Solved MCQs of Political Science

solved mcqs of political science
solved mcqs of political science
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Solved MCQs of Political Science for test preparation are here. Many departments have announced the jobs of different posts related to Solved MCQs of Political Science. I found that people are taking interest in all my posts. This gave me the strength to gather data on Solved MCQs of Political Science test preparation. So, I took my time and arranged the data on Solved MCQs of Political Science because it has the demand now a day. You can prepare for KPPSC, PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS, OTS, PTS, MTS, AJKPSC, SPSC, BPSC, ITS, CTS, ATS, CTSP, STS, GTS, FTSPAK, DTS, CTSP, ETS, CTA, JTS, UTS, GCTS and all the vacant posts like Assistant Director, District Population Welfare Officer, Deputy District Population Welfare Officer, Tehsil Population Welfare Officer, Speech Writer, Deputy Director, Information Officer, Stenographer, Communication Specialist, Demographer, Transferring Officer, Instructor, Technical Officer, Producer, Staff Officer, Executive Engineer, GIS Specialist, Administration, Estate Management, TE&TP, Town Planning, Architecture, Psychologist, Assistant Chief, Labour Officer, Treasury Officer, Accountant, Computer Operator, Librarian, Scientific Officer, Establishment and Finance, Forest Officer, Assistant Manager, Additional Solicitor, Controller, Medical Officer, Agriculture Officer, Farm Manager, Cotton Inspector, Information Officer, Photographer, Supervisor, Naib Qasid, “Management Trainees”, Secondary School Teacher, Headmaster, Headmistress,  Lecturer, etc.

Solved MCQs of Political Science

You can prepare here with our Solved MCQs of Islamic Studies Test Preparation. Let us start Solved MCQs of Political Science Test Preparation;

Solved MCQs of Political Science

  1. Who is called the “Intellectual Father of French Revolution? J.J Rousseau
  2. GENERAL WILL as concept was introduced by Rousseau
  3. Karl Marx is known for his theory of Materialistic Interpretation of history
  4. “Man by nature is a social and political animal” is the cornerstone of the philosophy of Aristotle
  5. The author of the Book The Laws was Plato
  6. The center of Learning to the Greeks was the city state of Athens
  7. Which of the thinkers is a social contractualist? Hobbes
  8. “Principle of Utility” as a formula was the idea of Jeremy Bentham
  9. Modern Political thought begins with Machiavelli
  10. Plato was an Idealist
  11. “Two treatises on civil Government” constitute the basic source of Political thought of : Locke
  12. Marx and Engels produced the famous book’ Common Manifesto’ In 1848
  13. “ Siyasatnama” and ‘Majma ul Wasaya’ are the two books on administration attributed to Nizam ul Mulk Tusi
  14. Montesquieu by birth belonged to France
  15. Al-Ghazzali was a philosopher of 11th century
  16. Separation of Ethics and Politics was the principle notion in the philosophy of Machiavelli
  17. A Bi-cameral legislature as most suited to Federal States
  18. Ahya ul ulum is the work of Al Ghazali
  19. He is famous for his work “Muqaddameh”? Ibn Khuldun
  20. The Bolshevik movement in Russia was led by Lenin (solved mcqs of political science)
  21. He is known as the major theorist of bureaucracy? Max Weber
  22. Cultural Revolution in China was launched under the leadership of Mao dzedung
  23. Collective responsibility is a feature of Parliamentary form
  24. Decentralization is a feature of Federal System
  25. Dictatorship of the Proletariat is one of the concepts of Karl Marx
  26. The general Will is the political concept of J. J. Rousseau
  27. ‘Leviathan’ is written by Thomas Hobbes
  28. “An essay concerning Human Understanding” is written by John Locke
  29. “Political Science begins and ends with the state” is said by Professor Garner
  30. Thyau’l-Ulum was the chief work of Al Ghazali
  31. Leviathan was written by Hobbes
  32. Founder of utilitarian school of thought was Jeremy Bentham
  33. Locke laid down that state is Unavoidable evil
  34. Rousseau’s political philosophy furnished basis for Popular sovereignty
  35. How many essentials are required to constitute a state? Four
  36. Laissez Faire policy means Withdrawal of ‘some restrictions’
  37. Materialistic interpretation of history was propounded by Karl Marx
  38. Fascism as a political theory originated in Italy
  39. Plato wrote The Laws
  40. Al-Mauwardi wrote Ahkamul Sultaniya (solved mcqs of political science)
  41. Strong emphasis on justice was laid by Aristotle
  42. The Spirit of Laws was written by Montesquieu
  43. ‘Felicific Calculus’ was the contribution of Bentham
  44. The theory of ‘Group Mind’ was enunciated by Ibn-i-Khaldun
  45. The theory of ‘Surplus Value’ as a part of communistic philosophy was the contribution of Karl Marx
  46. Hobbian social contract is based on Desire for peace
  47. Importance of civil service has grown due to Increased state activity
  48. Which political theory propounded that state will ultimately disappear Communism
  49. According to Aristotle the end of state is Ethical
  50. Scientific Society was established by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in 1864.
  51. Who became the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress? Badaruddin Taiyabji
  52. From 1858 to 1947, the British Government appointed 23 Viceroys in India.
  53. Sind was separated from Bombay in 1936.
  54. Who was the author of Pirpur Report? Nawab Mohammad Ismail Khan, Raja of Pirpur
  55. Who suggested the title of ‘The Quaid-i-Azam’? Maoulana Mazhar-ud-din
  56. The Quaid-i-Azam resigned from the membership of Imperial Legislative Council on account Rowlat Act.
  57. The ‘Constitution of 1956 of’ Pakistan’ consisted of 234 articles.
  58. The Constitution of 1962 of Pakistan consisted of 250 articles.
  59. The 1982 Constitution of Turkey comprises of 177 articles.
  60. The English Constitution is a dynamic organism. (solved mcqs of political science)
  61. In England the Queen reins but does not govern.
  62. Civil Servant thrives under the cloak of ministerial responsibility”.
  63. The American Supreme Court is the third chamber of the Congress.
  64. The Presidium is an interesting innovation of the Soviet Constitution.
  65. The Indian Constitution has set up democratic federal government.
  66. “The highest organ of State power in former USSR was the Supreme Soviet.
  67. Interest groups always try to Influence the exercise of power
  68. Author of the book ‘Capital’ is” Karl Marx
  69. A voluntary union of sovereign and independent states is called Confederation
  70. Author of the book ‘Leviathan’ is Thomas Hobbes
  71. “Reconstruction of Religion Thought in Islam” is written by Allama Iqbal
  72. The author of the book ‘Statesman’ is Plato
  73. Author of the Book ‘Spirit of Islam” is Syed Amir Ali
  74. Which of the political philosophers was more admitted by the American Founding Fathers,and his thoughts on the importance of private property were reflected in the drafting andhistorical development of the American Constitution. John Locke
  75. Who said “Law is the command of a determinate sovereign”? John Austin
  76. Those who are active against the very existence of state are known as Anarchists
  77. The concept of ‘Surplus Value’ is given by Marx
  78. In Plato’s Ideal State, one reaches at the pinnacle of the State order at the age of 50
  79. Which one is the ‘supreme law of the land in USA’? Constitutional Law
  80. The Objective Resolution was adopted in 1949 (solved mcqs of political science)
  81. Simla delegation was led by Sir Agha Khan
  82. This is the parting of ways was said by Quaid e Azam
  83. Pakistan became Republic in 1956
  84. The quorum of House of Commons is 40 members
  85. The Indian parliament is Bicameral
  86. The American Senate comprises 100 Senators
  87. In Pakistan, the Constitution has been abrogated Thrice
  88. The tenure of French President is fixed at 5 years
  89. Turkish Government is Democratic
  90. Cultural Revolution in China was aimed at reforming of Bureaucracy
  91. The Islamic Revolution in Iran ushered in Clergy’s rule
  92. People’s Republic of China was established in 1949
  93. Power in the Soviet Union rested with the Supreme Soviet
  94. The House of Lords is predominantly Hereditary
  95. The Soviet Union was established in 1917
  96. The USA was founded in 1789
  97. The Electoral College in US comprises 538 Electors
  98. Eighth Amendment was adopted in the Constitution of Pakistan in 1985
  99. “An essay concerning Human Understanding” is written by John Locke
  100. “Political Science begins and ends with the state” is said by Professor Garner (solved mcqs of political science)
  101. Thyau’l-Ulum was the chief work of Al Ghazali
  102. According to Aristotle which is the bad government of the rich Oligarchy
  103. Constitutional classified as rigid and flexible in a book titled “Studies in History andJurisprudence” was written by Lord Bryce
  104. “Wealth of Nations” was written by Adam Smith
  105. Which of these books represents the scheme of Plato’s Philosophy? The Republic
  106. “Muqaddamah” was the great work of Ibn Khuldun
  107. “Asabiyah” was enunciated by Ibn-e-Khaldun
  108. “Theory of Divine Right of King” was presented by King James of England in century? 17th
  109. “To rule is to educate” is said by Plato
  110. A discourse on the origin of Inequality and the social contract was presented by Rousseau
  111. Sovereignty is which one of the following bases of the state Spiritual
  112. Law is “the body of Principles recognized and applied by the state in the administration ofjustice” is said by Salmond
  113. The term Propaganda acquired derogatory sense After World War I
  114. The word “polis” means A city state
  115. In which century Austinian theory of Sovereignty was refuted by Pluralists? 20th
  116. Originally total number of States of USA was 13
  117. The first government of US was based on the articles of Confederation
  118. US constitution consists of Articles 7
  119. Members of Washington DC in the Electoral College for the Presidential Elections in Americaare 3
  120. The first American President was George Washington (solved mcqs of political science)
  121. Total amendments in the US Constitution are 27
  122. Ideological foundations of Turkish Constitution are based on Kamalism
  123. Islam was declared as the “State Religion” in Pakistan’s Constitution of 1973
  124. All types of explanation were to be eliminated according to Pakistan’s Constitution of 1973
  125. When the British Government in India cancelled the separation of Bengal? 1911
  126. “If the president dissolves the legislature, he himself shall have to be re-elected. It wasmentioned in Pakistan’s Constitution of 1962
  127. French System of government is Mixed
  128. The first document of English liberties, Magna Carta was signed by King John in 1215
  129. The British Constitution can be amended by the Parliament with Simple majority
  130. Indian President is elected by Parliament
  131. Commune system is a part of the political system of China
  132. The writer of Social Contract and the Islamic State is Ilyas Ahmad
  133. Who is the author of “Politics in Pakistan: The Nature and Direction of Change”? Khaild B Sayeed
  134. George H. Sabine is the author of A history of Political Theory
  135. Plato is the author of Republic
  136. The idea that “Virtue is knowledge” is attributed to Socrates
  137. ‘Political Science begins and ends with the state’ is said by Professor Garner
  138. ‘The city of god’ is the work of St. Augustine
  139. The ideas of Aristotle are more acceptable to the West than Plato’s because he propagated Rule of law
  140. He is known as the founding father of Utilitarianism Jeremy Bentham (solved mcqs of political science)
  141. Collective responsibility is a feature of Parliamentary form
  142. Decentralization is a feature of Federal System
  143. Dictatorship of the Proletariat is one of the concepts of Karl Marx
  144. Who was named the first leader of the opposition in Ayub Khan’s constituted first national assembly? Mr. Yousaf Khattak
  145. Who is the author of the book, ‘Friends not master’? Ayub Khan
  146. “Myth of Independence” was written by Z. A. Bhutto
  147. The last Speaker of the National Assembly during Ayub’s government was Abdul Jabbar Khan
  148. Who was the President of US during the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962? J. F. Kennedy
  149. Who was the prime minister of India during the 1965 war between Pakistan and India? Lal Bahadur Shastri
  150. Who was the mover of the Lahore Resolution of 1940? A. K. Fazalul Haq
  151. Who was called the ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity? Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  152. What was the total number of seats in the national assembly under the 1962 constitution? 156 and then 218
  153. Who was the president of Pakistan during the India China war of 1962? Ayub Khan
  154. Name the author of the book “The great tragedy” and “Myth of Independence”? Z. A. Bhutto
  155. Who was the president of the US during the 1991 Iraq – Kuwait conflict? George Herbert Walker Bush
  156. Who was the Prime Minister of India during the 1971 crisis? Indhra Gandhi
  157. What was the year in which the Shah of Iran was overthrown? 1979
  158. Who was the Governor General of India during the 1st Indo Pakistan conflict over Kashmir in 1948? Lord Mountbatten
  159. China became a communist state under Maozedong in the year 1949
  160. Muslim League was formed in the year 1906 (solved mcqs of political science)
  161. Quaid e Azam joined Muslim League in the year 1913
  162. According to Aristotle the end of State is Ethical
  163. Al-Farabi by birth was Turk
  164. Al-Mawardi was a jurist who followed the fiqah of Imam Shafi
  165. Jean Jacques Rousseau was born at Geneva
  166. According to John Locke, the best form of Government is Democracy
  167. The term, “anarchism” has been derived from and word ‘anarchia’ which is basically a Latin word
  168. Anarchism is the extreme left wing of Socialism. It was first expounded as political doctrine by William Godwin
  169. “Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation (1789)” Was written by J.S. Mill
  170. “Iqtisad-Fil-Itiqad” was written by AI-Ghazali
  171. “SiyaSat Namahr” was written by Nizam-ul-Mulk
  172. “Ilmul-Iqtisad” was written by Allama Iqbal
  173. “Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam” was written by Iqbal
  174. A Discourse on the origin of Inequality and Social Contract was presented by Rousseau
  175. According to Allama Iqbal in which form of Government heads are counted? Democracy
  176. The turning point in the life of Plato came in the years 399 BC, when he was of 24 years
  177. The Great Political Scientist/Philosopher Aristocles died in the year 322 BC
  178. The Great but ungrateful pupil of his Master who was born in 384 BC was Aristotle
  179. The Fascism of Plato got birth in 4th Century BC, whereas the modern Fascism is the Product of early 20th Century
  180. “An Essay Concerning Human understanding” was published in 1690, is the most important work of Thomas Hobbes (solved mcqs of political science)
  181. Pakistan: The Heart of Asia by Liaquat Ali Khan
  182. Jinnah of Pakistan: Stanley Wolpert
  183. Bush at War: Bob Woodward
  184. The End of India: Khushwant Singh
  185. Last Days of British Raj in India: Leonard Mosley
  186. Muslim Separatism in India: Abdul Hamid
  187. How many are the articles in the un-amended Constitution of 1973? 280
  188. DGPR – Director General Public Relations
  189. IPRI – Islamabad Policy Research Institute
  190. IRSA – Indus River System Authority
  191. Ex-Com – Executive Committee
  192. LFO – Legal Frame work Order
  193. Name the President during whose tenure Americans were kept hostages in Iran? Jimmy Carter
  194. Downing street is known for Residence of the Prime Minister
  195. Statue of Liberty was given to USA by France
  196. Kamal Ata Turk was the President
  197. Abu Nasr Muhammed known as Al-Faraibi was born in the year 870
  198. Karl Marx had everlasting friendship with a son of a prominent textile manufacturer of Barman,who brought many changes in Karl Marx’s life. His name was Friedrich Engel
  199. The turning point in the life of PLATO came when he was of 24 years
  200. The course of Athenian education was divided into Three stages (solved mcqs of political science)
  201. “The Development of Capitalism in Russia was written by Lenin
  202. JS MILL wrote a famous book ‘On Liberty’ in the year 1859
  203. A Muslim Philosopher Abu Hamid Bin Muhammed,born in the year 1058 AD is commonly known as Al-Ghazali
  204. The ungrateful pupil of his master, born in 384 BC was Aristotle
  205. Dr.Allama Muhammed Iqbal did his MA in Philosophy from Govt.College
    Lahore in 1899
  206. Nizam ul Mulk Tusi was born in the year 1017
  207. Who was the Father of English Utilitarianism Jeremy Bentham
  208. A book on STATECRAFT namely SIYARAL-MULK or SIYASAT NAMA was written by Nizam-ul-Mulk Tusi
  209. A summary of Plato’s LAWS was written by Al-Farabi
  210. Machiavelli by birth was Italian
  211. “A History Of Political Theory” was written by G.H Sabine
  212. “Reconstruction Of Religious Thought In Islam” was written by Allama Iqbal
  213. “The Spirit Of Laws/1748” won great fame for Jeremy Bentham
  214. According to John Locke the worst form of Government is Democracy
  215. Eighteen Century Rationalism, Montesquieu was born in the year 1689 in the house of an eminent French lawyer.He died in 1755
  216. Plato was born 427 BC and died at the age of 80
  217. Eighth Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan was adopted in 1985
  218. The first government of USA was based on article of Confederation
  219. The title “Ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity” was given to Mr. Jinnah by Sarojini Naidu
  220. Two terms tenure of US President was fixed in 1948 (solved mcqs of political science)
  221. The speaker of the House of Commons owes allegiance to No party
  222. The Senate in Pakistan is partially re-elected after every Three years
  223. The French President is elected for 5 years
  224. The US President can declare war with the consent of Senate
  225. The French President is elected by Electoral College
  226. Marx and Engels produced the famous book’ Common Manifesto’ In 1848
  227. Montesquieu by birth belonged to France
  228. Al-Ghazzali was a philosopher of 11th century
  229. The principle of Judicial Review means to Interpret law
  230. Which amendment in the U.S constitution limits the term of the president to two? 22nd
  231. Watergate scandal came to light in 1971
  232. The right to vote was given to women in Britain in 1918
  233. Known as the “Iron Lady”? Margarate Thacher
  234. The Indian president is elected for 5 years
  235. The united states of America consist of 50states
  236. The American congress consist of 535members
  237. The national security council in Pakistan consist of 14
  238. Basic democracy was introduced in Pakistan in 1960
  239. Ali Khaminai is Spiritual leader of Iran
  240. Abdul Kalam was President of India (solved mcqs of political science)
  241. Lok Saba is elected for 5 years
  242. The Turkish president is elected for 5 years
  243. Russian president is elected for 4 years (6 years from 2012)
  244. The Turkish Grand National Assembly consists of  550 members
  245. Who was the main Leader of China after Independence? Mao Tse Dong
  246. The Iranian constitution consist of  177
  247. Pakistan’s National Assembly is elected for 5 years
  248. The National people Congress in China is elected for 5 years
  249. Quaid-i-Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah died on September 11, 1948
  250. “Justice as treating equals equally and unequal’s unequally” who said this? Aristotle
  251. Which of the following are elements of Marxism? Dialectical Materialism
  252. The concept of ‘legal sovereignty’ was for the first time given by Locke
  253. The natural rights of the people according to Locke are Right to life, liberty and property
  254. The welfare theory believes that the state is Means
  255. Which of the following is incorrect about Plato’s views on Communism of Wives? Abortion was strictly prohibited
  256. “The end of Politics is not knowledge but action” who said it? Aristotle
  257. When did Machiavelli die? 1527 AD
  258. The concept of justice in the sense of greatest happiness of the greatest number was postulated by James Mill
  259. The doctrine of proportionate equality was pronounced by Aristotle
  260. Who belongs to Shafite school of Fiqha? Al-Mawardi (solved mcqs of political science)
  261. Nizam-ul-mulk Tusi served as Prime Minister of the Seljuk empire
  262. Allama Iqbal delivered his famous Allahbad address in 1930
  263. Legislative powers of House of Lords in Britain were curtailed by The Parliament Act of 1911
  264. The first Prime Minister of Britain was Robert Walpole
  265. The position of the king was subordinated to Parliament by The Parliament Act of 1949
  266. British House of Lords as Highest Court of Appeal Consists of? Now Powers rest with SC
  267. Filibustering is a device practiced in French Parliament
  268. Kangroo Closure is a procedure followed by the Law-making body of Britain
  269. System of “Administrative Law” is provided in the constitution of France
  270. State of France is Unitary
  271. The constitution of India was promulgated on 26th January, 1950
  272. Official name of China which emerged on world map on 1st October, 1949 is People’s Republic of China
  273. The President of China is elected by The National Peoples Congress
  274. Majlis-e-shura in Iran consists of 290
  275. Turkey was declared Republic on 29th October, 1923
  276. Upper House of Indian Parliament is commonly known as Rajya sabha
  277. Lahore resolution of 23rd March 1940 was moved by Maulvi Fazal-ul-Haq
  278. Stanley Wolpert is the author of Jinnah of Pakistan
  279. Number of lists of subjects for law making in 1973 constitution is Three
  280. “The cause of sedition is always to be found in inequality” is said by Aristotle (solved mcqs of political science)
  281. Allam Iqbal characterized as ” the sharp agent of devil” to a political philosopher namely Machiavelli
  282. Al-Mawardi was a jurist who followed the fiqah of Imam Shafi
  283. The concept of sovereignty was introduced for the first time into politics by Jean Bodin
  284. Khawaja Abu Ali Hasan bin Ali bin Ishaq is widely known in the history of Islamic political thoughts? Al-Mawardi
  285. The Fascism of Plato got birth in 4th century BC, whereas the modern Fascism is the product of 20th Century
  286. “Ilmul-Iqtasad” is written by Allama Iqbal
  287. “A summary of Plato’s Laws” was written by Al-Farabi
  288. The doctrine which is a curious blend of German Idealism, English economics and French revolutionary and social thoughts is known as Socialism
  289. J.S. Mill wrote a famous book ” On Liberty” in the year 1859
  290. Allam Iqbal did his M.A. in Philosophy from Government College Lahore in the year 1899
  291. Montesquieu restricts forms of Government upto 3
  292. Rousseau was born on 28 June 1712 at Geneva
  293. “Man when separated from Law and Justice is the worst of all animals” is the saying of Aristotle
  294. The great but ungrateful pupil of his master who was born in 384 BC was Aristotle
  295. Any British national is eligible to become a member of House of Commons if he has attained the age of 21 years
  296. Approval of any draft at House of Lords requires minimum presence of 20 members
  297. As per 1st Communist constitution of Russia, the Presidium consists of 39 members
  298. In the ancient times England remained under Roman rule for about 400 years
  299. American autonomy was admitted by the British empire in the year 1776
  300. For 50 years during 1533-1583 Russia was ruled by Ivan IV (solved mcqs of political science)
  301. Out of total population of Turkey, Muslims are 99.9%
  302. Referendum was conducted for approval of 1982 constitution of Turkey on 7 November 1982
  303. Last emperor of China ruled the country till the year 1912
  304. On return from France Allama Ayatullah Khumeini was very well received by the people of Iran on 31 January 1979
  305. Dr. Mussadiq, the then Prime Minister dethroned the Iranian King for implementation of democracy in the year 1953
  306. Minimum age to become a member of Rajya Sabha in India is 30 years
  307. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah spent last days of his life at Ziarat
  308. Objectives Resolution was made a part of preamble of Pakistan Constitution of 1973
  309. The founder of communism is Plato
  310. Allama Iqbal was elected as a member of Punjab Legislative Council in 1926
  311. According to Plato the population of an ideal state should be 5040
  312. Opposite of private law is Public Law
  313. It is normally the technique of pressure groups to impress the legislature? Lobbying
  314. John Austin presented his history of sovereignty in a book which was published in 1832
  315. Single Transferable vote system was suggested for proportional representation by J.S. Mill
  316. Principle of Collective responsibility is a feature of Parliamentary System
  317. Keemyae-Saadat was written by Imam Ghazali
  318. The word “Democracy” has been derived from the language? Greek
  319. Abu Nasar Farabi died in the year 950 A.D
  320. The book “Govt. and Politics in Pakistan” is written by Mushtaq Ahmad (solved mcqs of political science)
  321. The term POLITY is originally applied to Greek City States
  322. The famous book “The Spirit of Laws” written by Montesquieu was published in 1773
  323. The Greek philosopher Aristotle died in 322 B.C.
  324. The book “Sairul Malook” was written by Al Marwardi
  325. Benito Mussolini was the originator of Fascism
  326. Which American state is called the mother of Presidents Virginia
  327. The British constitution is based on Difference between the theory and practice
  328. The Congress sits at place in Washington D.C is called Capital Hill
  329. The title of former emperor of Russia was Czar
  330. The word ‘REX’ stands for The Crown
  331. The constitutional history of France begins with the French Revolution of 1789
  332. The American Declaration of Independence was proclaimed on 4 July 1776
  333. According to the constitution of France the Executive head of Government is The President
  334. The Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991
  335. The first president of the Fifth Republic was General DeGaulle
  336. The smallest administrative unit in British Local Self Government is The Parish
  337. The authority of Judical Review was excercised for the first time by the Chief Minister Marshal in 1803
  338. The quorum for house of Lords is 3
  339. The Gullotine or closure by compartment is a term used in the law making procedure in France
  340. The Lengthiest written constitution of the world is Indian Constitution (solved mcqs of political science)
  341. The Iranian Revolution under the leadership of Ayatullah Khomeini removed the monarch in 1979
  342. The founder father of the modern china is Mao Tse Tung
  343. The Objective Resolution was made a part of the 1973 constitution in 1985
  344. The Supreme Judicial Council under the 1973 constitution consists of 5 members
  345. Tahafut al-falsifa (Incoherence of Philosophers) is written by Al-Ghazali
  346. A legal proceeding during which an individual’s right to hold an office or governmental privilege is challenged is called Writ of quo warranto
  347. Ibn Khaldun wrote his book, “Muqaddimah” in 1377
  348. Alexander of Macedonia was student of Aristotle
  349. A form of closure under which a bill is divided into compartments, groups of which must be completely deal with each day is called Guillotine closure
  350. The Long March began the ascent of power of Mao Zedong
  351. Al Farabi was author of Al Madinat Al Fadilah
  352. The powers of the center vis a vis federating units were increased through Doctrine of Implied Powers
  353. In Pakistan the doctrine of necessity was invoked by Justine Munir
  354. Article 58 2 (b) was invoked to dissolve National Assembly of Pakistan for Four Times
  355. Prestroika means Restructuring
  356. The Art of War is written by Machiavelli
  357. A necessary normal code for conducting the business of the state is called Constitution
  358. “Power tends to corruption and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is the famous quotation by Lord Acton
  359. As per Marx in he stage of communism the governing principle will be From each according to his ability to each according to his needs
  360. A ________ is a type of sovereign state characterized by a union of partially self-governing states or regions united by a Central government. Federation (solved mcqs of political science)
  361. Hobbian social contract is based on Fear
  362. According to Aristotle which is the best amongst the Perverted form of the ideal states. Democracy
  363. The father had planned a legal for his son but the son had no inclination towards that. Who was the son? Machiavelli
  364. In Hegel’s notion the highest possible achievement of Mind as expressed in social life was in The Contemporary Prussian State
  365. Machiavelli advised the Prince to pursue Moderate behaviour
  366. Which is not a part of Rawls’ well ordered society? Equal
  367. Who among the following wrote, “Laws are the rules of just and unjust; nothing being reputed unjust that is not contrary to some law”? Hobbes
  368. The operational part of the general systems theory in social sciences has been developed first in Anthropology
  369. Who said, “Functionalism can indeed be interpreted as a conscious alternative to Marxism”? W.G. Runciman
  370. Who among the following stated that a developing society in order to reach the goals of development would have to pass through the stages of political unification, industrialization, national welfare and abundance? Organski
  371. The concept of civic culture developed out of a survey of U.S.A., U.K., Mexico, Germany and Italy.
  372. Unequal exchange is the formulation of Samir Amin
  373. Duverger’s classification of the party system is derived from the experience of political parties in Western Europe
  374. Which one of the following is not a feature of F.M. Marx’s guardian bureaucracy? Corrupt
  375. Which of the following Committee was appointed by the Government of India to identify the creamy layer among Backward Classes in India? Justice Ram Nandan Committee
  376. Who described Indian Politics as “Politics of Scarcity”? Myron Weiner
  377. Which Congress President during British Raj initiated the idea of a Planning Commission? Subhas Chandra Bose
  378. Who of the following was the first Satyagrahi of the Individual Civil Disobedience Movement started by Gandhiji in October 1940? Acharya Vinoba Bhave
  379. Who prefers to characterize the Indian federalism as “bargaining federalism”? Morris Jones
  380. Who was the Chairman of Mandal Commission? B.P. Mandal (solved mcqs of political science)
  381. When was the Inter-State Council set up in India? 1990
  382. When were the Lok Sabha rules amended to provide for Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committees? 1989
  383. Which one of the following Acts/Reports created the Federal Court in India? Government of India Act, 1935
  384. The Book ‘Introduction to Public Administration’ was authored by Leonard D. White
  385. The concept of ‘Informal Organisation’ was propounded by Elton Mayo
  386. ‘Clect’ is the sub-system of Riggs’ Prismatic society Social system
  387. ‘Jacksonian Theory’ is also called Spoils system
  388. Which of the four major issues of Public Administration were debated in the Minnowbrooke Conference, 1968? Relevance, values, equity and change.
  389. Who said, ‘Successful Management involves Management by Objectives”? Peter F. Drucker
  390. In which book of the following, Robert Dahl explained the Theory of Decision Making? Who Governs?
  391. Which Committee recommended “Unified Grading Structure” for the British Civil Service? Fulton
  392. In the post Soviet era Russia’s outlook at global level is marked by Pragmatic de-ideologised worldview.
  393. Who of the following has coined the term under-development? Emmanual Wallerstein
  394. The policy of containment formulated by the U.S. aimed at Checking globally the influence of the Soviet Union.
  395. The Kyoto Protocol of 1997 adopted the programme for Reducing greenhouse emissions.
  396. The principle of reciprocity within WTO framework envisages Lowering of trade barriers by a State to be matched in return
  397. The dictum, ‘Imperialism is the highest stage of Capitalism’ was propounded by V.I. Lenin
  398. Hans Blix was head of U.N. body for Inspecting places in Iraq for verification of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  399. Nagorno Karabakh is a disputed territory between Armenia and Azerbaizan
  400. Which of the following book is not authored by Karl Marx? Science of Logic (solved mcqs of political science)
  401. Who wrote “Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign”? J.S. Mill
  402. Rajni Kothari’s book Politics in India is written on the basis of the methodology of Structural functionalism
  403. Who is the first modern political thinker who deliberately ignores Aristotle? Hobbes
  404. Gandhi described himself as a Philosophical Anarchist
  405. The doctrine of overlapping consensus is advocated by Rawls
  406. Who among the following first developed the concept of general systems theory? Ludwig Von Bertallanfy
  407. Structural functionalism as a method was developed to study the politics of Politics of developing countries
  408. C. Wright Mill’s ‘The Power Elite’ is a study of the contemporary politics of The United States of America
  409. Who among the following identified the crises in political development on the basis of his study of England? Lucian W. Pye
  410. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? Pareto the Ruling Class
  411. Who among the following postulated the law “officials make work for each other”? N. Parkinson
  412. Which of the following pairs is not correct? Australia Unitary form of Government
  413. Michels’ Iron law of oligarchy was formulated on the basis of the study of German Social Democratic Party
  414. Montesquieu’s theory of separation of powers emphasizes primarily on Liberty
  415. Which one of the following was not associated with the Hindustan Republic Association? Aurobindo Ghosh
  416. Who gave the Indian National Congress the Constitution and made it a mass and cadre party? Gandhi
  417. Who appoints the Inter-State Council? The President of India
  418. Identify the States whose State Assemblies are meet at places other than the State capital: Jammu-Kashmir and Maharashtra
  419. Which amendment of the Constitution of India limits the number of Ministers? 91st
  420. Which one of the following committees is not associated with Panchayati Raj in India? Dinesh Goswami Committee (solved mcqs of political science)
  421. Who of the following constituted an oligarchy within the Constituent Assembly of India? Nehru, Patel, Prasad, Azad
  422. Who describes Indian economy as “Bullock Cart Capitalism”? Lloyd and Sussane Rudolph
  423. Who among the following defines Public Administration as “the activities of the Executive Branches of the National, State and Local Government”? Herbert A. Simon
  424. ‘Span of Control’ is also known as Military Type of Foreman
  425. The word ‘Bureaucracy’ was first coined by Vincent de Gournay
  426. Which one of the following is the correct function of Staff Agency? Advising the Chief Executive
  427. Which one of the following statements is not correct with regard to Riggs’ Perspective of Societies? Ascriptive values are found in diffracted societies
  428. The Informal Channel of Communication is also known as Grapevine
  429. Who stated that “Budget is a series of Goals with price tags attached”? Wildavsky
  430. Which one of the following articles of the Constitution empowers Parliament to create an All India Service? Article 312
  431. Which of the following resulted from Bretton Woods Conference? World Bank and IMF
  432. Which of the following is not the basic principle of Hans J. Morgenthou’s realism? Politics is governed by Universal moral values
  433. Marshall Plan was meant for Rebuilding Western European economics
  434. Russia has been given permanent seat on the UN Security Council by virtue of its being Successor State to the former Soviet Union.
  435. The major argument of Neo-realism of Kenneth Waltz is that Structures are more important than actors.
  436. Non-reciprocity principle of India’s policy towards neighboring countries envisages Efforts for improving ties with the neighbouring countries without reciprocity.
  437. 14th SAARC Summit held in New Delhi in 2007, stressed Improving intra-regional connectivity
  438. Collective Security System of the UN is based on the principle of All for one, one for all
  439. Who among the following is not a principal character in Plato’s Republic? Protagoras
  440. Who said, “Each person possesses an inviolability founded on justice that even the welfare of society as a whole cannot override”? John Rawls (solved mcqs of political science)
  441. Who was the founder of Utilitarianism? David Hume
  442. Which one of the following writings is not written by Mao? People’s War
  443. Why did Gandhiji go to South Africa? To fight a case of a Gujarati Business-man
  444. Who founded the ‘Mexican Socialist Workers’ Party’ which was later named as ‘Mexican Communist Party’? M.N. Roy
  445. Whom did Lord Minto describe as the most ‘dangerous man’? Aurobindo Ghosh
  446. Who among the following talks of pseudo-pressure groups? Maurice Duverger
  447. Which one of the following is not a totalitarian form of Government? Parliamentary form of Government
  448. Who among the following writers classified Elites into broad types? (i) Organizing and directing elites. (ii) Informally organized and diffused elites. Karl Mannheim
  449. Who among the following classified parties under competitive system into two major categories? (i) Turnover and Hegemonic (ii) Ideological and Pragmatic Myron Weiner and Lapalombara
  450. The concept of dependency evolved in the 1960s in Latin America
  451. In which of the following case the Supreme Court of India held that, the power of amendment belonged to the Parliament, and this power was an unlimited one? Sankari Prasad V. Union of India
  452. Which one of the following States does not have a Bicameral Legislature? Kerala
  453. Identify the correct chronological order of the following Prime Minister/ Chief Minister of J & K. Sheikh Abdulla, Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad, Shamsuddin, G.M. Sadiq
  454. Who is the author of Federal India: A Design for Change? Rasheeduddin Khan
  455. Who among the following has made pioneering contribution in the area of subaltern studies? Ranjit Guha
  456. Who among the following questioned the claim that Public Administration is a Science? Robert Dahl
  457. F.W. Taylor, the founding father of Scientific Management Movement, propounded the theory which was conceived to be a scientific methodology of (A) Careful observation (B) Managerial techniques (C) Generalization (D) All of the above
  458. Who among the following is not a protagonist of the managerial view of Public Administration? Henry Fayol
  459. The role of the Finance Commission in Centre-State fiscal relations has been undermined by the State Governments
  460. To which of the following classes of job in the public service in India, merit-cum-seniority principle is adopted in promotion? Class-I and II (solved mcqs of political science)
  461. Where is India’s Hi-Tech Naval Base “Project Varsha” located? Rambilli
  462. “Atoms for Peace” was a disarmament plan put forward by which world leader? Eisenhowerü
  463. Who created the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) as an international mechanism specifically for funding environmental projects in developing countries? World Bank
  464. What are the four defining elements of a regime? Principles, Norms, Rules, Decision making procedures
  465. When did India and Nepal sign the revised Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)? 2011
  466. Which of the following countries are included in ASEAN plus Three? China, Japan, South Korea
  467. What constitutes the mean in Aristotle’s social structure? Middle class
  468. Whom did Machiavelli blame for the moral degradation of Italy? The Church
  469. For Hegel which one of the following is correct? (A) Family is the thesis, Bourgeois society is the anti-thesis and the State represents synthesis (B) The rational is real and the real is rational (C) Contradictions are not obstacles preventing us reaching truth (D) All of the above
  470. Who among the following criticized Bentham’s Philosophy as “Pig Philosophy”? Carlyle
  471. Which of the following is correct so far as John Rawls’ writings are concerned? (A) A theory of Justice (B) Political Liberalism (C) The Law of Peoples (D) All of the above
  472. Which one of the following Mao has not said? Atom bombs are real tigers.
  473. Which one among the following statements is true? Post-behaviouralism consists of seven tenets
  474. Notion of uneven development was a response to the 19th century ideas of Capitalism
  475. Who among the following is associated with Institutional Approach? James Bryce
  476. Who among the following challenged the idea of political development as a uni-linear process? Huntington
  477. What is ‘Cultural Dualism”? Small elite is modernized while the vast majority remains in rigid ascriptive patterns of tradition.
  478. The classical theory of administration is also known as Mechanistic theory
  479. Pareto’s description of elites as ‘speculators’ and ‘reinters’ resembles the characterization of governing cliques of Marx
  480. The difference between order and disorder is more important than the difference between communism and liberal democracy is advocated by Huntington (solved mcqs of political science)
  481. The Avadi Session of the Congress (1956) accepted the policy of Socialistic pattern of society
  482. What were the main findings of the Union Government administrative committee headed by Home Secretary N.N. Vohra in 1993? Nexus between politicians, criminals and bureaucrats
  483. Partha Chatterjee has commented that the latest phase of the globalization of capital will witness an emerging opposition between Modernity and Democracy
  484. The President can make a proclamation of Financial Emergency under Article 360 For the whole of India except Jammu and Kashmir
  485. Dharamsala model of Indian capitalism was propounded by Raj Krishna
  486. The 1963 Kamraj Plan was initiated by Nehru To revive Congress party commitments
  487. Which of the following statements about the Central Vigilance Commissioner is not true? He holds office for a term of five years
  488. The theory of “Prismatic Society” is based on Structural-functional analysis of public administration in developing countries.
  489. Job loading means Deliberate upgrading of responsibility, scope and challenges.
  490. Negative motivation is based on Fear
  491. Simon was positively influenced by the ideas of Barnard
  492. What is the methodology proposed by Herbert Simon? Logical Positivism
  493. Who among the following thinkers rejected the principles of administration as myths and proverbs? Herbert Simon
  494. The concept of the “zone of indifference” is associated with Authority
  495. Name the scholar who analyzed leadership as “circular response”. M.P. Follett
  496. Non-state dimension of warfare is also called Post-westphalian warfare
  497. Tehran Declaration of 1 December 1943 drew a plan for Peace-keeping
  498. Who coined the term “Functionalist theory of Integration”? David Mittarany
  499. The CEPA (Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement) was officially endorsed in October 2010 between India and Japan
  500. Who wrote the book “Stable Peace”? Kenneth Boulding (solved mcqs of political science)
  501. Security Council Resolution No. 1441 of Nov 2002 deals with Resolution on Iraq, which threatened serious consequences, if Saddam Hussain failed to reveal his weapons of mass destruction toteam of U.N. Inspectors.
  502. Who enunciated International society theory as a combination of three schools of thought – Realism, Rationalism and Revolutionism? Martin Wight
  503. For Savarkar, what were the three fundamental bonds that united the Hindus? Territory, Race, Culture.
  504. The idea of Participatory democracy originates with Rousseau
  505. Plato describes the working of the human mind by (A) The allegory of the cave (B) The metaphor of the divided line (C) The doctrine of forms (D) All of the above
  506. Who among the following regarded Buddhism as a moral and tolerant alternative to Marxism? B.R. Ambedkar
  507. John Rawls’ theory of Justice combines Liberal or associational socialistic democracy, market economy and the redistributive welfare scheme.
  508. Who among the following envisaged the conflict of the present age as between the all devouring collective ego – whether of the nation or of the class and the individual struggling for freedom? M.N. Roy
  509. Who differentiated between antagonistic and non-antagonistic contradictions? Mao
  510. Structural-functionalism is primarily A framework of investigation
  511. According to S.P. Huntigton “Political Decay” takes place when Mass Mobilisation plus participation is greater than Institutionalisation.
  512. Which among the following defined the electoral law as – “The majority (plurality) single ballot system that tends to a party dualism”. Duverger’s law
  513. Which one of the following theories developed by the European thinkers came under the active discussion of social scientists in the US in the fifties? Elite theory
  514. Ralph Miliband mewed the state as an instrument in the hands of the ruling class. Which perspective ofcomparative politics can he be placed under? Instrumental
  515. Who among the following was not a member of the Indian Constituent Assembly? Jai Prakash Narayan
  516. The Drafting Committee member of the Constituent Assembly said that Governor nominated by the President will be the agent of the Central Government. T.T. Krishnamachari
  517. Which of the former presidents was associated with the Trade-Union Movement in India? V.V. Giri
  518. In which state of India seat is reserved in the Legislative Assembly on religious basis? Goa
  519. “Communalism is the political assertiveness of a community to maintain its identity in a plural society undergoing modernization”. Who among the following has given the above mentioned statement? Robert Melson and Howard Wolpe
  520. In whose book caste has been defined as “endogamous group on collection of endogamous groups bearing a common name, membership of which is hereditary, imposing on its members certain restrictions in matter of social intercourse, either following a common traditional occupation or claiming a common origin, and generally regarded as forming a single homogeneous community”. E. Blunt (solved mcqs of political science)
  521. Who has given the following statement in reference to India? “There three forces (computing forces of nationalism, regionalism and globalism) are relative to and overlapping with one another, sometimes antagonistic and sometimes co-operative towards each other but never harmonious.” Arie M.M. Kacowicz
  522. Which one of the following describes administration as “the organization and direction of human and material resources to achieve desired ends”? J.M. Pfiffner
  523. “Good governance” and “Participating Civil Society for Development” mere stressed in World Bank Report of 1992
  524. If the administrative authority within a department is vested in a single individual, then that system is known as Bureau
  525. Audit of State Government is A union subject
  526. The rule of Lapse means All appropriations voted by the legislature expire at the end of the financial year.
  527. A new All India Service can be created by A resolution under Article 312 of the Constitution
  528. Which of the following is not an All India Service? Indian Foreign Service
  529. Who developed the concept of “Managerial Grid”? Blake and Mouton
  530. Which one of the following is not a provision to ensure the independence of U.P.S.C.? A member on the expiry of his term is eligible for reappointment for other governmental jobs.
  531. With which approach broadly would you associate the following statement: “All power requires knowledge and all knowledge relies on and reinforces existing power relations”? Postmodernism
  532. Commenting on the importance of the Himalayan frontier on Indian Foreign policy which one of following leader said “If it is breached, the way to Indian Plains and Indian ocean beyond would be exposed and threats and India would then likewise, be threat to other countries of South and South east Asia. Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
  533. The CECA (Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement) was formally announced to bost bilateral ties between India – Singapore
  534. The “Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship (1950)” is being criticized by Nepali Maoist because (A) Unequal Treaty (B) Rising Assertion of Nepali Identity (C) Policy of equidistance with China (D) All of the above
  535. Which one of the following leaders did not participate in four continent peace initiative of nuclear disarmament of 1984? President Zia-ul-Haq
  536. The word ‘theory’, derived from the Greek word ‘Theoria’ means A well focused mental look
  537. Who, among the following, is not associated with decline of political theory? Jean Blondel
  538. Who said ‘negative liberty is superior to positive liberty’? Isaiah Berlin
  539. Which one among the following statements is true? Social Justice is derived from moral reasonableness.
  540. Which one among the following was the first mass movement Mao led? Let hundred flowers blossom and hundred schools of thought contend (solved mcqs of political science)
  541. The term ‘Leninism’ was coined by Stalin
  542. Who is the author of the book The Good Boatman? Rajmohan Gandhi
  543. Which one among the following statements is true? It is both on ethics and politics
  544. Which one among the following is not written by M.N. Roy? Nationalism, Rationality and Revolution
  545. Who among the following has compared fortune with a woman? Machiavelli
  546. Which one among the following is not a work about alienation? Poverty of Philosophy
  547. General Will means Real Will
  548. Who among the following presents a ‘flow model’ of political system? David Easton
  549. Almond borrowed most of the terminology of his approach from Talcott Parsons
  550. Who among the following attached great importance to a balance between the principles of equality and capacity in political development? Fred Riggs
  551. Who among the following is associated with the “will and capacity” approach to the study of political development? Halpern
  552. Who among the following has connected cultures with civilizations? Huntington
  553. Who among the following has associated the origins of political parties with three theories – institutional theories, historical crisis theories and development theories? La Palombara and Myron Weiner
  554. “There can be no comparison between the positions of number one and numbers two, three or four.” Who said this about the British Prime Minister? Winston Churchill
  555. Which of the following countries have dual citizenship – National citizenship and State citizenship? Switzerland and U.S.A.
  556. The elite theory was first started in Central and Western European Countries
  557. The Preamble of the Constitution of India enshrines the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity – ideals mainly inspired by the French Revolution
  558. The name of a candidate for the Office of President of India is proposed by Any ten members of the Electoral College
  559. Who among the following former Presidents of India kept the ‘Indian Post Office Amendment Bill’ pending? Zail Singh
  560. Who said ‘All Communalism is harmful’? The logic of minority Communalism is separatism, and majority communalism culminates in Fascism? Bipin Chandra (solved mcqs of political science)
  561. Who wrote the book, “Democracy and Discontent”? Atul Kohli
  562. Who emphasized the emergence of “a market polity” in India? Morris-Jones
  563. Who described the nature of Indian State as ‘incremental democratic modernization’? Rajni Kothari
  564. An alliance of national elites and the entrepreneurial class as a basis of development at the Centre does not preclude re-distributive concessions automatically.’ Who said? Atul Kohli
  565. Which among the following Articles of the Constitution of India has ensured through legislation the participation of workers in management? Article 43A
  566. Who among the following termed Article 356 as a “safety valve”? Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
  567. Which one of the following was not included as a principle of administration by Willoughby in his ‘Principles of Public Administration’? Coordination
  568. The principle of unity of command mainly ensures Accountability
  569. Which one of the following is not one of the main characteristics of Taylor’s scientific management? Participation in decision making
  570. Who among the following has called Weber’s ideal type of bureaucracy as unsuitable for developing societies? Fred W. Riggs
  571. The Committee on Assurances of the Parliament of India is an instrument of Legislative Control
  572. According to Herbert Simon, if a decision is directed towards individual’s goal, it is Personally rational
  573. The most logical criterion to distinguish a line function from staff is The authority relationship
  574. Central Vigilance Commission was setup on the recommendations of Santhanam Committee Report
  575. The Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill 1968 passed by the Lok Sabha lapsed because Of early Dissolution of Fourth Lok Sabha
  576. Which one of the following committee’s report said that Community Development Programme and National Extension Service had failed to evoke popular enthusiasm? Balwant Rai Mehta Committee Report
  577. Which one of the following was not included by C. Rajagopalachari in the list of six fundamental requirements of a good administrator? Expertise in technical matters
  578. Santhanam Committee on Prevention of Corruption was appointed in 1962
  579. What is neo-realism? An attempt to restate the basic ideas of realism in a more ‘scientific’ form
  580. What does RMA stand for? Revolution in Military Affairs (solved mcqs of political science)
  581. What does Raison d’état mean? The national interest
  582. Why is reform of the Security Council problematic? (A) Enlarging the permanent membership could impair decision making. (B) None of the existing permanent members are keen to give up their seats. (C) It is difficult to make an uncontroversial case for any of the potential new permanent members. (D) All of the above.
  583. Structural adjustment programmes require that Governments of poor countries should adopt privatization and other ‘liberalizing’ measures.
  584. Bandung Conference held in 1955 had the participation of representatives from Twenty nine Afro-Asian countries
  585. Who said, “Thus far the chief purpose of our military establishment has been to win wars. From now on its chief purpose must be to avert them.”? Bernard Brodie
  586. Expand SORT. Strategic Offensive Reduction Treaty
  587. The Axis of evil is a phrase deliberately used by President George W. Bush in January 2002 to characterize Iran, North Korea and Iraq
  588. Martin Wight emphasized three philosophical traditions of International politics, they are Realism, Rationalism, Revolutionism
  589. Which among the following statements is not correct? Post-behavioural political theory is ethnocentric.
  590. Positive liberalism does not believe in Minimal State
  591. Marx does not believe in Human consciousness determines social existence
  592. Rawlsian concept of justice is based on Difference principle
  593. The term ‘Ideology’ was first used in the year 1797
  594. Satyavir Ki Katha, translated into Gujarati by Gandhiji was from Dialogues of Plato
  595. Who adopted communism to Asiatic form? Mao – Tse – Tung
  596. Which one among the following statements is correct? The Greek word for Justice is dikaisune.
  597. Locke’s view on ‘state of nature’ is Pre-political
  598. Which one among the following statements is true? The Prince is concerned with the qualities of Princes; the Discourses place a greater emphasis on the civic demands on citizens.
  599. Who said: “Human nature is an ensemble of social relations”? M.N. Roy
  600. Aurobindo is mainly famous because of his Life Divine (solved mcqs of political science)
  601. Who among the following interpreted functionalism as an alternative approach to Marxism? W.G. Runciman
  602. Which one of the following has tried to give an essentially engineering orientation to human behaviour? Communications theory
  603. The characteristics of Almond’s political system mostly resemble those of the political system(s) of United States of America
  604. Who among the following identifies political development with the “institutionalisation of political organisations and procedures”? Huntington
  605. Which one of the following approaches/theories was first started as a critique of democracy and socialism? Elite theory
  606. Who among the following divided the non-competitive party system into one-party authoritarian, one party pluralistic and one-party totalitarian? La Palombara and Myron Weiner
  607. In which of the following forms of Government is the second chamber as indispensable part of legislature? Federal
  608. Which one of the following books has a chapter on ‘Politics in India’? Comparative Politics Today
  609. In which country all courts including all levels of the State Courts have the power of Judicial review? America
  610. Which one of the following is the most important characteristic of a Parliamentary Government? Collective responsibility of the Executive to the Legislature
  611. Which one of the following federal systems was taken as a model by K.C. Wheare for judging other federal systems? American federal system
  612. The Constituent Assembly was setup under the Cabinet Mission Plan
  613. Who said the following? ‘India’s Constitution was born more in fear and trepidation than in hope and inspiration’ Paul Brass
  614. Which of the following Articles of the Constitution shields legislation from being declared unconstitutional and void? Art. 31 B
  615. Which of the following Amendments to the Indian Constitution has made Right to Education a Fundamental Right? 93rd
  616. Which of the following statements is not correct? Second and Third Proclamations of Emergency were revoked in 1978.
  617. The power of Supreme Court of India to decide the dispute between the Centre and the States falls under its Original Jurisdiction
  618. Who tried to period Indian politics in terms of the tussle between a “demand polity” and a “command polity”? Lloyd and Susanne Rudolph
  619. Caste based r/eservations are labeled as Positive Discrimination
  620. Which of the following was headed by Raja Dhare and Nam Devdhasal? Dalit Panther (solved mcqs of political science)
  621. Lloyd and Susanne Rudolf saw the State in India as ‘Polymorphous’. What does it mean? Creature of manifold forms and orientation
  622. Who is the author of ‘Political Economy of Development in India’? Pranab Bardhan
  623. In order to ensure free and fair elections and to conduct all elections to the Panchayats, the power is vested with State Election Commission
  624. According to Chester I. Barnard which one of the following is not correct about an order to be authoritative? It should be motivating monetarily.
  625. According to Mooney, conferring of specified authority by a higher authority is Delegation
  626. Who defined development administration as “Action-oriented, goal-oriented administrative system”? Edward Weidner
  627. According to David Nachmias and D.H. Rosenbloom, which one of the following is not a feature of participatory bureaucracy? Civil Service Associations to protect them from political tyranny
  628. Who among the following introduced the concept of ‘Zone of Indifference’ in an organization? Chester I. Barnard
  629. Taylor’s concept of Mental Revolution stands for Harmony and Cooperation
  630. Which of the following committee recommended two-tier Panchayatiraj institutions? Ashok Mehta Committee
  631. When was the Central Vigilance Commission set up by the Government of India? 1964
  632. Which of the following committees recommended Block Level Planning? Dantwala Committee
  633. Which among the following is not a feature of Liberalisation? Satiation
  634. The institution of ‘Ombudsman’ was first introduced in Sweden
  635. Which of the following was an important figure in the development of liberal perspectives on international politics? Woodrow Wilson
  636. The Bretton Woods Agreement led to the establishment of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  637. According to many realists, how is international peace best secured? A balance of power between States.
  638. In the field of nuclear strategy what does MAD stand for? Mutually Assured Destruction
  639. Who said the following, ‘War is Foreign Policy by other means”? Carl von Clausewitz
  640. Non-alignment as India’s foreign policy meant independence and judging each issue on its relevance to our national interest. (solved mcqs of political science)
  641. “Indira Doctrine” is considered an important aspect of India’s foreign policy for it defines India’s security is coterminous with the region and any interference of external powers is taken as a threat to India’s security.
  642. The United Nations Charter is mainly devoted to a wide range of subjects including peace, justice, freedom and economic and social rights.
  643. International society tradition is also known as the English School of International Relations.
  644. The main purpose of the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord was To end the ethnic strife between the Sinhalese and Tamils.
  645. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum (A) is part of a more general trend towards regional blocs? (B) accounts for over half the world’s GDP (C) has member states which include authoritarian regimes as well as democracies. (D) All of the above are true.
  646. The US approach to the Cold War was originally set out in The Truman Doctrine
  647. Which one of the following factors is not responsible for the decline of Political Theory? Ideological Pluralism
  648. Neo-liberalism does not believe in Satiation
  649. Who said, ‘Taxation equals forced labour’? Nozick
  650. Who defined an ideology as ‘a set of ideas by which men posit, explain and justify the ends and means of organized social action, irrespective of whether such action aims to preserve, amend, uproot or rebuild a given social order’? Martin Seliger
  651. Who said that Labour power equals the brain, muscle, and nerve of the Labourer? Marx
  652. The reappearance of Plato is found in the (A) Utopia of Sir Thomas More (B) City of the Sun of Campanella (C) New Atlantis of Bacon (D) All the above
  653. Which one of the statements is not correct in respect of Aristotle? Slavery is justified because it does not secure the best conditions for the slave.
  654. Who did help to humanize J.S. Mill’s revised version of Utilitarianism? Mrs. Harriet Taylor
  655. For Hobbes, ‘Felicity’ means A continued success in obtaining those things which a man from time to time desires.
  656. ‘The “natural” man will be one in whom strong conscience and steadfast reason have successfully harmonized self-love and sympathy’. Who advocated this? Rousseau
  657. Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding was a refutation of Sir Robert Filmer’s Patriarcha.
  658. The Politics of Society must be based on two principles as (i) ‘Treat others as self’ and (ii) ‘help the other persons in need’. Whose saying is this? Aurobindo
  659. Who among the following was elected as U.S. President for the fourth term? Franklin D. Roosevelt
  660. Which of the following countries has a simple constitution-amending procedure? U.K. (solved mcqs of political science)
  661. In reference to Presidential system which President of U.S.A. said, “For the folly of just one man may spell disaster for the whole nation.”? Jimmy Carter
  662. Which one of the following statements about the U.S. President is not correct? Richard Nixon’s impeachment failed by one vote.
  663. Who among the following has adopted the ‘Political-conflict approach’ in the analysis of revolution? Charles Tilly
  664. Which one is not the attribute of one party system? Comprehensive, Clientele oriented, Pragmatic support
  665. Who made the following statement in the Constituent Assembly in connection with the Amendment Procedure of the Constitution of India? ‘That while we want this Constitution to be solid and as permanent as a structure we can make it, nevertheless there is no permanence in Constitutions. … If you make anything rigid and permanent, you stop the Nation’s growth, the growth of a living, vital organic people’. Jawaharlal Nehru
  666. Which of the following Articles cannot be suspended during National Emergency? Articles 20 and 21
  667. Who among the following called Jayaprakash Narain, Ram Manohar Lohia and other Socialists as Japanese agents during 1942 movement? Communist Party of India
  668. Which one of the following is not applicable to Public Interest Litigation? Locus standi
  669. Which among the following pertains to the sixty first Constitutional Amendment? Lowering of voting age
  670. The Sikhs got special electorates in which of the following Acts? Government of India Act, 1919
  671. Which of the following Committees of the Constituent Assembly was chaired by Jawaharlal Nehru? Union Powers Committee
  672. Who among the following developed the concept, ‘derivative discourse’? Partha Chatterjee
  673. MNREGA is not associated with which of the following? Agrarian crises
  674. Who among the following first initiated the study of State Politics in India? Myron Weiner
  675. Which one of the following was the largest Opposition party in the Eighth Lok Sabha (1984)? Telugu Desam Party
  676. With which of the following States, was the Programme, Janmabhoomi associated? Andhra Pradesh
  677. Which of the following is concerned with the substantive functions of the Government? Line Agency
  678. Who among the following termed the four different bases of organization as four Ps? Luther Gulick
  679. The chief reason for delegation of authority from headquarters to field officers is to Decongest the headquarters.
  680. Domicile qualification for public services was first prescribed by The United States of America (solved mcqs of political science)
  681. Which one of the following is the Cadre-controlling authority for the Indian Police Service? The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
  682. The process of transferring funds from one budget head to another of the same department where there is a need for more expenditure is called Re-appropriation
  683. Who among the following has termed bureaucracy as “an organization that cannot correct its behaviour by learning from its errors”? M. Crozer
  684. Who is the Chairperson of the National Council of Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM)? Cabinet Secretary
  685. Of all the controls over Public Administration the one which is more continuous and self-corrective is Controlled by the Executive
  686. With which liberal thinker would you associate “Democratic Peace Theory”? Michael Doyle
  687. Who said, “Power in International Politics is like the weather. Everyone talks about it, but few understand it”? Joseph Nye
  688. With which Doctrine is “Containment” associated? Truman Doctrine
  689. Which country has the world’s largest reserves of natural gas, the second largest coal reserves, and the eighth largest oil reserves? Russia
  690. Which countries were identified as the “Axis of Evil” by President Bush in his State of Union Speech in 2002? Iraq, Iran, North Korea
  691. When was the UN Peace building Commission established? December 2005
  692. As part of a regional initiative, India initiated the 2004 Tokyo Agreement. Name the organization which emerged as a result. ReCAAP
  693. Name the military strategist who stated that all war is based on deception and praised it as the ‘divine art of subtlety and secrecy.’ Sun Tzu
  694. Name the person who headed the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) to Iraq in 2002? Hans Blix
  695. Which among the following States least influences India’s Foreign Policy? Madhya Pradesh
  696. Who among the following said that Political theory contains factors of three kinds-the factual, the causal and the valuational? G.H. Sabine
  697. Who among the following said that political theory is in the doghouse in the 1950’s? Riemer
  698. Who among the following said, “We cannot shed our values in the way we remove our coats”? David Easton
  699. Who among the following is associated with the resurgence of political theory? Vogelin
  700. Which one of the following statements is false? The moral minuses of the anti marketers are the moral minuses of the pro-marketers (solved mcqs of political science)
  701. Whose ideas are sometimes referred as ‘Manchester Liberalism’? Richard Cobden and John Bright
  702. Who said, “My own existence is a social activity and activity and mind are social in their context as well as in their origin, they are social activity and social mind”? Karl Marx
  703. From whom did Hobbes borrow the principle of resolutive composite? Galileo
  704. Who said, “J.J. Rousseau is the Father of Jacobin despotism, of Caesarian dictatorship and the inspirer of the absolute doctrines of Kant and of Hegel”? Duguit
  705. Who among the following made the State a moral institution with a moral end? J.S. Mill
  706. Who among the following formed “The League of Radical Congressmen”? M.N. Roy
  707. Which one among the following is not written by Aurobindo? Yoga: Concept and Practice
  708. Structuration as a concept is a way of analyzing the relationship between structures and actors was suggested by Anthony Giddens
  709. According to Almond, which one is not a condition for political development? Overlapping of stages of development
  710. Corporatism is an approach that is centrally concerned about Stresses the state and society interactions, especially the role of social interests influencing policy
  711. The term “Cooperative Federalism” emerged after the Second World War.
  712. In the electoral studies, rational choice models have been the most popular which is developed by Anthony Downs
  713. Conveyance theory between advanced capitalism and developed socialism was propounded by Marcuge
  714. Who among the following elite theorists said, “A man is effective in society as a whole, not so much because of his individual qualities as because of the social energies which have been deposited in him by the mass”? Gasset
  715. The politics of sex is no longer on the fringe of politics, but it is a central concern for policy and law makers. Which category will this issue be placed under? Political Culture
  716. Who holds the view that bureaucracy as an organisation cannot correct its behaviour by learning from its errors? M. Crozier
  717. Who said the following? “New light has been poured on us, teaching us the new lesson that Kings are made for the people and not the people for the Kings.” Dadabhai Naoroji
  718. Who among the following had favoured Panchayati Raj System by giving the following statement in the Indian Constituent Assembly?“…in the interest of democracy, the villages may be trained in the art of self-government… We must be able to reform the villages and introduce democratic principles of government there…” Ananthasayanam Ayyangar
  719. Which of the following is not within the jurisdiction of the State High Court? It can decide the river water dispute between the two states.
  720. Who characterized India as “A million mutinies” in 1990? V.S. Naipaul (solved mcqs of political science)
  721. “Roses in December” is the autobiography of Mohammad Karim Chhagala
  722. Who among the following is Editor/Author of the book “The New Regional Politics of Development”. Anthony Payne
  723. Who among the following has described India as “weak-strong state”? Lloyd and Susan Rudolph
  724. Who has called India a Democratic Developmental State? James Manor
  725. Who has termed India as an example of “Polycentric Nationalism”? Anthony D. Smith
  726. Who is the author of the book “India after Gandhi: The History of the World’s Largest Democracy”? Ramchandran Guha
  727. Which of the following was the first all Indian women’s organization which came into force in 1926? National Council for Women in India
  728. Which one of the following Gullick has not covered under administrative functions of the Chief Executive? Adjudicating
  729. Under the code developed by workers at the Western Electric Company, one who passes unfavorable information about his colleagues to his superior is called A squealer
  730. According to Herbert Simon, a decision is usually compounded of One value statement and several fact statements
  731. Which one of the following principles of organisation has not been enunciated by Mooney and Reiley? Equity principle
  732. Which one of the following books contains the most comprehensive enunciation of the classical theory? Papers on the Science of Administration
  733. According to Max Weber which one of the following is not a feature of bureaucracy? Selection by Patronage
  734. Which one of the following is not an element of decision making? It is an unconscious activity.
  735. Who among the following are called staff officials? Those who help the chief executive in the performance of his primary functions.
  736. Which of the following concepts of administration is action oriented rather than structure oriented? Development Administration
  737. Point out from the following the uncommon factor between public and private administrations Scope and complexity
  738. The Fiscal Five Year Plan was started in India after independence in the year 1950 – 1951
  739. Performance Budgeting became popular in the 1950s
  740. Who built on Kenneth Waltz’s argument concerning the stability of bipolar system as compared to multipolar system? John Mearshemier (solved mcqs of political science)
  741. Democratic Peace Theory is placed under which theoretical approach of International relations? Institutional Liberalism
  742. The “Clash of Civilizations and New World Order” predict an ideological shift in the Post-Cold War period from Political ideology to culture and religion.
  743. What is a “Quasi-State”? A State that possess juridical statehood but severely deficient in empirical statehood.
  744. With which approach would one associate the following statement? Economic globalization is an uneven, hierarchical process and benefits only a tiny minority? Neo-Marxism
  745. The Panel on United Nations Peace Operations was set up by the earlier Secretary General Kofi Annan. Name the report Brahimi Report
  746. Indian troops, military observers and civilian police personnel served in U.N.O. peace keeping operation in (A) Western Sahara (B) Bosnia (C) Herzegovina (D) All of the above
  747. Which one of the following is not a Indo-Pak dispute? Dahagram dispute
  748. Recently there were tensions between Cambodia and Thailand. What is the issue in conflict? Prachvihar
  749. Which among the following is correct regarding the decline of Political theory? (A) Historicism (B) Hyper factualism (C) Moral relativism (D) All of the above
  750. Who among the following is not an exponent of contextualism? Wittgenstein
  751. Who amongst the following is a defender of Plato? Levinson
  752. Who defines citizen as sharing “in the civic life of ruling and being ruled in turn”? Aristotle
  753. Amongst the following whose political theory is based on nominalism? Hobbes
  754. John Locke’s ‘Two Treatises on Civil Government is a critique of Filmer
  755. General Will refers to (A) My Own Real Will (B) Group Mind (C) A common me (D) All of the above
  756. Who among the following thought of human beings as ‘home faber’? Karl Marx
  757. Who among the following says that the workers do not spontaneously become socialists, but only trade unionists, and revolutionary ideology must in consequence be brought to them by professional revolutionaries? Lenin
  758. Which among the following is correct so far as Aurobindo beliefs are concerned? (A) Belief that his education and talent belong to God which could not be utilised for personal happiness alone. (B) His resolve that he would not merely repeat the name of God, but have direct realisation of Him. (C) His conviction that he did not regard the country as an inert object, but as the Mother. (D) All of the above
  759. Who among the following criticized Marxian theory of surplus value? M.N. Roy
  760. Who among the following said: “Those who say that religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means”? M.K. Gandhi (solved mcqs of political science)
  761. According to Almond and Verba the individuals, in a parochial culture have low (A) Cognitive Orientation about the Political System, its leaders and operation. (B) Affective Orientation about the system, its leaders and operation. (C) Evaluative orientation about the system, its leaders and operation. (D) All of the above.
  762. The ‘Block Vote System’ is also known as First-past-the-post system
  763. In the American Presidential election, in case no candidate secures the required majority, the decision is referred to the House of Representatives
  764. According to S.P. Huntigton Political Development takes place when Mass Mobilisation and Participation is lesser than Institutionalisation.
  765. Who among the following regards political development as political modernization plus institutionalization? Helio Jaquaribe
  766. The pressure groups – the National Council of Churches and the Anti-Saloon League are in The United States of America
  767. Who of the following makes a distinction between liberal constitutionalism and Democratic disorder? Theda Skocpol
  768. Which of the following is not a Directive Principle of State Policy? Protection of language, script or culture of minorities.
  769. According to Article 170, the maximum members of the State Legislative Assemblies which are directly elected could be 500
  770. Who is the editor/author of the book – “Politics and the State in India”? Zoya Hasan
  771. Which of the following has been provided by the Indian Constitution? In private religious institutions presence is not compulsory in religious education.
  772. Which of the following is not a peasants’ movement? Tabligh Movement
  773. Which of the following phrase has been used by Bendict Anderson for Indian Nationalism? Imagined community
  774. Who pointed out that the western antonym of “secular” is “religious”. But in India, the antonym of “secular” is “communal”? Thomas Pantham
  775. Which one is not an element of the Secular State is India? Taxation on religious property
  776. In India promotion cases of senior Civil Servants are decided by The Cabinet Committee
  777. Who among the following says that Public Administration includes the operations only of the executive branch of Government? Luther Gulick
  778. The concept of the “Zone of indifference” is associated with Authority
  779. Which of the following is a feature of Public Corporation? It enjoys complete administrative autonomy from the control from ministry.
  780. Which of the following is not included in “hygiene” factors in the Herzberg two-factor theory of motivation? Responsibility (solved mcqs of political science)
  781. The term “Performance Budget was coined by First Hoover Commission of USA.
  782. Which one of the following was not the recommendation of Administrative Reforms Commission in India about the working of Public Corporation? Secretary of the Ministry concerned should always be included as the member of the board of Management.
  783. ‘Position classification’ is the classification of Duties
  784. The Civil Service was defined as a “Professional body of officials, permanent, paid and skilled” by Herman Finer
  785. Which of the following reports deals with the relations between the specialists and generalists? Fulton Committee Report
  786. Reservation for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the services has been provided under Article 335
  787. The “Gang-Plank” refers to Level jumping
  788. Which one of the following is not the characteristic of Public Corporation? It can neither sue nor can be sued.
  789. Under which theoretical approach will you place Alexander Wendt? Social constructivism
  790. Origin of the Communication approach can be traced to Cybernetic Engineering
  791. Third tier states are states as stated by Steven Metz are marked by Crisis of Governance
  792. The concept of the League of Nations was conceived in the ideas of Woodrow Wilson
  793. Which one of the determinants of Indian Foreign Policy is not the reason for defacto recognition of Israel by India before 1980? History and tradition of India
  794. Which one of the countries was not a member of the Commission appointed by the Security Council to solve the Indo-Pak Kashmir dispute? U.S.S.R.
  795. “Hot Line” in International Relations means (A) Fascimile Transmission Capability to Direct Communication Link (DCL) (B) To send Graphic Material via DCL. (C) Direct Communication between Head of States (Head of Governments) (D) As above of all
  796. Indo-Bangladesh relations were strained because of one of the followings reasons: Teesta River water distribution.

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