Kohler
  4. First Teachers’ Training College in India was started at Chennai
  5. Aim of sports training is Improvement of sports performance.
  6. One of the important research tools is Questionnaire
  7. Test, Measurement and Evaluation are related with one another in the following way: Test and Measurement are parts of evaluation.
  8. Basic function of Association of India Universities (AIU) is Planning of the Inter- University Competitions.
  9. N.I.S. was established in 1960
  10. Which organ performs endocrine as well as exocrine functions in human body? Pancreas
  11. Frontal plane divides the body into Front and back halves
  12. Which of the following is a secondary law of learning? Law of recency
  13.  Development of maximum strength should start at the age of 16 – 18 years
  14. Health related fitness does not include Speed
  15. Incomplete recovery is vital in Interval training
  16. Close form questionnaire contains questions that call for Short response
  17. Cooper’s 12-minutes Run and Walk test measures: Cardiorespiratory endurance
  18. Planning Physical Education lesson must emphasize on Age of learner
  19. Which of the following rewards of physical education teaching is the most important? Promotion of healthy life style
  20. What makes physical education teachers teach physical education activities? The love of children (solved mcqs of physical education)
  21. Which of the following influences the person to enter the teaching profession? Personal interest
  22. The nature of physical education teaching job is Informality of teaching
  23. In Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps broke the record of Mark Spitz
  24. Which one of the following pair is correctly matched? Linear motion is created by – Centric force
  25. Haemoglobin is found in Red Blood Corpuscles (RBC)
  26. The motion of a pole vaulter in downward direction after clearing the bar is an example of Regularly accelerated motion
  27. A skill where there is time to prepare, previews the situation and completely control the movement is termed as: Self-paced skill
  28. The National Plan of Physical Education was published by Government of India in 1956
  29. Newton’s Third Law of Motion can be primarily used to explain: Running and jumping
  30. Which of the following Vitamins is available from Sun rays? Vitamin D
  31. Transition period in training cycle aims at Recovery
  32. If we toss three coins, probability of three heads will be 1/8
  33. When the reliability and validity of a test have already been established, it is called Standardised test
  34. Which of the following is against the principles of organisation? Overlapping of authority
  35. How much protein a working woman should take every day? 37 gm
  36. The first institute in India to propagate the cause of indigenous physical activities is H.V.P. Mandal, Amravati
  37. Which one of the following is not a research tool? Survey
  38. The ambit within which the sports management must not perform is generally referred to as Innovation in Sports
  39. Select the correct order of arrangement of the following anatomical structures in descending order of their locations: Coracoid process, Glenoid cavity, Xiphoid process, Acetabulum
  40. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? Acceptance of Null hypothesis when Ho is true – Type-I error (solved mcqs of physical education)
  41. From the following, identify the one which is not a theory of management: The systematic-analytical theory
  42. From the following, identify the one which is not the principle of organisation: Over-lapping
  43. Management has traditionally been divided along a bipolar authoritarian democratic continuum. The management where the manager does not provide active leadership and believes that problems will solve themselves if given time is called: Laissez faire management
  44. A subject exercised for five minutes in Harward step test. If his total pulse count was 250, then his fitness index will be: 60
  45. Validity may be of different types such as face validity, concurrent validity and construct validity. Among them establishment of logical validity is included in: Face validity
  46. Two groups were tested for abdominal strength endurance using sit-up test. Mean values of the groups in sit-up were 25 and 27.4 respectively. The standard error of the difference between means was 1.2. Calculated t-value was: 2.0
  47. The research which involves an in-depth study and evaluation of available information to explain the nature of complex phenomenon is: Analytical research
  48. A substantial imbalance between demand (physical and psychological) & response capability, where failure to meet demand has important consequences refers to: Stress
  49. A measure of the percentage of one’s maximum capacity necessary to perform the exercise is referred as: Absolute Intensity
  50. Ground friction depends on Nature of surface and nature of material.
  51. Causal analysis of motion is called: Kinetics
  52. Mass and weight are two dimensions of a matter. Among them: Mass is fixed but weight changes.
  53. Milk, butter and ghee provide Vitamin A and D
  54. Calorie is a measurement unit of Heat
  55. The deficiency of insulin in the body causes Diabetes
  56. Respiratory exchange ratio for carbohydrate is: 1.00
  57. The contractile unit of skeletol muscle is: Sarcomere
  58. Identify from the following list which one is not to be considered as major for professional preparation: Leadership
  59. Identify the area which is not required to be successful in teaching profession: Social service
  60. Reciprocal Innervations means When agonist muscles contract and antagonist muscles relax / extend. (solved mcqs of physical education)
  61. Modern concept of physical education is Education through the physical
  62. Planning is a major function of management. It involves: Goal setting and mission statement
  63. A guideline for finding a research problem should be to look for: Basic causes and not just the effects.
  64. Descriptive research is concerned with status. Different methods of Descriptive research are: Survey, Case study, Interview
  65. Variability is the degree of difference between each individual score and the central tendency. Estimates of variability are: Range and standard deviation
  66. Distance between pommels in pommel horse in gymnastics shall be Minimum ≤ 40 cm and Maximum ≥ 45 cm
  67. To determine what is needed and who will do it, is an important task of a manager. Technically it is known as Organizing
  68. Intramural and extramural are two important programmes of physical education. Among them intramural is A recreative sport
  69. In the field of human interaction, the essence of management is Co-ordination
  70. Eysenck personality inventory measures Only two dimensions of personality
  71. The Brozek et al (1963) equation for computing body fat % from body density is Fat % = [(4.57 ÷ Body density) – 4.142] × 100
  72. A variable that is responsible for bringing about a change is called Independent variable
  73. The value of coefficient of correlation ranges between (–1.00) – 1.00
  74. Mode is a measure of central tendency. It is considered as Most frequently occurring score
  75. The research where the investigator can manipulate treatments to cause things happen is Experimental research
  76. Cluster sampling is a type of Probability sampling
  77. A 40 year old man has a resting heart rate of 75 beats per minute, a maximum heart rate of 180 beats per minute. What will be his training heart rate at 60% of intensity? 138 beat per minute
  78. Each Myosin filament is surrounded by Six Actin Filament
  79. The threshold of neural excitation is 11 mV
  80. Requirement for building new tissues for growth of a human body is Protein (solved mcqs of physical education)
  81. A new modified Olympic Oath was taken considering some desired changes in regard to drugs and competing for the glory of the team instead of nation in the Olympic Games of Sydney 2000
  82. Insulin is secreted by Pancreas
  83. Night blindness is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin A
  84. In ‘set’ position of a crouch start, the hip line and shoulder line are maintained in the following way: Hip line is higher than shoulder line
  85. Resistance of an object to change in its state of motion is Inertia
  86. The credit of introducing the term “Play way” in education goes to Caldwell Cook
  87. Two major branches of Mechanics are Statics and Dynamics
  88. The use of a particular method of teaching depends on Nature of the activity
  89. Leading is an important function of management. Leading involves many works such as Motivating, Role modeling, Directing.
  90. Flexion and extension take place around Medio-lateral axis
  91. Protraction and retraction take place in Shoulder joint
  92. Focus of physical education is Man in motion
  93. Soccer is a sport as well as a game
  94. During strenuous exercise, the major reason for onset of fatigue is Lactic acid formation
  95. Which one of the following is not the part of Hydrotherapy? Wax bath
  96. Assessment of group cohesion is done through Sociogram
  97. Psychological core of personality is the most basic level of personality. It is Internal and constant
  98. National Fitness Corps was introduced in 1965
  99. In which of the following places, there is no centre of Sports Authority of India? Chandigarh
  100. Which of the following is not related to the School Health Programme? Controlling of diseases (solved mcqs of physical education)
  101. Solid gold medals were last given in Olympic Games in 1912
  102. Sunlight is a source of Vitamin D
  103. Philosophical research is also known as Conceptual research
  104. Sample may be big or small depends on Characteristics and traits of population
  105. When the ‘Z’ value is equal to or exceeds 2.58 one may safely conclude that the difference between the means is significant at 0.01 level
  106. Kraus-Weber Test measures Minimum muscular strength
  107. Metabolic adaptation is Adjustment of metabolic rate to enhanced of work load demand
  108. Which of the following is an apex body for Olympic Games? IOC
  109. First step in Sport Management is Planning
  110. Blue print of the team competition plan is called Strategy
  111. The students need to be included for programme planning and evaluation because Programmes are designed for the benefits of students.
  112. Present leaders of physical education require to be Academically strong with communicational skill
  113. Flexion and extension occur around Medio-lateral axis
  114. Modern concept of Physical Education was started: In the last decade of nineteenth century
  115. Cardiovascular system can be best trained for performance in endurance events by practicing in Aerobic exercises
  116. A behaviour where opponent is psychologically and or physically harmed but the goal is to win is called Instrumental aggression
  117. Carbohydrate loading used by athletes means Storing energy in muscles
  118. Common injury to the Basketball players is Interior lateral ligament injury of ankle
  119. Somatotyping profile of (4, 4, 1) is considered as Endomorph Mesomorph
  120. Which of the following type of research is designed to create and develop organised body of knowledge? Fundamental research (solved mcqs of physical education)
  121. Purposive sample is a non probability sample because it is Not randomly selected
  122. During training the sensation of vomiting is caused due to Accumulation of lactic acid
  123. Building block of the body is Proteins
  124. In the Olympic events, the gold medal awarded for the first place has the following ratio of gold. Silver gilt with 6 grams of fine gold
  125. Name the first Principal of YMCA college of Physical Education, Madras (Chennai): H.C. Buck
  126. All India Council of Sport was formed in 1954
  127. The first member of International Olympic Committee from India was Sir Dorabji Tata
  128. Harward Step Test measures Cardio-respiratory efficiency
  129. The sequence of deformities in spine from top to bottom is Spardolysis -> Kyphosis -> Lordosis
  130. Free hand exercises done generally in group are called Circuit training
  131. Which of the following is against the principles of organization? Overlapping of authority
  132. Getting the right facts to the right people at the right time in the right way is called Public relations in sport
  133. In which game pressure training method was first used? Football
  134. Weight training method was started by German gymnastic coach in the year 1812
  135. Future of physical education and sport will depend on: Expending frontiers of the habitable universe
  136. Genetic engineering will be used to develop surgical techniques
  137. Wellness movement supports efforts directed toward Health promotion and disease prevention
  138. Blood from the right ventricle of the Heart is taken to the lungs for purification by: Pulmonary Artery
  139. Knee extension is caused by a number of muscles. Select the correct option: Vastus externus, rectus femoris, vastus internus
  140. It has been alleged that economic consideration and media role has influenced the selection to host 2020 Summer Olympics at Tokyo (solved mcqs of physical education)
  141. Which of the following criteria is not required to recognize a profession? The collaboration with National and International organisations.
  142. Which one of the following is not a technique of supervision? Get-together
  143. Physical exercises done with an aim to develop muscle hypertrophy are by nature. Anaerobic exercises
  144. A research proposal consists of: Introduction, review of literature and methodology
  145. Harward step test was constructed in 1943 by Brouha
  146. Legal disputes now occurring more frequently in sports require sound legal sports management system to resolve dispute. Which of the following is not covered under legal dispute? Weather
  147. Degree of stability is directly proportional to Area of base, weight of the body and frictional force
  148. A research problem should be finalised considering Relevance, ethical issues and availability of data
  149. Which of the following Vitamins is water soluble? Vitamin B
  150. Stretching exercises influence some of the motor fitness components differently. Increase flexibility but decrease strength
  151. When the identifiability of individual performance is lost in a team performance, decrease in performance seen due to diffusion of responsibility indicates Social loafing
  152. The Society for National Institute of Physical Education and Sports (SNIPES) merged with Sports Authority of India in 1987
  153. High blood sugar level is controlled by Insulin
  154. Research process should be Planned and controlled
  155. Which of the following is not a test of volleyball? Miller Wall Volley Test
  156. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? Study of cause and effect relation – Survey method
  157. Which one of the following pair is correctly matched? Scale of Athletic Priorities – Chelladurai, Inglis &Danylchuk
  158. Which one of the following is not correctly matched? McCurdy Larsen – Leadership scale
  159. Among many professional programs of Physical Education, the primary focus is still on Teacher education
  160. American Academy of Physical Education has accepted to change the term Physical Education to Kinesiology (solved mcqs of physical education)
  161. The Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius was coined by Father Henry Didion
  162. The Remote objective of physical education is Development of good human relation
  163. The most important function of a first aider for a casualty is Saving life using the means available
  164. Name of the communicable disease known as Hansen’s disease is Leprosy
  165. Professional preparation of physical education teachers is governed by: N.C.T.E.
  166. Test designed to measure the minimum strength of the subject is Kraus-Weber test
  167. Cardio respiratory efficiency is best measured through Harward step test
  168. Purpose of the test is measured through Validity
  169. The muscle fibre taking approx. 110 micro seconds to reach peak tension when stimulated is: ST
  170. The qualitative and quantitative interface between structure and motion is studied under: Kinethropometry
  171. α (alpha) probability indicates: Level of significance
  172. Etymological meaning of Kinesiology is: Kinesiology is science of motion.
  173. In aerial motion a discuss may have three orientations vertical, horizontal and inclined. Among them vertical orientation involves: Only ‘Drag’ but no ‘Lift’.
  174. Kinesiology and sports Biomechanics are related with one another in the following manner: Sports Biomechanics is a specialized area of kinesiology.
  175. There are different methods to measure reliability among them split-half method measures: Internal Consistency
  176. Statistical test of the significance of discrepancy between the observed and expected results is provided by: Chi Square test
  177. Observation is a method of collecting data of primary source. An important characteristic of this method is: Individuals observed may change their behaviour.
  178. In a research report, preliminary matters include: Title page, Acknowledgement, Table of contents
  179. Maximum heart rate reserve could be expressed as the difference between HRmax and HRrest
  180. If a weight lifter of 50 kg lifts 140 kg in clean and jerk then calculate the relative strength of the weight lifter 2.8 (solved mcqs of physical education)
  181. An individual’s capacity to perform a motor task refers to: Motor fitness
  182. Greatest difference in winners and losers lies: Company to Company
  183. Those are not the great leaders in human resource who: Know the answer
  184. Innovators outcompete one another in the form of different logics: (A) Culture (B) Technologies (C) Institutions (D) All the above
  185. Correct sequential order of the rings of the Olympic Flag. Blue, yellow, black, green, red.
  186. The time taken for a movement to occur from its initiation to its termination is called Movement time
  187. Women took part for the first time in Olympic Games in the events Long jump and High jump
  188. School Health Programme does not include Health Research
  189. Perefereal Vasoconstriction around a wound is initiated by Cryotherapy
  190. From the following list identify the one which is not an approach to organizational behaviour: Inter-efficiency approach
  191. A score to which an obtained score is compared, is Norm
  192. Rationale equivalence is a method of measuring Reliability
  193. Acetyl choline is a Excitatory chemical transmitter
  194. If the mean of a distribution is 5.0 and the standard deviation is 0.20, its variance will be 0.04
  195. A questionnaire may be either open ended or closed ended. Advantage of closed ended questionnaire is It is easy to analyze.
  196. Two common types of curvilinear pathways are Angular and Parabolic
  197. Abduction of wrist joint is also known as Radial flexion
  198. Competition is defined as a process through which success is measured by Comparing the achievement of those performing the same activity under the same circumstances.
  199. Mere expression of an attitude in response to a questionnaire may cause the respondent to think and alter his attitude at the time of posttest. This effect is known as Regression effect
  200. Delimitations are possible shortcomings that cannot be controlled by the investigator. In a study, the researcher analyses motor fitness of Adolescents. The subjects were fifteen boys and the speed was measured by 50% dash, on a college ground with natural surface, without running shoes. In this experiment, the limitations were Natural surface as track and running without running shoes. (solved mcqs of physical education)
  201. A Null hypothesis is formulated as an alternate hypothesis. Type-I error occurs when A Null hypothesis is Rejected when it is true
  202. Two wooden bails are placed on top of the stumps in cricket. The bails must not project more than 0.5 inches
  203. The total amount of time dedicated to training by a group of athletes/team during a specific training lesson or phase of training is referred as Relative Volume
  204. Sociogram is a tool to measure Affiliation and attraction among group members
  205. Leadership is a behavioural process which focuses on Influencing individuals and group towards set goals.
  206. Professional preparation in physical education emphasizes on development of some qualities, some of which are Interest in research, creativity, accountability.
  207. In high altitude, a jumper will have Lesser air friction and lesser body weight
  208. Programs of movement education are structured on the basis of Problem solving
  209. The better ability to perceive movement pattern helps in Developing skills
  210. Individual exploration is concerned with Natural movements

Disclaimer: All the data for Solved MCQs of physical education test preparation have been compiled very carefully. Still, there remain chances of correction. Therefore, your comments on the given information for correction are welcome.

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