Solved MCQs of Social Work

solved mcqs of social work
solved mcqs of social work

Solved MCQs of Social Work for test preparation are here. Many departments have announced the jobs of different posts related to Social Work I found that people are taking interest in all my posts. This gave me the strength to gather data on Solved MCQs of Social Work. So, I took my time and arranged the data on Social Work because it has the demand now a day. You can prepare for KPPSC, PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS, OTS, PTS, MTS, AJKPSC, SPSC, BPSC, ITS, CTS, ATS, CTSP, STS, GTS, FTSPAK, DTS, CTSP, ETS, CTA, JTS, UTS, GCTS and all the vacant posts like Assistant Director, District Population Welfare Officer, Deputy District Population Welfare Officer, Tehsil Population Welfare Officer, Speech Writer, Deputy Director, Information Officer, Stenographer, Communication Specialist, Demographer, Transferring Officer, Instructor, Technical Officer, Producer, Staff Officer, Executive Engineer, GIS Specialist, Administration, Estate Management, TE&TP, Town Planning, Architecture, Psychologist, Assistant Chief, Labour Officer, Treasury Officer, Accountant, Computer Operator, Librarian, Scientific Officer, Establishment and Finance, Forest Officer, Assistant Manager, Additional Solicitor, Controller, Medical Officer, Agriculture Officer, Farm Manager, Cotton Inspector, Information Officer, Photographer, Supervisor, Naib Qasid, Management Trainees, Secondary School Teacher, Headmaster, Headmistress,  etc.

Solved MCQs of Social Work

You can prepare here with our Solved MCQs of Anthropology Test Preparation. Let us start Solved MCQs of Social Work Test Preparation;

Solved MCQs of Social Work

  1. The ‘Structure of Social Action’ was propounded by? Talcott Parsons
  2. Who propounded the concept ‘Conjugal Family’? William J. Goode
  3. The Government of India adopted the National Policy for children in the year? 1974
  4. Who proposed ‘Client Centred Therapy’? Carl Rogers
  5. The essential characteristics of research? (A) Description (B) Exploration (C) Experimentation (D) All the above
  6. Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act came into being in the year? 1986
  7. Lok Adalat refers to? Decreasing the case load of courts for speedy justice
  8. Charity Organisation Society (COS) in USA was established in the year? 1877
  9. Denotified tribes are? Ex-criminal tribes
  10. Who is the author of ‘Pattern of Culture’? Ruth Benedict
  11. The values of mean, median and mode are same in the case of? Normal distribution
  12. The 73rd Constitutional Amendment relating to Panchayati Raj came into force in the year? 1993
  13. The formula used to determine ‘Intelligence Quotient’ is? I.Q = MA/CA ×100
  14. _________ refers to the protection of society against crime. Social Defence
  15. Conscience is identified with? Super Ego
  16. _________ was associated with conscientization model. Paulo Friere
  17. _________ Theory propounds that childhood experiences influence the adult behaviour. Psycho-analytical Theory
  18. Which is not the principle of experimental design? Principle of Universalization
  19. Which of the following is not the part of ESI benefits? Fringe benefit
  20. The best known expert of the problem solving model is? Perlman
  21. What is Catharsis? The reduction of tension by telling one’s problems to professionals only.
  22. Which one of the following is not apart of social case work process? Content Analysis
  23. In order to find the degree of relationships, we have to use a statistical test called? Pearson’s correlation
  24. Papers on Social Work – An Indian Perspective” was written by? G.R. Banerjee
  25. World Summit on Social Development was held in the year? 1994
  26. The Theory of Demographic transition includes? (A) High birthrate and high death rate (B) Rapidly falling death rate and high birthrate (C) Low birthrate and low death rate (D) All the above
  27. Pilot study refers to? Preliminary study conducted on a limited scale before the original study.
  28. What Rights are Human Rights? Rights provided to all human beings by nature.
  29. Diagnostic School of Social Case Work was developed by? Mead
  30. Public Interest Litigation refers to? To provide justice to poor, needy and weaker sections of society with the help of the NGOs’ and media.
  31. Paulo Friere’s approach could be briefly stated as? Action-reflection process with people.
  32. Which of the following is not a social process? Annihilation
  33. Which of the following is a correct matching? Factories Act – 1948
  34. Panchayati Raj Institutions in India have brought about one of the following: A formal representation of weaker sections in village governance
  35. Who is the author of the book “Social Group Work – A Helping Process”? Konopka G.
  36. The objective of Social Legislation is? To bridge the gap between current needs and existing laws.
  37. Manifestation of repressed ideas in the form of finer things is? Sublimation
  38. Who gave the concept of ‘Looking glass self’? C.H. Cooley
  39. ‘Operationalization of Variables’ in social work research means? Making the variables measurable
  40. Which one of the following is not a correct matching? Prarthana Samaj – Ramabai Ranade (Solved MCQs of Social Work)
  41. The book ‘Social Diagnosis’ was written by? Mary Richmond
  42. Who pointed out that ‘development implies qualitative change’? Vaudendaele
  43. The correlation co-efficient tends to lie between? +1 to –1
  44. Human Development Report is published by? UNDP
  45. Reassurance’ is one of the techniques that come under the broad category of? Directives
  46. Normative System’ refers to? (A) system of rules and norms of the society. (B) culture of the society. (C) conventional behaviour of the society. (D) All of the above
  47. The presence of which of the following will indicate the diversity of population? Secondary association
  48. In which among the following States in India, Community Development Programme was first initiated in 1952? Rajasthan
  49. Which is/are the approaches to community organization? (A) Community driven development (B) Social capital formation (C) Ecological sustainable development (D) All of the above
  50. Which of the following is used to indicate the reliability of an estimate? Confidence interval
  51. Which among the following is the department created under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment from May 2012? Department of Disability Affairs
  52. The author of the book “From Charity to Social Work” is? Mary Richmond
  53. The sensing of skin through touch or pressure is? Kinesthetic perception
  54. 12th August is celebrated as? International Youth Day
  55. What does a population pyramid signify? Age-sex distribution at a given time
  56. The phrase ‘Human Rights’ was first used in? Charter of the United Nations
  57. The International Covenant for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights was adopted in the year? 1948
  58. According to whom groups must accomplish the four functional tasks i.e. integration, adaptation, pattern maintenance and goal attainment to remain in equilibrium? Talcott Parsons
  59. In Second Five Year Plan, the primary emphasis shifted to? Industrial Development
  60. The ‘Problem Solving Approach’ emerged from the work of? H.H. Perlman
  61. A theory of deviant behaviour which holds that deviant behaviour results when there is a lack of socially approved means to achieve a socially approved goals: Anomie theory
  62. Defining the relevant variables to remove the ambiguity in measurement is called? operationalisation of variables
  63. The curved line type relationship is referred by? Non-Linear Correlation
  64. In the principle of ‘Right to self determination’ social worker? Recognises the right and need of clients to freedom in making their own choices and decisions.
  65. Emotional disorders in which an individual remains oriented to reality but suffers from chronic anxiety is? Neuroses
  66. Individualization as both goal and process of social work practice was suggested by: Carol Mayer
  67. Scheme for analysing group interactions called as ‘Interaction process’ is developed by? Robert Bales
  68. According to whom a more broadly conceived form of ‘social action group’, is –‘action system’? Pincus and Minahan
  69. The Indian Journal of Social Work was started in the year? 1938
  70. An Achieved Status is based on? Abilities
  71. Marriage is a _____ among Hindus? Sacrament
  72. The process of generalizing sample results to the population results is called? Statistical inference
  73.  _____ is/are the process of catharsis. Ventilation of feelings
  74. The tripartite body which was set in pre-independence period to deal with industrial relations problems in India is? Indian Labour Conference
  75. Alcohol is in the category of? Depressants
  76. Which among the following Acts is correctly matched with its year of Enactment? Juvenile Justice Act-2000
  77. Which among the following is in correct sequence? Intake, study, diagnosis, treatment, termination, follow up
  78. Which Indian state has lowest child sex ratio, from among the following? Punjab
  79. Which one of the following is not the professional view of social work? Client as citizen
  80. The tendency to commit crime repeatedly without any sense of repentance is called? Recidivism (Solved MCQs of Social Work)
  81. Which of the following is recognized as decade for Natural Disaster Reduction? 1990s
  82. The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act came into force in the year? 2005
  83. Written or visual materials read or viewed primarily for the purpose of sexual pleasure is called? Pornography
  84. Who introduced the concept of ‘Role Playing’? G.H. Mead
  85. Negative reinforcement leads to? Increase in desired responses
  86. 12 years old Ashad need not be told that he had failed in his exams, on returning home he could guess by the looks on his father’s face and hisposture, what his result was? This is an example of? Non-verbal communication
  87. When monotony in work is reduced by giving a wider variety of duties to employees; it is known as? Job rotation
  88. NICP means? National initiative for child protection.
  89. One of the following is not a technique that comes under paraphrase. Open ended question
  90. The study of the distribution and determinants of health related status or events in specified population sand the application of this study to the control of health problems is called? Epidemiology
  91. “Felt difficulty in fulfilling role obligation” is known as? Role strain
  92. The model of Social Policy called ‘residual welfare’ has been advanced by? Richard Titmus
  93. The activity that inter-relates various parts of the welfare agency so that it functions as a whole is? Co-ordination
  94. Which of the following statement is correct? Reliability and validity are independent of each other.
  95. Who has divided Family into ‘Family of orientation’ and ‘Family of procreation’? Robertson
  96. Probation of Offenders Act came into being in the year? 1958
  97. The strength of association between two variables is called? Correlation
  98. The independent variable is also called? Predictor variable
  99. The Research design in which identification of relationship between variables is attempted, is called? Experimental design
  100. What would be mean of 1, 0, 2, 3, 0, 2, 3, 4, 0, 2, and 5. 2
  101. Institutional Re-distributive model is linked with? Welfare state
  102. Who developed the Physical Quality of Life Index? (PQLI) D.M. Morris
  103. Gender related Development Index is used in? Human Development Report
  104. Which of the following is not correct? ‘A belief’ becomes a ‘scientific truth’ when it? Is established experimentally.
  105. The hypothetical statements denying what are explicitly indicated in working hypothesis are known as? Null hypothesis
  106. The acronym “BIMARU” represents states? Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and U.P.
  107. Accountability in governance refers to? The ability of citizens to hold leaders, government and public organisations to account.
  108. ‘Glass Ceiling’ is? A transparent barrier which women face as they attempt to achieve promotion to the higher levels of organisation.
  109. ‘Yellow revolution’ is? The growth, development and adoption of new varieties of oil seeds and technologies to increase oil seed production.
  110. Bio-magnification is a process? Where some compounds remain in the eco-system in virtually unchanged form as they are passed from one organism to another by predation.
  111. Which one of the following is not an indicator of social development of a country? Incidence of litigation in the courts
  112. The Child Marriage Restrain Act was enacted in the year? 1929
  113. The best example of verbal communication skill is? Competence in oral presentations
  114. Acceptance is a principle of social work which implies? Accepting the client as he/she is.
  115. ‘Mongolism’ is the type of? Mental retardation
  116. What is Anuloma marriage? Higher caste man marrying lower caste woman
  117. Identity V/S role confusion is the task of? Adolescence
  118. The Rio Earth Summit of 1992 dealt with the theme? Sustainable development
  119. Which of the following does not threaten internal validity? Randomization
  120. The hypothesis by which the researcher not only asserts that the variables will be found to be related, but also predicts the direction of their relationship is called? one tailed (Solved MCQs of Social Work)
  121. The National Commission for Women was established in the year? 1992
  122. Kaka Kalelkar was associated with? Backward Classes Commission
  123. The method by which the relative worth of Jobs in an organisation is determined is called as? Job Analysis
  124. Cognitive needs’ of human beings are the needs? to know, to understand and to explore
  125. ‘Learned helplessness’ is a concept based on? Social learning theory
  126. Which one of the following is not necessary for project formulation? Documentation
  127. FCRA stands for? Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act
  128. Which one of the following is not a treatment group? Study team
  129. Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act was enacted in year? 1986
  130. Which of the following governance mechanism is the highest body for policy formulation in NGOs? General body
  131. Objectively in research means the willingness and ability to examine evidence dispassionately is called? sine qua non of the scientific method
  132. In participatory development, people’s participation is? only a means not an end to development
  133. If the client persists in verbal attacks, the technique used is? Fogging
  134. ‘Power’ is gained whereas ‘authority’ is? Nested
  135. The point where two axes intersect is known as? Origin
  136. The value that is repeated most often in data set is known as? Mode
  137. Who among the following said that justice is crucial to understand human rights? John Rawl
  138. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in? 1948
  139. A set of guidelines that give direction to action by an organization or government is called? Social policy
  140. The F-test is a? Parametric test
  141. Developmental Social Work aims at? Optimum utilization of resources
  142. Social Pathology means? Study of origin, nature and causes of social ills.
  143. Family Counselling is? Micro social work practice
  144. What percentage of seats in educational institutions is reserved for Scheduled Castes in India? 15 percent
  145. What is not a function of a Welfare State? To cater to the materialistic needs of the population.
  146. Which is not a developmental characteristic of adulthood? Enuresis.
  147. Who made the following statement? “Problems are unmet needs”? H.H. Perlman
  148. Which of the following is not a principle of case work? Specific objectives
  149. Which of the following is not a principle of group work? Principle of indifferent attitudes towards members.
  150. Which one of the following is a reference group? Group taken to evaluate one’s own aspect of life.
  151. Which one of the following is not a defence mechanism? Confrontation
  152. Programme planning in group work practice includes? (A) Group members participates (B) Group members interests (C) The programme content (D) All the above
  153. The model of community organization propounded by Rothman is? Locality Development
  154. Bottom-up concept related to? Micro planning
  155. Venn diagram is one of the commonly used methods in? Participatory Rural appraisal
  156. The research design that explains the relationship between variables is? Experimental Design
  157. Semi-inter quartile range is also known as? Quartile Deviation
  158. The degree to which an instrument really measures what it intends to measure is called? Validity
  159. The sequential steps in research process are? Selection of topic, review of literature, collection of data, analysis, interpretation and report writing.
  160. Who from the following is not Social Activist? Dr. P.D. Kulkarni (Solved MCQs of Social Work)
  161. Welfare programmes based on Social Policy in India are not provided in one of the sectors mentioned below: Entertainment
  162. Which one of the following programmes is not based on Affirmative Action Policies? Programmes for Industrial Growth.
  163. Accountability in governance refers to? The ability of citizens to hold leaders, government and public organisations to account.
  164. Panchayati Raj institutes in India have brought about which one of the following? Formal representation of the weaker sections in village governance.
  165. Which article of Indian Constitution lays down the provision of free and compulsory education for children? 45
  166. Probation means: Conditional suspension of punishment
  167. Social Legislation attempts to? (A) Justice as well as social security (B) Anticipate social needs (C) Provide for change in social order (D) All the above
  168. ______ describes the process by which a course of action is selected to deal with a specific problem. Decision-making
  169. ROI is ______? Return on Investment
  170. Industrial Disputes Act ______ provide for setting up bipartite works committees as a worker participation programme in India. 1947
  171. Urban Community Development Services in India were started by? American Friends Service Committee
  172. The book “Community Welfare Organisation – Principles and Practice” has been written by? Murrey G Ross
  173. Which is the cause of poverty of small, marginal and casual workers in rural areas of India? (A) Small land holdings (B) Low productivity (C) Poor educational base and lack of vocational skills (D) All of the above
  174. One of the following is not present in single parent families: Step relationship
  175. Human life is mostly influenced by? Family
  176. Juvenile crime can be prevented mainly by? Good parenting and family support.
  177. One of the following is not the function of a social worker in a juvenile residential institution: Publishing research papers
  178. Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS) is the programme of? Ministry of Human Resource Development
  179. Services provided for weaker sections of the society are called? Social Welfare Services
  180. Louis Braille Day is being observed on? 4th January
  181. Institutional Redistributive Model of Social Policy is associated with? Welfare State
  182. The concept of Total Fertility Rate (TFR) means? The average rate of growth of population.
  183. Who among the following is associated with Gestalt therapy? Perls and Perls
  184. Trickledown theory of development holds that: Development spreads downwards through greater demand for labour.
  185. UN principles for older persons come into force in the year? 1991
  186. Decision making means? Choosing among alternatives
  187. Which of the following is not a principle of group work? Group experiment planning
  188. Team building involves? Recognizing all the members of the team.
  189. The ultimate goal of Women’s Self Help Group is? Empowerment
  190. The full form of MDP is? Manic Depressive Psychosis
  191. Main source of India’s Social Policy is? Directive Principles of State Policy
  192. Grape-wine communication relates to? Informal communication
  193. Service rendered voluntarily by an individual or group to another individual or a group is called as? Social Service
  194. Satyasodhak Samaj was founded by? Jyotiba Phule
  195. Denotified tribes are? Ex-criminal tribes
  196. Which of the following is not an agent of social change in India? Population Growth
  197. Which one is not the approach of group wise practice? Ornamental
  198. Spencer Hatch was associated with? Marthandam Project
  199. The method of research used in census study is _________. Survey
  200. A Researcher with limited understanding of the problem under study adopts ________. Exploratory (Solved MCQs of Social Work)
  201. A basic unit of analysis in a given research study is called? Respondent
  202. The extent of difference between population parameter and sample statistic is called_______. Sample error
  203. Sub-divided bar diagram is also known as? Component Bar Diagram
  204. Which one of the following is not an ecological movement? Bhoodan
  205. Which one of the following is not an objective of social policy in India? Population Growth
  206. Which of the following is not a social legislation? Forest Conservation Act
  207. What is the theme of Prime Minister’s High Level Committee popularly known as Sachar Committee? Social, Economic and Educational status of Muslim Community in India.
  208. Social Audit refers to? Security and analysis of the working of any public utility visà- vis its social relevance.
  209. Which one of the following is not a Fundamental Right? Right to Work
  210. The oldest social security legislation in India is? The Workmen’s Compensation Act
  211. Which organisation among the following publishes the records of accidental deaths and suicides in India? National Crime Records Bureau
  212. Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act was introduced in? 2001
  213. Which of the following is not a mechanism for settlement of Industrial Disputes in India? Indian Labour Conference
  214. National Institute of Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities is located in? Chennai
  215. Field work based approach is classified as? Empirical
  216. The concept of Management by objectives was introduced by? Peter Drucker
  217. Job security would fall under which of the following needs? Safety
  218. 360 degree feed-back is associated with? Performance Appraisal
  219. Medical and public health social workers do not provide? Medical aid and diagnostic services
  220. Shareholders, employees, customers, supplier’s vendors and society constitute? Stakeholders
  221. Urban Local bodies need to be strengthened by? (A) Defining clear functions (B) Providing independent financial resources (C) Providing autonomy to take decisions (D) All mentioned above
  222. Who coined the term conjugal family? William J. Goode
  223. One of the following is not the reason for single parent families: Transfer
  224. Probation services entail – Community based treatment of offenders
  225. Which of the following is not an intervention method in the correctional setting? Entertaining guests
  226. Which one of the following is not a challenge of managing urbanization? Separating rural from urban areas.
  227. What is the name of the market driven device under the UNFC that allows developing countries to get funds/incentives from the developed countries to adopt better technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Clean Development Mechanism
  228. Mental health team approach is essential for effective therapeutic process in? Child guidance centres
  229. Report on Correctional Administration 1951 (Government of India) was prepared by? Dr. W.C. Reckless
  230. The First Model Prism Manual was prepared in the year? 1959
  231. Social work intervention with Elderly does not include? Distribution of clothes and sweets
  232. The major principles of social group work are? Progressive programme experience, guiding group interaction, specific objectives, evaluation
  233. Parenting has become challenging because of? (A) Disintegration of joint family system (B) Migration of rural population to urban areas (C) Women getting into gainful employment (D) All of the above
  234. Balwantrai Mehta was associated with? Community Development
  235. Who is the author of the book “Integrated Social Work Practice”? S.B. Desai
  236. Which of the following is not the function of a hospital social worker? Registering new patients and issuing OPD cards.
  237. The book on “Social Work: An Integrated Approach” was authored by? Sanjay Bhattacharya
  238. The organized non-profit activity for public purpose outside of both market and state is called? Civil society sector
  239. Balika Divas in India is being observed on? 9th December
  240. Life satisfaction is/an? Abstract concept (Solved MCQs of Social Work)
  241. Blocking a wish or desire from expression is termed as? Repression
  242. Which among the following is not a component of client case worker relationship? Sympathy
  243. _____ is the first settlement in U.K. which is associated with group work. Toynbee Hall
  244. Social learning theory is associated with? (A) Albert Bandura (B) Julian Rotter (C) Walter Mischel (D) All the above
  245. Amartya Sen is associated with which of the following concepts? Human Rights
  246. Which among the following is not a symptom of schizophrenia? Vocational function
  247. Mean difference is also called as? Variance
  248. Which of the following is an antisocial element? Gang
  249. The review of questionnaire with the object of increasing accuracy is? Editing
  250. The book entitled “Two Treaties on Civil Government” is by? John Lock
  251. The ‘Employees Provident Fund and (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act’ was passed in the year? 1952
  252. Social group work as a method does not help? Community to solve problems of groups in a community.
  253. Who propounded that social action is mass betterment through propaganda and social legislation, a method of bringing about a change in the social environment of the clients? Mary Richmond
  254. Which Article of Constitution of India suggests for the protection from social injustice and all forms of exploitation and promotion of economic and educational interests of the weaker sections of the people? Article 46
  255. Example of Personality Test includes? (A) Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. (B) Rorschach Inkblot test (C) Thematic Apperception test (D) All the above
  256. The largest professional social work association in the United States is: National Association of Social Workers
  257. The Central Government Scheme to prevent trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation is? Ujjawala Scheme
  258. Conscientization model is associated with? Paul Friere
  259. Which among the following is not an award instituted by the Ministry of Labour and Employment? Arjuna Awards
  260. The flexibility in handling change is termed as? Adaptability
  261. The two main forms of social stratification are? Caste and Class
  262. The book ‘Social Diagnosis’ was written by? Mary Richmond
  263. The points of scatter plots will seem randomly distributed among the quadrants when little _____ exists between the variables. Correlation
  264. The specific characteristic of a subject that assumes one or more different values is called as? Variable
  265. International Women’s Year was? 1975
  266. The chronic condition present from birth with impaired adaptation towards daily demands is? Mental retardation
  267. Repression is also known as? Inhibition of threatening impulse
  268. The base of age pyramid in India is broad due to? High birth rate
  269. Difficulty in falling asleep is called? Insomnia
  270. Public Interest Litigation as a concept originated in ________? USA
  271. The book ‘Social Work Philosophy’ is written by? Herbert Bisno
  272. Who amongst the following is a leading contributor to our understanding of groups as a system? Talcott Parsons
  273. Which one of the following is not a correctional programme/service? Community based youth club
  274. Psycho social theory was propagated by? Hamilton
  275. _______ helps in reclassification of variables and causal inferences. Analysis of data
  276. The influence of one variable on the other can be analysed by using? Regression
  277. Which among the following does not come under probability sampling? Purposive Sampling
  278. Which one of these are techniques of social case work? (A) Universalization (B) Encouraging (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of (A) and (B)
  279. To carry out Broker’s role the social worker: Identifies client needs, assess their motivation and capacity to use various resources and helps them gain access to the most appropriate resources.
  280. Which of the following is the most important task of an effective group leader? Assert group to achieve the desired goal (Solved MCQs of Social Work)
  281. Latent learning is an example of? Cognitive learning
  282. The book entitled ‘The Mentality of Apes’ by Wolfgang Kohler, is about? Insight learning
  283. Who amongst the following scholars has described tribal population as ‘submerged humanity’? Dr. Das and others
  284. Correlation is a statistical tool for? Discovering and measuring the relationship and expressing it in a brief formula.
  285. Marriage is defined as? (A) An approved social pattern for establishing a family. (B) A socially sanctioned union of male and female. (C) A contract for production and maintenance of children. (D) All the above
  286. The part of mind that lies on reality is? Ego
  287. Which among the following is not the purpose of Human Resource Planning? Configuring fixed skill setup for the departments in a same manner.
  288. Article 41 of Indian Constitution states? Right to Education and work.
  289. Classical conditioning was propagated by? Ivan Pavlov
  290. Golden Triangle is? known as a set of three countries producing heroin.
  291. Which one of the following is not an objective of fieldwork? To work as a member of staff at the agency.
  292. Identify the correct sequence among the following: Recruitment, selection, induction, placement
  293. Robert Redfield’s famous book? The Little Community
  294. Emotional disorders in which an individual remains oriented to reality but suffers from chronic anxiety is? Neuroses
  295. One of the following theories is known as growth oriented theory? Client-Centred theory
  296. A concept made measurable is called? Variable
  297. Intervening variables can be controlled by? Randomization
  298. Which government body promotes measures for care and protection of persons with disability in the event of death of their parents or guardians? National Trust
  299. The author of the book, ‘Practice of Social Research-Social Work perspectives’ is? D.K. Lal Das
  300. Detachment from work, inability to accomplish goals and emotional discharge is known as? Burnout (Solved MCQs of Social Work)
  301. Which conference has brought in the concept of sustainable development? The Rio Conference
  302. One of the following is not an aim of social policy. Balancing trade policies
  303. ‘Agoraphobia’ is the fear of? Crowd
  304. Scientific attitude is based on? Consistent thinking
  305. ‘Concentric circle theory’ is associated with? Peoples’ participation
  306. Who defined ‘Statistics as the Science of estimates and probabilities’? Bodington
  307. Regression is? The measure of the average relationship between two or more variables in terms of the original units of data.
  308. After passing of a bill in both the houses of Parliament and after President’s assent, within how many days the bill should come into force? 30
  309. ‘Sturdy beggars,’ is a term used for? The able-bodied beggars
  310. ‘Reaching inside the silence’ is a skill that refers to? Efforts to explore the meaning of the client’s silence.
  311. Select the correct sequence of organizational growth? Initiation, expansion, consolidation and termination.
  312. Encoding is essential for? Sender
  313. World No Tobacco day is observed on? 31st May
  314. In classical conditioning, what happens to a neutral stimulus after it is associated with the unconditioned stimulus? It becomes? A conditioned stimulus.
  315. Emotionally intellectual person can? Accurately perceive emotions.
  316. Murry G. Ross suggested 3 approaches for community organization i.e. specific content approach and generic content approach. The third approach is? Process approach
  317. The defense mechanism? Helps individuals cope with their internal and external state of anxiety and distress.
  318. Social structures are? Methods of placing people in social strata.
  319. Without warmth the professional social worker may be ‘technically correct but therapeutically impotent’ has been said by? Goldstein
  320. Who gave the three dimensional model of personality – the child, the adult, the parent? Eric Berne
  321. Behavioural modification involves? Application of learning principles to change behaviour.
  322. One of the following techniques contributes a lot for the skewed sex ratio? Pre-natal diagnostic techniques
  323. In which year the National policy for women empowerment was announced? 2001
  324. CEDAW stands for? Convention on elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.
  325. What Act deals with ‘Intimate Violence’? Domestic Violence Act
  326. Marginalization of targeted individuals, excluding them from community life and denying access to resources is called? Stigma
  327. International Day for the disabled is celebrated every year in the month of? December
  328. Rehabilitation Council of India was established in the year? 1986
  329. The first World Assembly on Aging was held in? Austria
  330. The Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission holds office for a period of? 5 years
  331. Provisions relating to economic and social justice are incorporated in which part of Indian Constitution? Part IV
  332. Perceiving something which is not physically present is called? Hallucination
  333. Old Age, Survivors, Disability and Health Insurance (OASDHI) a social insurance programme was created by? The 1935 Social Security Act
  334. The salient features of National Policy for persons with disability are? (A) Physical rehabilitation. (B) Educational and vocational rehabilitation. (C) Economic rehabilitation. (D) All the above.
  335. The law of three stages of Social Development is originally propounded by? Auguste Comte
  336. ‘Sanatorium’ means? Institution for open air treatment of tuberculosis.
  337. ICD-10 means? The 10th revision of the International Classification of diseases.
  338. Ethical dilemmas in social work include instances where practitioners face? Conflicting duties or obligations
  339. In which part of the Indian Constitution social policy is outlined? Part IV
  340. The various types of measurement are? Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio. (Solved MCQs of Social Work)
  341. Epistemology refers to? Acceptable knowledge in a field of study
  342. The statement that ‘As variable A changes, there will be corresponding change in variable B’, demonstrates what kind of relationship among variables? Curvilinear
  343. Who among the following is associated with Gestalt therapy? F. Perl
  344. What types of evidence can only be given to a court by an expert? Opinion
  345. Classical conditioning technique used to eliminate phobias, is used in? Systematic desensitization
  346. Behaviour that is contrary to the standards of conduct or social expectations of a group or society, is defined by? Louise Weston
  347. One of the following theories propounds childhood experiences influence the adult behaviour: Psychoanalytic theory
  348. A declarative statement of relationship between or among variables is called? Hypothesis
  349. The extent of difference between population parameters and the sample statistic is called? Sampling error
  350. Quartile deviation is also known as? Semi-inter quartile range
  351. The time interval between invasion by an infectious agent and appearance of first sign or symptom of the disease in question is called? Incubation period
  352. Find the mode of following marks obtained by 10 students: 10, 6, 11, 8, 9, 11, 7, 11, 12 and 10? 11
  353. Quota sampling is the method of? Non-probability sampling
  354. Emotional insulation is? a manoeuvre aimed at withholding an emotional investment in a desired but unlikely outcome.
  355. Which of the following is not an ascribed status? Knowledge
  356. Skewness tells us about? The direction of the variation or departure from symmetry
  357. Variance is? The average of the squared differences from the mean
  358. World Elder’s day observed on? 1st October
  359. Personification is? A method of working with groups in which the group worker is presented as a model.
  360. ‘Acrophobia’ is the fear of? Height
  361. A Researcher is generally expected to? (A) Study the existing literature in a field. (B) Generate new principles and theories. (C) Synthesize the ideas given by others. (D) All the above.
  362. One of the sections of Income Tax Act that gives tax exemption to non-profit organizations on their income is? 12 A
  363. Case study is the form of? Qualitative analysis
  364. ‘Self talk’, means? The messages that a person gives to himself/herself.
  365. Human Rights Day observed on? 10th December
  366. National Institute of Social Defence is situated at? Delhi
  367. The basic skill of active listening which is the cornerstone of effective communication is? Understand both what the client & the social worker is saying and the undercurrents of unspoken feelings between the two.
  368. Which of the following is not a part of community organisation? To integrate the specific needs of some individual members of a community.
  369. National Policy for children was launched in? August 1974
  370. Who coined the term ‘Isolated nuclear family’? Talcot Parsons
  371. Which article of the Indian Constitution provides maternity leave for women? Article 42
  372. One of the following sections of IPC deals with cruelty: Section 498 A
  373. Catharsis means? Ventilation
  374. Which of the following is not a mechanism for settlement of Industrial Disputes in India? Standing Labour Committee
  375. Deterioration of mental functions caused by the loss of nerve cells in brain is called? Dementia
  376. The Token economy is a procedure in which? The patients are given generalized conditioned reinforce in exchange for performing certain target behaviour.
  377. Cost-benefit analysis relates to? Comparison between program costs with program effects.
  378. Human Poverty Index is developed by? UNDP
  379. ‘Electra Complex’ is a situation found in? Phalic stage
  380. The first social work text that used the word ‘supervision’, is? ‘Supervision and Education in Charity’, by Jeffrey R. Brackett
  381. Who among the following suggested two tier systems for Panchayati Raj? Ashok Mehta
  382. Which of the following is not a principle of Group Work? Indifferent attitude towards members.
  383. National Institute for the Visually Handicapped (NIVH) is based in? Dehradun
  384. “Each for all and all for each” is a slogan associated with? Co-operation
  385. Gandhiji’s Concept of Trusteeship is based on? The faith that human beings are not selfish.

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